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  1. When push comes to shove we are just not the better team when it matters...49ers huge comeback and falling short at the end of the game...falling short in NO on 4th and goal to lose the game...giving up a 80 yard TD drive to Ryan Tannehill and a mediocre Fins offense to lose the game There is a trend here and I don't like it...And before anyone gives me the Matt Ryan has more 4th quarter comebacks than anyone since he joined the league...ask yourself the question, why do we need so many comebacks? Cuz we can't put away anybody or we blow huge leads
  2. Yea that pissed me off...it was goal to go so why not use your timeouts and save as much time for your offense...either they kick a FG and you give your offense time to go back and score a FG...or they score a TD and you give your offense time to go back and score a TD...either way we were going to need to score IF we were playing to WIN and NOT TO LOSE
  3. The way we come out and play in the 2nd half pretty much every week is a disaster...most of this blame falls on all of the coaches...but i've defended Smitty for 5 years and don't have the energy or the conviction to back him up anymore
  4. Agreed...Pats aren't even playing well but still 3-0...They beat us by two scores on primetime
  5. How many teams has this been the case the past 5 seasons
  6. Guys, don't laugh...that was the best coverage he has played in his entire career
  7. You can vent all you want but the NFL isn't going to stop letting fans into the draft...and why would they when fans are willing to pay money for a ticket?
  8. Completely disagree...the NFL is geared towards fan enjoyment...the draft is what most people consider the start of the new football season...plus, all the players that were getting booed are about to sign contracts for millions of dollars...so i dont feel too bad that they had to be booed and i dont think they care either.
  9. I agree that the Browns had a rough go of it...They have a lot of issues and they are going for the quick fix, but i dont expect there offense to be much better with a rookie QB and a rookie RB. Plus, Weeden will have to produce almost right away due to his age.
  10. Not a whole lot of news here. Smith and the organization are obviously going to state that they are commited to players on our current roster. The only time we will see this change is the day they are actually cut (if it happens)
  11. What do you think the bounty was on Sean Payton when Jimmy Graham knocked him out of the game?
  12. As a Miami Alum i would be all for this...Finally give me a Miami (OH) player to root for outside of that trash QB in Pittsburgh. I can see why people are against drafting O-lineman, but I feel a lot of that sentiment is based upon our unsuccessful past drafts in regards to that position. Quality O-lineman usually don't reach FA because they are so difficult to find, and if they do hit FA they will be expensive. Have to infuse this team with talent on both sides of the trenches.
  13. OP is criticizing posters who don't want to bring back our free agents who may be overpriced, but he throws zero ideas out of his own.
  14. Abe - let walk (don't need to cut he is FA) Grimes - let walk (don't need to cut he is FA - wants too much) Lofton - keep (only at around $6.5/year - if he wants more than walk) Babinaux - keep (would save money on our cap but we can't lose all of our talent) Jerry - keep (doesn't save us any money to cut him) Ovie - cut (save too much money not too) Decoud - keep Baker - Cut This would give us a lot of room with Abe, Grimes, Ovie, Baker gone to upgrade our O-line, DT, and a cheaper DE as Abe seems like he is as good as gone.
  15. I think our O-line was worse than people think...you can't look at sack numbers as ryan did a pretty decent job just throwing the ball away and avoiding the sack...we tried reynolds, hawley, and baker all at RG and neither of them showed they can play at the NFL level...Svitek didn't allow many sacks, but certainly struggled at points and did not play well in the playoff game. I think we need a RG and a LT...Jury is still out if Hawley can replace Mcclure at C
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