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  1. Record with Roddy on the team: 93-83 Record with Julio on the team: 80-80 Roddy didn't play with Matt for 3 years, he only cost us 1 first round pick, he scored more points, and didn't cripple our cap. For the value, Roddy blows Julio away.
  2. Courtland Sutton will be better than Julio next year and pretty much moving forward. No way they would do that trade. Plus, Paton seems to really love Surtain.
  3. I feel like one of Hennessy, Mayfield, and Dalman will turn out to be a 7+ year starter for us. It wouldn't surprise me if two of them are.
  4. I like that we have depth on both lines now, even if the additions don't scream all stars. If that helps us lock down reliable starters without having to deal out these massive contracts that have crippled our cap, I'm all for it.
  5. I think Mayfield wins LG pretty easily and the only true battle we will have is Hennessy and Dalman. No prediction on that one, could go either way.
  6. I think we got 4 starters out of this draft including a perennial All Pro (Pitts), at least one Pro Bowl appearance (Grant), and two solid starters (Mayfield and Dalman). I think the rest are depth guys to fill out the team, but Avery Williams has a chance to develop into a Pro Bowl special teams guy like Rossum as well.
  7. I know this sounds crazy, but I've always believed there's something to a name. His name just sounds like a football player. Kinda like Tom Nalen to me.
  8. 100%. I watched him and Moehrig earlier and Grant looked way better to me. Didn't know what the Moehrig hype was about.
  9. I hadn't looked at Basham before and I just looked at highlights, I have to be honest it gave me Jamaal Anderson flashbacks.
  10. I'm actually ok with this. I would just like to see Ehlinger with one of the 5th's to use as a potential Taysom Hill type, but if not there's no need to look for a developmental other than an UDFA. Complete the offense and then pump every last resource into the defense and keep that going next year.
  11. I'd be perfectly fine with that, but I would imagine Smith doesn't have the highest opinion of his ability as a QB since that organization made the decision to move on. As purely a backup and nothing expected of the future, he's just fine though.
  12. I think he's on par, but he nearly completes the offensive side of the ball versus still needing several pieces on defense. I'd rather complete the offense and then spend the rest of the time building the defense. That includes UDFA and other Free Agents that are still out there, like Jurrell Casey.
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