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  1. You were insinuating dude, stop. "He does a good job of getting them worked up" as if him clapping back at some of these trolling *** fans isn't warranted lmao.
  2. No. The fan was trolling Free so Free trolled back lol.
  3. Ok? Y'all wanted him cut right? So what's the problem with how he's reacting? What you expect him to say? Especially with fans pretty much telling him he sucked due to injuries over the past two seasons.
  4. You just might be my favorite poster on here. Most of your comments are on point.
  5. What consistent yards with that o-line?
  6. Lol, ok. Ya'll are really talking like this man is Saquon.
  7. This whole team is a complete mess and yet this is the narrative that is highlighted week in and week out. I hope that they do throw Ito's a** out there as a starter next week just so ya'll can stfu. The starting rb position is not going to make a difference with this team at this point. Do you all even see how this team is playing?!?
  8. I thought I was the only one who liked it. Our fans give Free the hardest time about the "sb whif", his injuries, just always nitpicking. I always loved the realness and confidence he exudes in interviews, even when people doubt him.
  9. let em know, because they clearly forgot
  10. You think Sean Payton would've let Debo rest with the season on the line or play him? That's always been the difference between us and NO. We "want" to win. They "must" win. They will keep their foots on necks with double digit leads and run the score up. We get conservative on offense and begin to play prevent defense when we lead games and most times, it comes back to bite us. Best believe Payton at least plays Debo for some snaps, if the Aints had our record and their season was on the line.
  11. Free was a 2x pro bowler by his third year. How are people forgetting this? It made sense and even still, these past few games showed that Teco isn't a true #1. Where was he in the Cleveland game? Did I miss him? He can't run through tackles at all. He needs a gaping hole to be effective. Free, when healthy, could make something out of nothing. Some of ya'll must have forgotten. In a perfect world we could keep both, but one had to get paid and Free deserved it at the time.
  12. We jumped the gun. I can appreciate their loyalty towards good players that have performed, but you extend the players that are special, not average. Prior to this season my thoughts were to have Rico play out his last year, let him walk, and draft another safety in the draft and either have Kazee or the draftee replace Rico. Easy right? Now Rico tore his ACL in week 2 and Kazee is showing why he needs to be our starting FS even when Rico comes back. For every complaint about Free's contract being a waste (I disagree), I'm surprised not more people are criticizing the Rico extension. Free was
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