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  1. Browns in the Super Bowl confirmed.
  2. McGary seems like he's going to be similar to Jake Long as a prospect in the run game and I'm excited about that.
  3. Yeah, if a draft looks good based on message board rankings I'm always concerned. Especially with a team like the Bills.
  4. Almost a third of the league? Not a chance.
  5. I love his logic, but with the resources he put into it that starting five better be **** good.
  6. I read that the Broncos were willing to trade down because the front office was sold on Bush but Fangio wasn't. I don't know how true it is, but I'd trust Fangio's opinion on a linebacker over nearly anyone.
  7. Listen to it again, I happened to look away when he answered but TD said "yes" and threw a subtle and sarcastic "of course" on the end of it. Also, I would not be shocked if that was looking at Jonah Williams. I believe once Devin White and Hockenson were off the board Elway probably got an offer from the Steelers and made calls to see if anyone wanted to match or beat and didn't. We'll never know of course.
  8. I think the player this is most dependent on that doesn't get talked about enough is Freeman. If we get the injury bug Freeman, we aren't going deep. If we get the Pro Bowl Freeman, we will.
  9. We're trading to #3 for Nick Bosa. Bradley Chubb wasn't supposed to last until #5 either.
  10. I just don't know how he can say that with certainty unless he has a trade up in place or he's certain he's picking someone lower on most boards, someone maybe like Lawrence or one of the corners.
  11. If that's how the draft fell I'd love to have Lawrence and then trade back up for one of the three corners or Ford at the end of the 1st.
  12. Not trying to start an argument, but we went to our first Super Bowl between Sanders and Vick.
  13. Michael Vick was the reason I started really following football. Matt Ryan was the best pick this franchise has ever made, trade or otherwise and the wins reflect it. I know some won't agree with it right now, but they will when #2 retires and we're just like every other team searching for a QB year after year.
  14. Where I'm sitting right now, I'll take Wilkins at 14 and trade back into the first if Baker/Murphy fall. Trade to the top of the second if Williams falls that far. Grab Oline and RB depth after that and BPA the rest of the way.