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  1. Sorry if its been posted, but I haven't seen it anywhere. Who did we move on from to sign long?
  2. Exactly like Smitty says, knock the QB off their spot. Remember sacks are over rated.
  3. DELETE! didnt see other thread.
  4. 3 invites have not been accepted. Still taking new members. If league isnt filled by draft day it wont exist.
  5. 1 empty spot and 3 spots that the invites have not been accepted. Check junk mail, I have sent invites twice
  6. 1 SPOT LEFT! Lets get it filled
  7. i cant possibly make everyone happy. So i picked a time and people that can join will join. 2 more spots left!
  8. 3 spots left. I have requested emails from those who were interested, but the first 3 people to PM me emails are in.
  9. A few spots left. PM me your email addresses and Ill add
  10. We have 5 spots left as of right now. I just sent invites to all those who have given me emails
  11. i havent created the league yet, i will either probably this weekend. Just getting emails now
  12. Fri sept 4th. Looks like we have 4 maybe more so far. Around 5 spots left.
  13. I wasn't thinking of people going to the games, sorry. I selfishly thought it would be fun to watch and draft. We can do it the next day.
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