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  1. Born in 57, sat with brother and dad since beginning. Love them. Check these boards daily.
  2. Been a fan since eleven, fifty seven now. Suffered a long time! But I love them.
  3. Almost single handed willed us to a win today! 5yrs ago with no running game score would have been 46 to 7.Would not trade him for anyone else; he has always tried his best and hes getting better. With just a little running game to keep defenses honest we can beat anyone.We have been spoiledthe last 4 yrs after 40 yrs of heartbrake.
  4. little rogers getting that last 5 yd run , not having to punt , he gave everything he had
  5. Bart and big ben left and right he had best deep ball touch i have ever seen
  6. born in rome moved to cartersville now in warner robins
  7. hello i have been a die hard fan since i was 13 yrs old i am now 53 i love this board and try to visit every day

  8. I am a newbie at this posting stuff but i have been viewing this board for over a year, have really enjoyed all the post of all the older guys. I have been a fan since i was 13 yrs. old. Watching with my dad. Thats 40 yrs. ago, will let you do the math.I click on here just about every day to see whats new, you never dissapoint. thanx again!
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