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  1. Yep, hoping to trade down, but Surtain would sit well with me as our #4 pick. Go along way to solidifying our secondary.
  2. Considering baseball is a measure of consistency, hard to find many that did it better. Not to mention he's pure baseball history going back to Negroe League.
  3. It's peculiar that he often isn't mentioned as the GOAT.
  4. Not a Braves fan, but a baseball fan. Hammering Hank will be missed. My condolences to his family and Braves fans.
  5. You forgot to tell him about the state line, if he doesn't get it right.
  6. What's great about this Saint loss is no controversial call for the Ain't fans to whine about for years
  7. Keep running the ball. No Shanny.
  8. The title of this thread can't be serious. Go Bucs
  9. Falcons vs Jets Super Bowl here we come
  10. Played QB for University of Louisville. Go Cards!
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