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  1. Ryan is gonna get killed again this year.
  2. Terry was put in a tough spot, no cap money, was forced to restructure ryan, really had to trade julio, just to get under the cap. This year is not gonna be pretty, we have to run with what we have. However the good news is next years draft is projected have better defensive candidates including ends. I expect we fix the pass rush there. Because of Ryan’s restructuring we won’t have cap space next year either, so we have to build this team through the draft.
  3. We will need that extra cap next because of Ryan’s dead money/cap number. We won’t be able to restructure him again next year, all we could do is resign him to an extension with some voidable years to absorb all that dead money later. I expect us to sit on that money so they have some cushion for next year’s cap.
  4. I agree with you here, it’s just odd to me, that the jags of all people can convince a number 1 pick to take less guarantee than the falcons can convince the #4 pick to take.
  5. I just read that the jags gave lawrence a 4 year 36 million dollar contract with a 24 million dollar guarantee. Didn’t we give pitts a fully guaranteed 32 million dollar contract. So the #4 pick gets $8 mil more in guarantees than the #1 pick? My opinion, this kind of stuff is why we end up in cap trouble all the time. Dont get me wrong if Pitts stays healthy all 4 years it will be worth it. But god forbid if he gets injured and misses 1 or 2 years of the 4 this could yet again be a bad deal by the falcons. fingers crossed this never happens
  6. I totally agree and let’s not forget too many dropped passes.
  7. God I hope so. 2 1sts next year and there is suppose to be a stronger edge rushing class too.
  8. There is no way the jets are giving up quinnen Williams for julio Jones. I doubt they would give up a 1st for him. However if they are dumb enough pull the trigger.
  9. Most of the teams in discussion are playoff teams, so a second round pick from them is only slightly better than a third. I wouldn’t agree to a trade unless it was for a first round pick. We may have to restructure grady to get us under the cap, but I would keep julio for another year if we can’t get a first rounder. Also if we ended up keeping him it would be a real test for matt ryan, because if we dont average 30 points a game with Julio pitts and ridley on the field he should be the one traded next season and completely rebuild this thing
  10. Do season ticket holders get a psl refund when one of the home games is out of the country? I’m sure they do t have to pay for that game ticket but why should they pay for the license for a full season if they are cheated out of a home game
  11. I agree it’s hard to count those but I looked it up and he has missed 25 regular season games in his career. That’s a season and a half. Again not counting the games he was active but kept out or used as a decoy
  12. I’m curious as to how many games he has missed per year of his career. Although he is a freak talent wise he just has missed way to many games over his career. If a team is stupid enough to give us a 1 for him take it. Chance are he will be injured again this year. Imagine paying 1/7 your entire cap for a player who out due to injury.
  13. Now that we passed on a quarterback and put heavy draft stock into the offense. Maybe it’s time to do a team friendly 2 year extension to help us with our cap situation and set Ryan up until 2025 assuming he can still play that long. Brady and brees both have been doing team friendly deals so they can build around them for years. Ryan needs to do the same.
  14. Where are we gonna find the cap space to pay any of these guys?
  15. Let’s let Green Bay and their Aaron boy have all the drama
  16. So that would leave gono and Hennessy as the backups? Is Hennessy really that bad? I reallly wasn’t able to see much of him playing, living in texas we don’t get many falcons games broadcasted unless we’re playing well.
  17. Absolutely and now he needs to do a team friendly 2 year extension so we can get some cap room
  18. Could he be more of a special teams guy?
  19. I think we’re waiting to get khalil Herbert rb vt
  20. We’re at the point now where we could trade up with 2 of our 5th round picks gainwell maybe, or rashad weaver?
  21. If we get a Rb our offense will be set.
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