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  1. That one never gets old!! Just to make it easier: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OBmsvevjhI&NR=1
  2. Im happy to say that was one bandwagon I never got on! Yay for me!
  3. HD was involved whe MJ was out. He dropped quite a few balls IIRC. He needs to stay late with TG to catch some balls. He can be good, he is not there yet...
  4. it seemed they missed at least 3 offsides calls on TB as well. I was pissed
  5. I usually get in my seat about 5 mintues before kick off. Getting the little one to grandmas before the game doesnt leave for much time. One time my wife and I got there really eairly and we were at the falcons landing when they called for people to come and help with the big flag during intros. They said they were short on people, and they hardley ever do this. But we got to help wave the giant falcons flag on the feild during intros. It was pretty cool. Some times you can get lucky being up there....
  6. They gave out red and black throwback ones last year at the panthers game. Im hinking they may do this the first game every season. (First game last year and this year). I didnt go to the first game this year, I didnt get one. But I will bring my throwback. Lets welcome Flaco and Murderin Ray Lewis to the dome!!
  7. Report: Saints hiding fracture, torn meniscus in Brees' knee Posted by Mike Florio on November 4, 2010 12:42 PM ET Ever since Saints quarterback Drew Brees suffered a knee "situation" on September 26 against the Falcons, rumors have circulated that it's more than a little soreness. Kenny Wilkerson of WIST radio in New Orleans recently reported, with a high degree of conviction and passion, that Brees has a fracture and a torn meniscus in the knee. Wilkerson cites an "impeccable source," and he claims that the information is "100 thousand-trillion-million percent" accurate. Wilkerson also claims that, at times, the pain is causing Brees to make mistakes when calling or executing plays, citing unnamed sources in the offensive huddle. Though we have no knowledge to confirm or debunk that information, Wilkerson's suggestion that Brees will need "microfracture" surgery to repair the "fracture" gives us pause. Though I'm no doctor (and every current or future medical patient in the world should be happy about that), I don't think "microfracture" surgery is used to repair "small fractures." That said, the question isn't the treatment but the condition. And if Wilkerson's information is accurate, the Saints would be the latest team to cover up an injury through the end of the season, at which time Brees would have surgery without any sanction for hiding the condition. As long as Brees doesn't talk about the injury over and over and over and over again. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2010/11/04/report-saints-hiding-fracture-torn-meniscus-in-brees-knee/ This may be good news for the rest of the league....
  8. Like I said, do us a favor and leave when you loose. Where have you been this season and last? Will you be here when you finish with 6 wins? Back On topic: I do like Ovie and he really helps the running game, I hope he is back soon. But I do love how we acctually had a passing game last week. I hope we continue that all the way to Dallas.
  9. Can you at least tell us you will leave after your team looses sunday? You and the panties are the dumpster of the NFC south, you will be brought back to reality soon. Shut up. BTW I changed my avatar for you. I hope you like it.
  10. Now I definiately do enjoy the HSA. I dont see why that still cant go on. But it looks like it would have gone to Roddy everytime anyway, so its probably going to end out the same....
  11. Really? I mean I enjoyed the pictures as much as anyone, but the Falcons as a company are free to do what they want. I don't want to see anyone loosing a job, that sucks. But the organization they wanted to be PC (which IS g*y) but it is thier right to do so. No one has said he cant make the pictures, he just wont be paid for it. So it is up to him to do so. I hope he continues. Im just saying The Falcons are a great team, we all love them, but they will do what they feel is best for them. Lets just focus on that NFC championship. Flame suit on. :ph34r:
  12. When/where do we see who the winners are? I voted for Snelz eairler this year and didnt know if he won or not.
  13. I just tweeted him: Should Roddy and the Falcons send you NFC Champion tshirts when your sitting on the couch? Child Please.
  14. I think he is just refering to him not having a ton of huge runbacks. Weems is good, just wondering if franks can get longer returns
  15. hahaha i feel for you, but im still kind of new to the forums, plus i find dumb stuff like that amusing. good times
  16. OK totally out of the loop. What does YKW stand for? Its refering to vick right?
  17. I get the joke, and get a good laugh when it comes up. Im curious when it started. I searched and found pure comedy. Maybe not fully falcons related, but Ive gotta know....
  18. I was bored, but the outcome was majic! Enjoy and feel free to use! edit: the picture is in my sig....
  19. Agreed. I obviously did the homer vote on all of them. But those guys deserve it. Im thinking weatherspoon possibly too. Lofton def should get it. I couldnt vote for HD though, too many drops. I still love him though. Does TG get in? Hes production cating has gone down, I still say yes.
  20. Voting is open today! www.nfl.com/probowl/ballot At least on my computer you cant see guys like Roddy White and Weatherspoon without filtering to the falcons team only. Dont forget to vote, we have a few legitimate pro bowlers this year, so lets do our part!
  21. Yeah it was like a library. It sucked. Also people please quit leaving with 5 minutes left in the 4th. That game was far from over. The dome was half empty. Weak.
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