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  1. JDaveG liked a post in a topic by MiTh1211 in Saints got robbed....but   
    Lol yeah they got robbed but who cares!!!!! It’s so satisfying seeing that and knowing that they will not be in our building lol. Best New Year eva!!!!!!!!! Celebration time Falcons Fans 
  2. MiTh1211 liked a post in a topic by AtlantaFanatic in My loyalty on if the saints win a ring, and my PSL   
    Don't be friends with Saints fans and don't follow them on social media and you won't have that problem. 
  3. MiTh1211 liked a post in a topic by mashburn*Fibonacci in My loyalty on if the saints win a ring, and my PSL   
    Go to the United games. You feel you are on the home side. They let people come in with instruments and etc (something never done for the falcons. and I remember people trying to do it at the dome), even let them pre register so they don't have to go through the metal detectors. the things fans receive is a lot more and a lot more meaningful. Arthur doesn't just sit in a box and come down at the end. he is actually involved with the fans on and off the field. The cameras were made for soccer and failed for NFL (which is why they are still trying to figure something out with the wide view, why the logo is upside down, why they have to face the visitor side to announce things). you have a lot more rallies and things the stadium/organization host (not talking about clubs fans have made). the changed the stadium seats colours. etc etc. the list goes on.
    Yes I get its a lottt more home games for soccer vs Football. But you would think football fans would have more than giving away chocolate at the end of the season, compared to all the things United has received.