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  1. I am saying you only listed a handful of players and half of the ones you listed were mediocre at best.
  2. You might be correct, but that is only a small handful of players you listed considering how long he was in charge for. 7 or 8 years I am guessing? At the very least we can say he sucked at the player development side for young players. The young players that grew into being stars during his tenure had skill sets that would have probably led them to be stars no matter where they plated, I don't think it was because him and his staff coached them up.
  3. Exactly. He may have been good at finding the right veteran player to fit in, but it seems like he never gave the young guys a shot and sucked at player development.
  4. In 2016, yes....2020, not so much
  5. If i just signed a contract for 48mill I would do something similar.
  6. I want to be excited, but we are the Falcons, we will find a way to screw even this up.
  7. He has done some good stuff, but he can't build an OL or DL to save his life.
  8. They are both old and nearing the end of the road, but both have also played behind stellar offensive lines throughout their career so they havent taken the hits most qbs do.
  9. are you ******* kidding me. brees and brady twice a year??
  10. Yup. Op did state offense in his post though. I didn't catch that at first so I guess he only missed Matthews.
  11. I somewhat agree with this article. I think Browns overpaid. I would have been pissed if we gave Hooper that kind of money. It's debatable at best that he is a top 5 TE. We will see how he fares with Baker Mayfield as his qb lol
  12. you discuss anything past football x's & o's on this board and it is the most incoherent **** you will ever read in your life. But this is a football forum so I should know better.
  13. If you think that reading about corporate monopolies and corporate influence in our society is a slippery slope to the occult then you are the one who needs to do some reading and have some things to learn.
  14. I just finished one, it's about corporate monopolies and the influence of corporate power in our politics over the last 40 years.