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  1. If you are going to be in ATH for NSD, consider joining the BI guys at Buffalo's. Lots of free parking, shuttle to B-M, opens at 7.
  2. Thanks guys. The old saw is true...if I had known I was going to live this long, I'd have taken better care of myself. Still read most of the threads but do not have time to linger, Thanks again.
  3. You find humor in that, do you? If not for my respect for this board I would tell you exactly what I think of your opinion.
  4. Just wanted to let you know that Livefyre is having issues on LHB. The problem seems confined to the recruiting thread. LF is working on it.
  5. Hey Guys, Sorry to get off topic - I want to thanks everyone for your patience with LHB. Still don't kinow yet what triggered the security sw to start bouncing folks and it is not fixed yet. It will get fixed and we will get everyone restored. Thanks again, Greg
  6. I'll be happy to include your Twitter info. However, If you drop by LHB and register (just a handle and an email address)with Livefyre, our commenting system, you will then receive email notification of all comments about the post. Let us know if you decide to register so I can include you handle along with the Twitter info. It really is a good system. If you are on the site you can actually have a live chat with commenters. Some of the folks here are regular visitors, I'm sure they'd like to chat with you.
  7. This is a very well done piece. If are OK with it I'd like to post it on Leather Helmet Blog. I think DawgNation would enjoy it. Just let me or Crappie know. You can reach us by message here or Leather.Helmet.Blog@gmail.com
  8. Thank y'all for the kind words. One of the best things to happen for LHB was my discovery of this site.
  9. Yes - Columbia County

  10. youre from the augusta area right?

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