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  1. How many years? Seems kind of relevant. 5 year 50 M, lets do it. Easy to get him down to 7 a year the first coupel of years then escalators, then have a 'cut-able' 5th year in the contract.
  2. If you think that Ryan Shraeder is going to be making 1mm per year after this offseason, you are absolutely insane. Guy has stepped his game up big time in the last couple of years and is consistently grading a top 15 RT, if not top 10. Would not be surprised if we go ahead and give him a decent contract before we are forced to tag him.
  3. When's the last time we had an OL voted to the Pro bowl? I'm 29 and have been watching the team since the mid 90s, and I honestly can't remember one.
  4. 4th ranked offense in yards? In points? In red-zone efficiency? Please elaborate my good sir, and back up with your sources and statistics.
  5. I rarely post anymore... I read daily. That being said..... This has got be the most idiotic thread I've ever seen. The responses have been even worse. Matt Ryan was a big reason we won the first 5 games this season, and has been a big reason we've lost the last 3 games. How easy it is to forget he lead all those comeback attempts early in the year. Fact: He's the ONLY reason why our Franchise is where it is at now since 2008. We had a good supporting group in some of those years, yes. But this is a QB driven league, and you don't consistently make that many playoffs in a row if you are a
  6. Better depth and competition than last year at OL. We started Holmes last year. Don't forget that.
  7. I voted... but anyone else thinks its funny that we are voting on a Front 6 not a Front 7? We run a 4-2-5, not a 4-3.
  8. That was by far the most satisfying win we've had in the Dome since the Seattle game a couple of years ago in the playoffs. There were so many Saints fans around us (I sit in Section 301 which regularly has alot of away fans), and they were talking so much trash just like normal. When Antone scores that TD, we start the "We Dat" chant, and things really start getting rowdy. They were talking mad trash after Mike Smith elected not to get the ball on O in overtime, then after that Colston Fumble, we were going crazy. After Bryant bails us out with ANOTHER great 50+ yarder, we started We Dat cha
  10. I love how he called out the Saints as trolling right away. Way to set the tone
  11. When every single post that someone ever rights is negative about a team, they are not a Fan. ....Or they are from Atlanta But seriously, I think some people just get bogged down instead of trying to see honest criticism. This board is generally more pessimistic than when I talk ball with my friends and co-workers.
  12. I don't know why fans are expecting the national media to be all over the Falcons. This is a yearly hate routine. This literally happens every year. Honestly, last year was the first year that we didn't get hated on, and we know how that turned out for us. I'd much rather it be this way. Welcome to being a Falcon's Fan mates!
  13. The % of negative fans here is a small sample of the overall population. If you go to the Dome on Sunday, you'll see the real fans... and we'll be **** loud!
  14. Non issue. Under the new CBA, conditioning falls more on the individual player than the team. Why can't people understand that? Why do you think more players are getting injured? It's because they can't do two-a-days anymore and can't make them report earlier with more padded practice. That means less conditioning. So they have to do what they have to do to get players conditioned. It's part of the off-season program. EVERY TEAM DOES THIS. IT'S NOT JUST THE FALCONS.
  15. It's too late to make an impactful move unless someone just randomly drops from their team.
  16. Julio won't be 100% over the mental hurdle until the after the first few snaps in the New Orleans game.
  17. He says "Blue 80 Set Hut" not "Blue 87 hut" If you're gonna diss, at least get it right
  18. Seems like the buzz this year is about the DB interference calls. It will be interesting to see if it slows down the game and by mid-season they tell the refs to cool it.
  19. Here's the link to the Interview: http://www.atlantafa...4f-95454dcca438 Didn't see posted. Reid Ferrin: What are your impressions of the 2014 Atlanta Falcons? John Clayton: Well, I know they're on HBO's Hard Knocks, but I can see hard knocks; it's as simple as that and I think that's the big difference in 2014. They have a bigger defensive line and it's a harder-hitting, more-skilled offensive line from last year. You look at their package, where they have four defensive linemen, it's almost an average of 40 more pounds per player from the starting defensive line from last year, thanks to guy
  20. Hard Knocks got me pumped up last night, especially for that T.I. song
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