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  1. Brandon Scherff - 5th 2x Pro Bowler.
  2. That coupled with a higher win percentage and a Super Bowl appearance makes him better so far to me.
  3. Blame goes to Sarkisian and Ryan in that order.
  4. Is Vaughn using an old quote? I swear I remember Manual saying the exact same thing a while back and he was referencing his open field tackling, not his all around game.
  5. I don't know, you might be able to convince me that Beasley is better than Riley, but you can't convince me he's better than Ishmael and Spoon in that role. They should be playing that role and Beasley should be playing a hopefully weak side left end. That's where he's a monster.
  6. The last time we saw the Saints it was on a shorter schedule.
  7. Between Riley, Ishmael, and Spoon, there is 0 reason to have Beasley in coverage.
  8. Quinn said that he likes to look at what a player CAN do instead of what he CAN'T do. Beasley CAN rush the passer. He CAN'T cover. Listen to yourself, Quinn. He might not ever be Von Miller, but he needs to be rushing the passer almost exclusively.
  9. I didn't see Rico at all on that first drive.
  10. These ain't your Daddy's Eagles.
  11. This is definitely a 7-9, 8-8 team. If they blow out the Cowboys and get some confidence back, it's POSSIBLE we see a run, but I'm not seeing anything yet.
  12. I really just want to see one more championship. I was 8 when the Braves won and didn't really get the significance. I haven't been much of a baseball fan since, but I was never a fan of soccer either until the United this season. Just one team. You'd think with so many teams we would have a better chance.
  13. Auburn? I was concerned when I was scouting him that he did a lot of blocking down and looked like a guard with a ton of physical gifts. He definitely isn't a left tackle and obviously doesn't have the mental make up to make it in the NFL even with the gifts.