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  1. His short season cost him in the draft. I see potential as long as he doesn't have to be "the guy."
  2. Injury prone is an understatement. Twist his foot on a shadow. We're a cash strapped team, spend wisely.
  3. Something to see indeed. I'm not seeing the criticism that made him drop other than getting hurt. I'm rolling with RWjr. Going out on a limb with this rook...Grant and Hawkins to.
  4. Watching Darby who can make alot of issues go away.
  5. Opposing Qbs saying "It's Houston, we have a problem!"
  6. Hear!Hear!🍻 That befuddled me. Nevertheless, ✌️Deuces to #2 in Tennessee.
  7. 20 years working 6pm-6am. Early sunrises are a pain when you get older.
  8. What happened to @Falcon Jedi. He'd swear it was amputated.
  9. I had Pitts 1a and Chase 1b. Assumed Julio would play 1 more season with us so Pitts was my choice. I would've been happy with either.
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