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  1. You were insinuating dude, stop. "He does a good job of getting them worked up" as if him clapping back at some of these trolling *** fans isn't warranted lmao.
  2. No. The fan was trolling Free so Free trolled back lol.
  3. Ok? Y'all wanted him cut right? So what's the problem with how he's reacting? What you expect him to say? Especially with fans pretty much telling him he sucked due to injuries over the past two seasons.
  4. You just might be my favorite poster on here. Most of your comments are on point.
  5. What consistent yards with that o-line?
  6. Lol, ok. Ya'll are really talking like this man is Saquon.
  7. This whole team is a complete mess and yet this is the narrative that is highlighted week in and week out. I hope that they do throw Ito's a** out there as a starter next week just so ya'll can stfu. The starting rb position is not going to make a difference with this team at this point. Do you all even see how this team is playing?!?
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