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  1. He makes a good point about the other calls that were missed in this game. If this entire game would have been called perfectly by the officials, every flag and non-flag was textbook to the definition in the rule book then the Saints would have lost.
  2. That whistle was annoying as f**k! I kept thinking every **** play was whistled dead when I was watching the game.
  3. I hope the Saints coaches, GM, owner etc. are successful in their attempts to get p.i. calls/no calls reviewed by instant replay and then next year in the playoffs they get a no-call p.i. reversed on one of their defenders that helps seal the game for the opposing team(Falcons). That is the only thing that would make this story even better lol
  4. Good point. Can we say Brees choked when his team needed him in the clutch?
  5. This is amazing lol
  6. I was just listening to New Orleans sports radio and the host was giving ideas for people who do not want to watch the "stupid-*** Super Bowl" lol. They are miserable today. I love it!!
  7. Thank you so much for all of these Saints responses posts today. This is the best Monday of my life lol
  8. You think Matt Ryan is better than Dan Marino??? Are you smoking crack?! I'm a huge Matt Ryan fan, but this is just ridiculous. And don't come at me with some b.s. cherry-picked stats.
  9. Saints got robbed, but it couldn't have happened to a better coach. The same coach who mocked prematurely mocked Vikings fans last year in the playoffs, the same coach who threw up the choke symbol to our running back, and the same coach who orchestrated bounty gate. F** him!
  10. I agree with your point about the TE's & Fullback, but I just dont agree on the OL. We had a good OL in '16, but in the seasons before and after it has not been a strength in my opinion.
  11. I hear ya, but I still feel that even if Levitre and Fusco hadnt been injured our offensive line would not have been that good. Look at the teams who played this weekend: NE, NO, PHI, DAL. Our O Line is no where near that level. I understand different schemes and other variables, but I just feel like our O line is not a strength even if you have no injuries.
  12. Well we have to 'invest' somehow. Free agency, first round, second round, third round,etc. Just get it done. But with T.D.'s less than stellar past draft picks I would say the earlier rounds the better chances we have with success. And even though T.D. came from New England comparing him to B.B. and their GM or anyone in their personnel department is laughable.
  13. If you look at the stat sheet Ryan put up good numbers, but we all know from watching 16 games this season that our offense was not good and it is because the o line couldn't hold up.
  14. After watching the Patriots offense today I say invest heavily in the offensive line. Free Agency & the Draft. Our first round pick must be OL. I get it, our defense needs tons of help also, mainly interior line & corners, but Matt Ryan and our stud skill players need an O Line desperately.