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  1. Looking better at nb position(Oliver). Let's address the safety position appropriately. Draft or sign someone who fits what we want to do.
  2. He's better than Quinn this season, but he should be undefeated. Lions loss was on RM. He can score some major points with me beating the Aints this weekend.
  3. It matters that we slow down Kamara and Thomas I think. Winston has played well against us, but he'll give us 3 good chances to force a turnover. We have to make him pay for it.
  4. Grady, Debo, and Foye are a wrecking crew. Thanks @Goober Pyle
  5. Idk who we replace him with, but I definitely want to go back to the Michael Turner TOP, red zone threat days. Protects MR and the defense.
  6. We used to criticize our offensive lines back in the days when MR did so. That PRWR stat seems dubious because we haven't always utilized the secondary at their best. If you look at the other teams in high standing it's hard to look sideways at Atlanta, secondary considered.
  7. I'd like to retain all 4 if possible. Yes, I'd been ok if we kept Hooper. Future GM/OC is important.
  8. Live in Arizona and everyone is upset over the HC trying the fg and not letting KM run for it. Dangerous team.
  9. Playing well, hope he doesn't command any big money or TATF money mafia will turn on him. You know that money comes out of fans pockets/sarcasm
  10. Why would we start Hennessy against our toughest run when we aren't eliminated?
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