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  1. True that. I talked to a friend today that's been battling lupus and has taken the drug for a long time. She said they took her off of it because of damage to her retina's. That's long term, not a 10 day course for covid-19
  2. China, Italy,and France have been trying out this cocktail of drugs for a bit and the results are positive across the board. I put " fairytail" in quotation marks because I saw our msm call it that for the past 2 days. Like I say , I'm hopeful. What else we got?
  3. "Fairytails" indeed. I call it hope.
  4. Using it in Italy also to good effect.
  5. A flater curve doesn't necessarily mean a longer curve. Less people infected means less people doing the infecting. See Japan.
  6. I was just gonna say that.
  7. Maybe he should change his screen name to MAD247.
  8. Maybe for the first 2 weeks.
  9. We still have the pick, it's just in the 4th round now.