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  1. TATF-itis Symptoms: passive aggressive threads and post. We paid too much He's not my guy.
  2. He's a physical freak and a guy I was happy we drafted back then. Hope he keeps his nose clean and makes the most of any opportunities going forward. Who knows, he could end up back in Atlanta if a situation arises.
  3. xs and os

    I think Grady's sack was as well. I thought we got an overall solid performance from the secondary and "General" Rico has a lot to do with it.
  4. Voted for Trufant because of the interception criticisms...came up with 2. I thought Rico might've had the biggest play overall...wiped away a sure td.
  5. Agree, but the Colts are a tricky test after a very emotional and psychological game/win
  6. Faced some tough fronts, jury is still out imho.
  7. Thanks, but always been here. 70, just holding on to an old argument.
  8. Love the way you think because Grady is my favorite, but JJ is the best imho.
  9. Sorry champ, we ain't going anywhere on offense without ours. He's our best player. I used to agree with you. That playoff run to the SB changed my view. Have to have JJ to get back...*** beater.
  10. Hardy ran a good route...errant throw imho. Agree, I thought Ridley should have made that 2x coverage td...he has the talent
  11. Couldn't resist...huh. lol Quintorris was a beast...catch on the sidelines was a repeat of the SB catch. The one only Falcon fans will remember.
  12. I was more upset at the missed td to Hardy than the ints. Hopefully, MR got the wtf moments out early.
  13. I thought MR did have time to scan. He made some flat out bad plays. With injuries, oline could be a big problem going forward imho.
  14. The play Philly picked up the first down after VBjr sack, was head scratching. I'm not sure if Neal made a mistake, bad call (DQ), or good play by Wentz.
  15. All things considered... oline did ok. Going forward or Sunday night?