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  1. Unfortunately I have to agree with this. When I look at the remaining schedule I do not see any wins, the most winnable are against Tampa Bay and they way our Defense is playing we will make Jamies look like Steve Young. So I can maybe see a split with TB, but I do not see any other wins out of the remaining teams. With that being said I know the Atlanta Falcons and if they have a chance to get the first, second, or third pick in the draft they will surely screw it up and somehow ending up picking @15.
  2. This is a stupid question. Of course every Falcons fan would make this trade. I would trade Julio, Matt, Debo and Grady if I were guaranteed multiple Super Bowl wins.
  3. less games is a huge benefit in terms of ratings. One reason NFL is so popular and so many people view is because they only play 16 regular season games. If they played 82 or 162 games per season, which would be physically impossible, the ratings per game would go down.
  4. You are comparing a 34 game season(MLS) versus an 82 game season(NHL). Numbers get lower the more games you play per season. You are also not taking into consideration size of the venues that teams are playing in. MLS teams play in large stadiums that some can seat upwards of 80,000 people. Hockey is played in much smaller arenas, like basketball. Again you are looking at statistics with very little context and there are many variables that you are not taking into consideration. Using the methodology you are using for attendance you could also say that MLS is right up there with the NBA which would be ridiculous. It looks like NBA only averages about 17k-18k per game. SO take that statistic with no additional context and you can also say that MLS is more popular than NBA.
  5. Everything you are saying is anecdotal. I lived in (blank), soccer was more popular here. I am not saying that soccer isn't popular. I am not talking about soccer as a sport. I think most people acknowledge that worldwide soccer is the most popular sport. The points that I am making are specifically about MLS. MLS is not in the same category as the other leagues we have been discussing. The only stats you provided were a couple sentences of tv statistics with no context at all and even those few stats didn't do a good job of backing up your point. All you said after those stats is that a year or 2 in the future MLS will be more popular. If the MLS is so popular how come when the Championship game/match was over the results were not even on any of the main pages for any of the major sports web sites? Every one I went to you had to scroll down to see that Atlanta United won. When the Stanley Cup Finals are over it is front and center wherever you look, just like NBA, MLB, or NFL. I don't know what youth soccer has to do with anything. Youth soccer is popular as ****, my guess is that it is more popular than youth football. I don't know what you want us to take away from that in the context of this conversation.
  6. If you are going to flash a few numbers you have to do a deep dive into them if you are making a genuine argument. If one league has more U.S. teams than another that is going to skew the counts. If one league has more games per season that is going to affect the numbers. Goalposts are not being moved. If you look at the 2 sports as a whole it is easy to see that the NHL is more popular in America than Soccer. We live in ATL and soccer/United have caught on like fire and hockey is not at all popular down here, but we are just one region of a massive country. Hockey is extremely popular in other regions of the country especially up North. If you are correct that MLS will "pass" NHL in the next year or 2 then feel free to reply to this post with your own numbers and metrics. These are the numbers and metrics that I came up with and I did not use MLS.
  7. Atlanta is a bad city for professional sports. Too many transplants from other cities and states. I'm not saying we have a great fan base, all I am saying is that our fan base sucks and all of our pro sports teams suck. It's not a zero sum game, both can suck equally and indeed they do.
  8. wtf would the Giants give up best RB in league who is only in his second year, a rookie QB who looks to have a ton of potential and will have a good career, and what appears to be a high first round pick?! Matt Ryan is 34 years old and over the last few seasons has taken a bunch of hits. He's not like Brady or Brees who rarely get hit. Our team is a complete trainwreck and we are not going to get things turned around fast enough to win a championship with Matt Ryan before his good days are over. Some of these hypothetical you guys throw out are ridiculous. Ya'll play video games too much.
  9. All of thse stats you are throwing out for missing seats are in the 2000's. By that time fans had gotten used to years of choking in the playoffs, excluding '95, so they knew what to expect. Why bother wasting your money and watching them blow it in person.
  10. A large percentage of NHL teams are Canadian. How do Canadian teams and viewers factor into these statistics? Additionally, I would be curious to know how many games are represented in these numbers? Are these average numbers per game or combined numbers for multiple games/season? If you are going to look at statistics like this there are lots of variables that need to be considered.
  11. This is what I am betting on. In typical fashion win a few meaningless games at the end of the season and lower our draft position by a good 10+ spots.
  12. Because MLS is not on the same level as NFL, NBA, MLB, or NHL. To your point, I could have also included the WNBA in these counts, they are a professional sports team. And I could have also included the Atlanta Legends of the AAF, they are a professional football team in Atlanta. Just because Atlanta United is popular doesn't mean that the MLS is on the same level as the other sports leagues.
  13. I'm not a salary cap expert, but from my understanding he has 3 years left after 2019 in which he will make 6.5M, 6.2M, and 8.2M. In 5 games this season he is averaging 3.2 yards per carry and has one touchdown and one fumble lost. His quickness is not what it once was and same for his vision. He has had multiple concussions and other injuries. I think we are all in agreement that his arrow is not pointing up so to expect anything greater in terms of production or contributing to this offense would be foolish. All of this considered his salary and remaining contract is ridiculous. If you disagree well then I hope there is another GM out there who agrees with you who will take him off of our hands.
  14. Agreed. This can't be true. Why would Miami trade away a player like Laremy Tunsil to acquire draft picks, but then trade for an again running back with a ridiculous salary. Makes no sense.
  15. Our teams are always setting the wrong kind of records.