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  1. I was there too, Az had to be pumping in noise. Never been so angry after a loss, a lot of former Cowboys, 49ers, Raiders now Cardinal fans talking **** after the game. Keith Brooking....Why!?! Ok, rant over.
  2. Saints have TJ LSU dad and the Falcons have Fran Tarkenton...lmao!!
  3. Definitely a going fishing beard. Enjoy your life Smitty.
  4. Enjoy your day! Happy Birthday
  5. Saints are a national embarrassment...karma!!!!
  6. Been under the weather. Thanks TATF for handling our business @SaintRayand serving that crow. Ainties not going to Atlantie!!!
  7. Enjoy retirement Coach Smitty. You brought dignity and class to this organization.
  8. Agree with everything basically, but I'd hate to see Matt Ice Bryant go. I know it got blocked, but I cringe to think of having a kicker like the Bears...but its probably time.
  9. Happy Birthday Gritz
  10. If the Koetter story is true, do we hire Smitty in some capacity? I guess we're getting the band back together. Edited just saw DK hire is true
  11. If not for missed games and some crappy roughing the passer calls he's there already. Let's not forget that with better management in the SB, he's MVP of that game.
  12. Agree with you in principle, but I lean more Oliver. Even if restructured, I hope Oliver is ready. If anyone on defense played themselves out of a job/money it was Alford.
  13. 4-2 in the Division...I'll take it.