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  1. Jimmy Graham didn't get a first down and Alford's PI was BS.
  2. Harsh, but true
  3. I was a fan of Armstrong, but enough is enough...its a 1/3 of the game. Special teams is sloppy.
  4. There wasn't a **** thing quiet about MRs game today. He is starting to ball when we need it the most. I like MR the football player better than the franchise QB...that's for sure.
  5. Special teams in the first half turned what should have been a solid win into a struggle. Last years playoff win vs Seattle was almost ruined by Hester alone. Outside of MB our special teams needs a checkup from the neck up. Get it fixed....Pronto!!!! Otherwise, great road victory for the Falcons!
  6. We need Wes to figure it out fast. Thanks again @Jerz
  7. Yep, keep JJ. Get rid of Goodell. In truth, its the owners fault for wanting a sheriff/commissioner.
  8. It's Rico, replaceable, but hasn't held the defense back at fs with DQ. We have no one to replace him on roster. Rico is underrated...agmonst fans IMO. Myself included.
  9. I think defensive health and defensive players executing is a logical reason. Rubin pickup made sense...give DQ credit for that. All notions of a serious run starts with the players. It did last season.
  10. I thought the Falcon's response to the Cowboys questionable dirty plays did.
  11. We saw it against Dallas, give the man a chance. He warrants criticism, but has been victimized just like Shanny's first season. Bad turnovers.
  12. Seattle has a real home field advantage, but ATL should win.
  13. As far as TATF is concerned...all 3.
  14. AC might get the DeAngelo Hall nod for 1 game performance. What about K. Neal/VBjr?