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  1. Couple (few) of years ago we were in the Superbowl too. Things change fast in NFL. I like Rico, he was put in a bad spot he was barely qualified to do and then had a horrible injury. No way he comes back to an even level. Past time to move on.
  2. Man, a 4.28 40. Dudes little but he can scat.
  3. Some times that happens when you let your #1 CB go.
  4. Nah, I got ya. It doesn't make sense anyway. What's Watson done? Matt's taken us to the Super Bowl. Not saying Watson's not good but he had a receiver that's supposed to be Julio's equal and a better defence but hasn't gotten as far. Anyway just my 2 cents.
  5. 90% of everything is fake right now. It's just that's the most nonsensical thing I've read imo. If you mean I made it up then check the front page.
  6. I saw today that 24/7 Sports had us giving 2 firsts and Ryan for Watson. Sorry, I didn't see that posted already.
  7. I think they'll go over great at the London game if nothing else. I don't why but I sure like those white ones an awful lot.
  8. Lol, yeah but that wouldn't be quite so unexpected. I was playing off of the narrative that the FO trades up for players they could of gotten by staying where they were.
  9. True that. I talked to a friend today that's been battling lupus and has taken the drug for a long time. She said they took her off of it because of damage to her retina's. That's long term, not a 10 day course for covid-19
  10. China, Italy,and France have been trying out this cocktail of drugs for a bit and the results are positive across the board. I put " fairytail" in quotation marks because I saw our msm call it that for the past 2 days. Like I say , I'm hopeful. What else we got?
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