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  1. I miss the new look black alternate. That should be a home look to me.
  2. I acctually think its pretty funny, but I agree with you 100%
  3. He helped them make fun of Matts hair, it was nice.
  4. It will be funny when you dont even make the playoffs. BTW The GA Dome does not accept food stamps, so you may have to have a backup plan....
  5. I dont want to risk the injury, neither does smitty. I do think they start, but after it gets out of hand they will be pulled.
  6. no. My house has heat and 2 HDTVs.
  7. Even if they were allowed, I say NO. You play the guys that got you there. Dont blow your SB on people who havent played all year.
  8. what a nice, well thought out thread ;-) Thanks for the link
  9. To me, it was loudish. At times it was nice. It was NOTHING like the Baltimore game. The pack had alot of fans too. Overall we did make noise when we had to, when at the ravens game iseems like it was almost constant.
  10. I was thinking this exactly. That would pi$$ me off more than anything
  11. First off, I love Norwood. Ive talked to him, and know people that know him well and he is a stand up guy. But we need someone that will not be hurt, weve got to move on. Sorry.
  12. It made me sick all the "We want Vick" chants last year. We have had great energy at the Dome and I am wondering if all the Vick huggers will cheer for the Falcons or Vick. Thats more what Im worried about, we can beat them, but the crowd def helps the team....
  13. I think after every roddy catch we say "roooooooooooooooooooody" like alot of other teams do. Its great, he deserves the attention
  14. Agreed. Retracable roof or dome. Open air, Im not going. I hate to say that, becuase I LOVE going to the games. There are 2 things I have at home that will keep me from going to an open air stadium: 1)HDTV 2)Heat The noise thing is big too. Just like you said, atmosphere like Thurs will not happen in open air.
  15. I knew youd like that one. Good luck, The Count and Ray Ray will need it
  16. Again, its a JOKE. BTW tune in to NFL network and see how many Falcons players are spitting on people. 0. EDIT: Also check in on how many Falcons are bribing cops. 0.
  17. Dustin


    LOL He would just try and bribe lofton before the game anyways.
  18. I dont really care, I just think its funny that people cry about jokes. BTW LOL at you for getting neged for laughing at my comment about being neged. This is too funny
  19. LOL On a side note, I get negged for saying I thought a joke was funny? You people need to get the D**ks out of your ***** and live a little. Its called humor, try it.
  20. I think it was a joke. I thought it was funny. +1 to OP
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