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  1. The commercial seems to be in line with DQs "Embrace the Suck" motto. Nothing wrong with that commercial at all.
  2. RIP Prodigy Trife Life!!!!
  3. No doubt in my mind, we run the ball and put the game on Matt Bryant's foot...SB champs.
  4. It was 85 degrees and I got sunburned...I'm a black man lol. The real surprise was how cool it got at night ...shivering. Never forgot the smell of the Pacific or many tiny bikinis.
  5. Lol. The eye candy on the beach is worth the risk. Horse flies, mosquitoes, and water moccasins are no picnic.
  6. Grew up in a river city so I've done that. Since moving, I love the ocean as well and plan on spending a weekend walking the Venice and Santa Monica beach area...just beach bumming.
  7. What makes it hard is when the change doesn't start at the top. Arthur Blank has grown considerably as an owner. None of this is possible without the restructuring of duties in the front office and allowing the head coach to move unabated.
  8. Does anyone want some other team to be receiving NFCC rings? Falcons smashed the NFC(Sea, Packers)...that does mean something.
  9. Hope they make a commemorative poster, mug or something out of this.
  10. ------- I do you think JJ took a jab at Shanny.
  11. Congratulations...although VBjr should be higher on the list.
  12. You didn't see those wide open throws to afterthought receivers that resulted in big plays? The real challenge for MR was his feet in the Shanny offense and he passed...flying colors MR may not play at that level, but if Atl have a top 15 defense...Atl will have more then 9.3 w this season.
  13. You seem to expect MR to regress severely...9.3? Just say it, you don't like our defense...offseason/draft bias. Di Marco and Tamme only significant losses on offense...Guard loss is overblown.
  14. Big picture Brees, right now MR.