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  1. Now that we passed on a quarterback and put heavy draft stock into the offense. Maybe it’s time to do a team friendly 2 year extension to help us with our cap situation and set Ryan up until 2025 assuming he can still play that long. Brady and brees both have been doing team friendly deals so they can build around them for years. Ryan needs to do the same.
  2. Where are we gonna find the cap space to pay any of these guys?
  3. Let’s let Green Bay and their Aaron boy have all the drama
  4. So that would leave gono and Hennessy as the backups? Is Hennessy really that bad? I reallly wasn’t able to see much of him playing, living in texas we don’t get many falcons games broadcasted unless we’re playing well.
  5. Absolutely and now he needs to do a team friendly 2 year extension so we can get some cap room
  6. Could he be more of a special teams guy?
  7. I think we’re waiting to get khalil Herbert rb vt
  8. We’re at the point now where we could trade up with 2 of our 5th round picks gainwell maybe, or rashad weaver?
  9. If we get a Rb our offense will be set.
  10. I can see us trading back into the 4th for a Rb or pass rusher
  11. I trust tf and as, so I see this as filling the cornerback need. Now a defensive end, and a running back and we have filled all positions of need
  12. What’s up with Jabril cox? Hes falling a long way. Is there a medical issue ?
  13. We could package our 5th and 1 of the comp picks and move up to around 125 and have 3 4th round picks. That way we could address pass rusher, cb, and Rb
  14. I see us trading up for tay Gowan
  15. What did the saints give up to trade up to 76?
  16. We must have our eye on someone I. The 4th. Weaver, rumph, Patrick Jones maybe
  17. Maybe a team will trade up for Davis mills I’d houston don’t take him
  18. Let’s have a run on wide receivers, push defense down the board
  19. Pass rusher, corner, guard, Rb, we still need a starter caliber player at each position this draft
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