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  1. Yeah, this guy is always hyping us up so I don't take too much out of what he says.
  2. Ive been pondering this also. We continue to get manhandles on both lines. It happened in the Mike Smith regime and it continues in the Quinn era. Is it as simple as Dimitroff being the problem? I have no idea, I just know we have not had a dominant OL or DL in a long long time.
  3. The only optimism or joy I will get from this football season is if the Saints have a terrible season. It is glaringly obvious that the Falcons will not be able to bring much joy or optimism.
  4. Only bright spot from yesterday.
  5. Yep. Eagles front 7 are licking their chops. New faces on OL, but same ol' story...
  6. I doubt all of those teams sucked as bad in all 3 phases as we did today.
  7. Agreed. How long have we heard about "fast & physical"? We have the fast part down, but there are no signs of being physical on OL or DL. This team is soft.
  8. Ok, so we are in complete agreement?
  9. If our starters are getting completely manhandled and dominated at the LOS what difference does it matter who your backups are?
  10. I guarantee you that is the most dominant 60 minutes of football the Vikings will play on both sides of the ball this entire season. They will not be able to impose their will on another NFL team to that degree this season. Don't get me wrong they have a great defense and they are well coached, but we are so soft it's pathetic.
  11. I don't know what it is, but I can't fathom how t can be so bad for one city for so long. We are the worst professional sports city of all time by far.
  12. They have awesome crowds, way more enthusiasm than any Falcons games I have seen, even playoff games. Most college teams also have bigger and more enthusiastic crowds and I don't like college football either. Point being, I could careless about the crowds. If I did I assure you I wouldn't be a Falcons fan.
  13. I don't believe in anything supernatural, so not cursed, but it is amazing to believe how much bad luck and bad football one team can play. For that matter, how much bad luck and how many bad seasons one city can have. Just one championship among all of the professional franchises? Embarrassing as a city. And no, I am not counting soccer, cry about it all you want.
  14. Wow

    Here we are in a new season, new coordinators, new players via the draft and free agency to address some of these issues like getting manhandled on both lines yet teams still come in and take our will away. Year after year nothing changes and nothing will.
  15. I completely agree and we have been ultra soft for years and years and years. We constantly get manhandled on both lines. Doesn't matter who the HC is. Doesnt matter who the GM is. Always soft.