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  1. If anybody's job is dependent on finding a pass rusher its TD. How many cracks has he had?
  2. Hope we build a defense to make him wished he retired.
  3. He should have left with Smitty, but he hides Arthur Blanks machinations. That's really why he survived that. JMO
  4. Good luck to Tru.
  5. I'm glad Freeman wore the red n black. Best of luck to DF. Thanks for giving your all.
  6. Sark got scapegoated here and asked to do the impossible, plain and simple.
  7. Yeah, I think they need a substantial playoff run to retain the front office. I'm not sure a wildcard and 1 and done playoff scenario warrants a return. We have to deliver both in free agency and draft and no real reason to believe the front office can.
  8. It's hard for me to believe that losing Hooper is a positive for this team. We have too many holes and have to create another one to fix those. I'm not not confident the front office can do it. We'll see.
  9. Dunta received a contract he could never live up to, but he gave max effort in my opinion. He wasn't stealing money, just hit the market at the right time.
  10. They took a lot of blame, now its Shanny's turn. Hope he can move on from this.
  11. We take our knocks, but we ain't laughing stocks. Shanny deserves his ridicule as much as anyone. He wasn't a saviour. In fact we needed someone to save us from Shanny to get that SB We'll figure it out.
  12. Laughing stock of the NFL...shame on you. **** Shanny.
  13. Nope, you have to remember that Freeman and the defense cost us that game/sarcasm
  14. I was disappointed for the ex Falcon players...true story.
  15. I defended Shanny when people said it was him and not MR that first year he was OC. He had a HC job before our SB, lost his playbook and tried to prove a point instead of prudent playcalling. I appreciate his skills, but he's dead to me. Take it easy @athell