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  1. Denver is going to be a playoff team, but we're at home so that might help. We won't beat KC, the other two are toss ups.
  2. This would be a great year to find Jonathan Babaineaux in the 2nd round.
  3. This is where I'm at right now. These 2nd round and later CBs he keeps drafting aren't all that good, time to get a premiere talent.
  4. I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see CJ Henderson as our #1 pick knowing Dimitroff.
  5. Not entirely. The reason you feel that way is because the Falcons lack a pass rush and he always has these comments about our pass rushers, but nothing ever comes of it whether they visit him like Jamaal Anderson (someone correct me if I'm wrong) or not. I do appreciate people taking great pass rushers to elite, but I think the best teachers are the ones that can take the adequate to great or higher. Von Miller and Aaron Donald were drafted in the top 15 for a reason and it's not because they worked with Chuck Smith.
  6. I believe Quinn and Dimitroff are still here because there is no other viable tandem to build a team around that anyone can truly say is better or more proven.
  7. Would anyone take a chance on one of the former player GMs? Aikman said he would be interested, John Lynch is doing good things. I wouldn't be upset at the home run attempt.
  8. Even Nick Saban didn't love him coming out of college. I remember them showing Saban being surprised when he was picked.
  9. Me too. If Dimitroff can get another shot at a head coach, I think DQ deserves another shot at a GM. I also changed my tune because of the state of the franchise and the other available options. The team will largely be the same next year because of the cap situation, we need someone to come in and do more with less.
  10. Fromm really needs to come back for his senior year.
  11. I don't think there's any problem with our culture being high character. It's just bad execution and a lot of bad scheming, especially on defense. I think we just need a coach that has a proven track record of being an expert in the X's and O's and can motivate the players to execute it.
  12. I personally believe Rodgers is the most overrated QB of our generation, but that's just me. People fall in love with his back shoulder throws and proclaim he's the best.
  13. I guess you don't remember the wishbone game in 2006?
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