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  1. We need to draft at least 3 OL in next year's draft. Yes, I understand that we have plenty of defensive needs also, but we must fix the OL.
  2. Whoever the best Tackle is. If there are no Tackles worth a 7th pick then trade down and add more picks and take the best Guard with first pick.
  3. Freeman and Levitre are done. Freeman too many injuries and concussions, Livitre too many injuries and well past his prime.
  4. First round talent or top-tier free agents. We need one of those additions to our OL.
  5. I hope the first 2 draft picks are OL. I know that we have issues on the defensive side of the ball, lack of pass rush and corners specifically, but we have got to protect Matt Ryan and be able to run the ball. That more than anything will help our defense.
  6. And what we have right now is.....not a disaster???
  7. Yep, our OL needs to be completely revamped. Even Mack is at the tail end of his career, his better years are behind him. Matthews is overrated. Fusco is good as a backup. Everyone else is garbage.
  8. I can't wait until Brees retires. I'll give Payton credit, he is definitely an offensive genius, but without Brees the Saints are mediocre. The Saints have owned us during the Brees/Payton era and I am tired of it.
  9. I pretty much agree with this. Ryan just has those games where he stares the **** out his receivers. It's like he is not going through his reads at all, just eyeing down one receiver the whole time.
  10. Honestly tonight wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I fully expected us to lose by 20+
  11. I don't know what we need more: T, G, or CB
  12. Might as well. We desperately need a top 5 pick.
  13. I didn't know this was a thing, that people were accusing Falcons fans of being spoiled? Wow...
  14. We lost to the Browns man, the Browns....The Browns a week after they fired their head coach and were shuffling things around and we still couldn't win. We couldn't even compete, they totally outplayed us. A loss like that would light a fire under the *** of most teams, but what did the Falcons do the next week? Come out and lose to a mediocre Cowboys team at home. </season>
  15. My point is that we are not going 9-7. The Browns game was winnable, the Cowboys game was winnable, the Bengals game was winnable. All of these games are winnable, but we found ways to lose and we will find ways to l lose multiple games down the stretch.