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  1. I don't think Manuel is the potential weak link. Even if he bombs, Quinn is the backup plan. Sarkisian on the other hand, we don't have a backup plan for him unless Quinn decides to let Ryan go full Peyton Manning.
  2. I think we got there one year ahead of schedule. I thought after last year's off-season this would be our year. Nothing has changed my opinion on that. We're winning it this year.
  3. I'll just go ahead and say it: Aaron Rodgers is overrated at this point.
  4. That's unbelievable. Even Dallas has an argument to be above the Steelers. Neither are better than ours.
  5. I don't follow this list, but as for Ryan, Peyton, JJ, and Peterson, I was always under the impression that these lists were for the upcoming season. As in, these are the top players of 2017 (yet to be played) and not how they should be ranked based only on their 2016 season.
  6. I'd have to put Mack at 2 and Jake somewhere around 4 or 5.
  7. Matt Ryan won the MVP. As sad as our franchise has been, that alone makes him the best player we've ever had.
  8. How in the world did he only have 20 more snaps than Shelby?
  9. Well when you say the words "elite" and "cornerback" regarding his backpedal and flip, I immediately thought of Trufant because that's his best attribute. If he's not comparable then I wouldn't use those words. Does he have the ability to be an elite safety doing it? Sure, but he's never going to be confused with a cornerback. It's not an insult to compare him to the Brian Dawkins' of the world, who wasn't comparable to cornerbacks either. And sure he got better as the season went on, most all rookies do. I still don't think he was an elite man coverage safety.
  10. I don't know, I wasn't blown away with his coverage last year. I'm sure he has the ability, but I don't know that I would call his ability to flip and cover elite by any means. Compare that video you posted to Trufant's and it's not even close.
  11. I think that's only because people kept saying he was good. He never really produced anything but a jelly belly.
  12. I don't think RG is that big of a deal. If Wes can't hold it down and Harlow isn't ready, I fully expect a trade like we did for Levitre. Dimitroff isn't dumb enough to stall our entire offense because of one guard.
  13. The success of these linebackers depends solely on Poe and Jarrett. Keep them clean, they'll dominate. I think Jones and Riley also aren't the strongest tacklers. That gang tackling mentality has to be there for us to be successful. If all three linebackers get to the ball carrier, he's going down. If they're trying to take on Adrian Peterson in the hole by themselves...not happening. Neal is going to have to have their backs at all times and I genuinely think he's good enough to do it.
  14. Massive change, but they have the secondary flipped.