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  1. No opinion on Vick, but that horn is annoying as **** Come up with something new and drop the train horn
  2. Some GM's seem to be better at it than others. If there was a metric for drafting OL I am sure TD would be near the bottom.
  3. I am very surprised to find out we have the most expensive line in the NFL. If that is the case I would say that everyone except Mack is overpaid on our line. You could make a case that Jake is worth the money as it is hard to find a top tier LT. Drafting OL has never been Dimitroff's strength.
  4. Definitely a shot to make the playoffs, but no way we can win multiple playoff games and the super bowl with this defense.
  5. Churches and the NFL need to pay taxes. Actually I think the NFL tax exempt status was taken away in recent years, but it's ridiculous they were considered a tax exempt organization for so many years.
  6. Tru was a pretty good, not great, but good corner before his 2016 injury. After he came back from that he has been horrible, a total liability.
  7. We need a corner. Our corners suck. Oliver has potential and could end up being shutdown, but that is tbd.
  8. Reading all 7 pages wore me out, I need to take a knapp
  9. That Saints game broke my hart,well this thread has sure cheered me up!
  10. Our pass rush has been pathetic the first three games. I'm just being an honest abe.
  11. LOL
  12. I really like the potential of our second round draft pick, but the girl with the black hair...oliver
  13. I really hope we beat the Senat out of the Saints next time we play them.
  14. Hopefully none of our players need a good lawyer this season.