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  1. Yeh and you were the one saying this game was going to be an easy win for the Falcons. Go look in your at your TATF thread.
  2. Tell you what I guess the rams are better than the falcons
  3. Nah it's not rude it was a good game, like everyone with half a brain would know, but these falcons fans need to take all the **** that us Sains fan can dish out.
  4. What happened to the 20 point victory? Enjoy second place in the division.
  5. How do you guys like your crow? I guess Tom servo will be absent or a couple weeks. Matt played a great game, but the Saints proved they are the better team.
  6. On the radio they straight up clowned your fanbase. For the failcons record they sure don't have a lot of people at their games!
  7. You can compare them and by your comparison you are correct, but by my comparison Flacco is better than Ryan. Who cares whose defense is better Flacco's numbers are almost identical to Ryan's. If Ryan's so good his number should blow Flacco's out the water. I don't see you mention the chargers defense when brees was with the them why do they only matter when you compare Flacco and Ryan?
  8. I wouldn't know I stay away from there. I'm not afraid to admit a flaw a out my team. We down play competition our dline isnt improved, but can play with a lead. Now I have nfl Sunday ticket so I watch the falcon games too and all I see in Ryan is joe Flacco. A game manager who isn't asked to do much and limit mistakes.
  9. By the person who started the thread posted the stats come on man read. If you are saying you can compare those two QB's you can compare Flacco and Ryan.
  10. Go do it I don't care what you do that board is just like this one a bunch of homers thinking their teams flawless.
  11. Aww you poor bay bay did i hurt your feelings?
  12. I will be at the silver slipper casino eating snow crab watching this beast!
  13. I started the thread, after all the crap your fans have been spewing about the greatest show number 2 is laughable being your offense is worst now than it was last season.
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