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  1. Well they might as well go up to 1 and get Quinnen Williams if that’s the strategy.
  2. Gotta agree with Fatboi on this one. We made a bunch of mistakes, but that was the dagger.
  3. It’s football. Let him go out there and ball. If he gets hurt again, that’s just how it goes. If he plays tentatively, he’ll definitely get hurt.
  4. Nope.
  5. If DQ didn’t come into this organization with that philosophy, he’s not gonna get it all of a sudden. This team had its identity now, and it’s definitely not nasty.
  6. Yep, that’s kinda where I’m at with it.
  7. We’ll be having this conversation this time next year, just like every year. I mean, I stick with my team, but it’s really getting old. I’ll go ahead and start thinking about what our staff’s gonna look like in 2020 cause it won’t be this one.
  8. I’m gonna make some chicken and bacon chowder tonight. The key is using half and half, not heavy cream though.
  9. I definitely think Wilson will be out diamond in the rough.
  10. ^^^^^^ This in a nutshell. I guess Kyle an Eugene drank the same Koolaid.
  11. Right on, man!!
  12. For the whiny Saints fans that just can’t let it go (the same fans who just couldn’t get off of us about 28-3), I’ve looked everywhere for a **** to give and have not been able to find even one. I can’t even find one on back order. Has anybody else been able to find a **** to give to our fellow Saints fans?
  13. Right on, Ghost!!
  14. That’s nothing compared to what I saw on another you tube clip. This one guy was urging his fellow Saints fans to beat and injure any Rams fan they see. Humanity and common decency does exist in New Orleans doesn’t it? It’s just a game.
  15. MD is my favorite place on earth. I had a gig lined up on Rockville Pike but got stuck in Milwaukee. Good money and a great wife was worth the sacrifice. Still love my Falcons, though!!