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  1. Deeeeeeeeebooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Lol yeah they got robbed but who cares!!!!! It’s so satisfying seeing that and knowing that they will not be in our building lol. Best New Year eva!!!!!!!!! Celebration time Falcons Fans
  3. Man I’d be heartbroken for real. It’s bad enough that they have a chance to come in our house and take over but to actually win it all!!!! **** no. We would never stop hearing about that garbage. Oh well it’s not our fault. Just the way the game goes I guess.
  4. Lol Saints is going down down down hahahahahaha
  5. I hope the Vikings beat the Saints so **** bad and make them look stupid. Send their ***** back to New Orleans.
  6. I’d say the Panthers because the Saints are more dangerous. I really hate the whole picture taking crap they do on the field. Wack dudes but it looks like they will win this game and face the Vikes. I like Drew but hate the Saints as a team.
  7. All I can do is laugh. What a joke these fools are. All of them. Week after week I’m making excuses for them.
  8. All good points but with all of it said, Falcons need to be more disciplined out in New Orleans but of course that’s too much to ask of them. Look like high school players out there.
  9. **** is sad. Bucs suck and we suck right along with them. How in the **** are we gonna compete with the Saints and Panthers with these dudes playing like they have nothing to play for. Why am I even wasting my time talking about them lol. Falcons suck. Hurts my heart to say it but they do
  10. This is garbage. Now The Panthers are going to win this game. They play like trash when we need them to win lol. Ok
  11. Yes my friend he sure did. Without that interception I’m almost certain we lose this game. Such poor play by our offense once again and defense holding us up but hey I’ll take it. Diddly diddly!!!!!!!!
  12. Totally speechless! 9 points! All field goals. Wtf. Let this lil dude come here and defeat us. Tired of the disappointment guys. Everybody enjoy your week if you can.
  13. I agree wholeheartedly. And now Alford is hurt so things are getting very thin. Who else can get the job done for us. Next week we have the Vikings and will need to click on all 3 phases. Call Collins back ASAP
  14. Pretty sickening to be honest. My wife just asked me why am I upset because we one the game. It’s because we always choking off everything we eat and drink. Start of eating good then out of nowhere we start gagging, coughing and choking. Tired of it. Can’t win the big game like that.
  15. Somebody look at this BS. Convenient flag after the pic to keep those ****** in the game
  16. Personally yes. I wish we chose a different name in the beginning but now I don’t really care. Is what is is I suppose.
  17. Wow! If the D was fired up like this plus offense clicking on all cylinders then my fellow Falcons fans we’d be undefeated. With all the inconsistency, I must say that I’m truly impressed with tonight’s showing. Go Birds!!!!!!!
  18. Somebody please tell me Julio didn’t just drop that **** ball! Sorry guys but I quit. **** em
  19. Lol. Clouds are touching my forehead man!
  20. Looks like we need more than a bye week. All those **** tipped passes. Awful showing. Unacceptable
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