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  1. Hey Guys and Gals, I have been remiss in stopping buy to catch up with the board for past few month. I've been busy with LHB and a side project but maybe the off-season will allow more time to visit with you guys. I going to put up a thread today to try to shed some light on the question of recruiting budgets that Crappie mentioned above. Go Dawgs!
  2. Yes - Columbia County

  3. youre from the augusta area right?

  4. Thank you very much for the kind words about LHB. This board has been very supportive of our efforts since LHB began and your loyalty as huge part in our success. The actions being discussed will more than likely do little more than get you banned from the AJC. Regular reader there are IMHO more interested in seeing themselves in the region's largest newspaper than having a serious discussion about football in general or recruiting in particular. The issues that you describe are nothing new for the AJC. UGA fans have been complaining about them for as long as I can remember - and that's a long time (pre-Dooley). That said, whatever individual members of this board choose to do is their business. Due to some pending business matters that Crappie alluded to and our contract with Bloguin, LHB can not participate in nor endorse any type of action directed at AJC. We will, however, continue to rip their heads off editorially whenever possible.
  5. I think Ray Guy is the only punter in CFB HOF. Not full-time punter (played safety) and not UGA but GA (Thomson).
  6. If you guys want to try to do a meet and greet on G-Day, I'll help with it.
  7. G-Day is a favorite for me. Very relaxed, usually great weather, all the kids and grandkids go - good day.
  8. Yep thats right, big ol Monetta S.C.

  9. Hey MonettaDAWG,

    Does the Monetta refer to Monetta, SC?