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  1. The leading TE in receiving yards has made the Super Bowl in 3 out of the last 4 years. The 4th (Kittle) made it the year after. Kelce, Kelce, Kittle, and Gronkowski.
  2. The combine only confirms or denies what you believe their physical attributes to be. Only the bottom feeding teams fall in love with combine warriors with bad tape.
  3. You literally just provided an article that was made before the draft in 2005 saying Favre said he was coming back when I was told he said he was retiring. They drafted Rodgers anyway. My larger point is that we don't have a former 3 time MVP and Super Bowl champion coming off of 4 consecutive 10+ win seasons. We have a 1 time MVP coming off a very poor season from a winning standpoint and we have a top 5 pick. They drafted a QB in their situation and continued to be one of the best. We can pass on a QB and continue to be mediocre.
  4. Just to be clear, after 4 consecutive 10+ win seasons, with a 35 year old former MVP and Super Bowl winning QB, one of the winningest franchises in NFL history drafted a QB in the first round, allowed him to sit and learn behind one of the GOATs, solely because Favre "said he was retiring" so I've been told. The 2005 draft was the first draft I took a real interest in. Everything I recall and any article you can pull up from Google will not show Favre said he was retiring, but one of the best run franchises did what they needed to do to make sure they continued to run as such and drafted a QB.
  5. I certainly can read the words you just typed. I'm waiting to read where Brett Favre, himself, said after the 2004 season that he was retiring.
  6. Again, Brett Favre said he was retiring after the 2004 season?
  7. Aaron Rodgers said he was retiring last year? Brett Favre said he was retiring after the 2004 season?
  8. Interesting. So why did the Packers draft the 2nd best QB in 2005 to let him sit behind their 35 year old sure-fire Hall of Famer? Why did the Packers do it again in 2020 with the 4th best QB to let him sit behind their 36 year old sure-fire Hall of Famer? So that's three teams in recent years drafting the "third best" quarterback with tremendous success along with one of the winningest franchises in NFL history doing something similar with MVP and Super Bowl winning QBs still on the team. Which one of those teams drafted a WR or CB in the top 5 that changed their fortunes?
  9. Deshaun Watson was the 3rd quarterback drafted in 2017. Josh Allen was the 3rd drafted quarterback in 2018. Justin Herbert was the 3rd drafted quarterback in 2020. 10 years from now, would you rather have a 31 year old franchise QB, CB, or WR?
  10. So with that said, how does a #2 CB or a #2 WR help us in 2021 and beyond compared to an eventual, sooner rather than later, #1 QB?
  11. So trade down aside, let's say the top 3 go Lawrence, Wilson, Sewell. Who do you draft?
  12. Just curious, who are you drafting at 4 over a QB?
  13. Nice way to cherry pick some stats. Brady has one season under 10 wins with two teams. Peyton had 2 under 10 wins with two teams that didn't include his final year of 7-2. I guess with Brees having 8 seasons over 10 wins and 11 seasons under it makes him a better QB than those two with that cherry picked stat?
  14. I whole-heartedly disagree with that. Players like Brady and Manning all won consistently over the years with subpar defenses at times. It didn't stop them from winning 10 games every year.
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