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  1. If your motivation to not pick up the 5th year is so the player will play better because it becomes a contract year, you really don’t want to extend that player anyway. Let someone else pay them and pick up a comp pick.
  2. Since this is a contract year I expect him to make it through the whole season without injury.
  3. If marlon Davidson plays like grady jarrett, this will be true, if he lets us down, we will be 7-9 again. If our dt’s can consistently collapse the pocket so brady, brees, Rodgers, Prescott can’t step up and throw. We can shut their offenses down enough to outscore them. If not we lose in a shoot out.
  4. Anyone know what New Orleans gave up to move up to Cleveland’s pick?
  5. I’d like this as our pick he can play outside in a 3-4 or inside in the 4-3. Gives us some versatility
  6. Yes please this. Grab a 3rd get a corner at 21 Fulton, Johnson, or diggs
  7. Think about it though if car goes simmons, cards will go ot, leave Derek brown at 9 for our trade
  8. If by handcuffing you mean not allowing him to sacrifice next years draft to fill holes this year then yes handcuff him.
  9. I really hope Arthur made it clear to Thomas that he can’t trade next years picks. Between this year being the corona year, and our cap situation, I really don’t want to mess up future years just to save the gm and coaches jobs After this year.. We will be in a better situation next year with our salary cap, we will get some comp picks, brady and brees will be yet another year older. I just hope we dont sell it out trading up this year. Peter shraeder’s mock has us trading next years first to get Jax pick at 9 for Henderson. I know it’s probably BS but with TD I wouldn’t put it past him.
  10. One of these 16 will be available at our pick. Which means either a player we want or a value pick for 16, or a trade worthy pick to move back. 1. chase young 2. joe burrow 3. Derek brown 4. isiah simmons 5. Jeffrey okudah 6. Justin herbert 7. tua 8. Javon kinlaw 9. Cj Henderson 10. Jedrick wills 11. Tristan Wirfs 12. Cee Dee Lamb 13. Jerry Jeudy 14. Henri Ruggs 15. Mechi Becton 16. Andrew Thomas at least one of these will be there at 16, and we can take them because of need or value, or trade back because any one of these players will warrant a team trading up. Thomas needs to stand pat and let the draft come to him. We have to many holes to go all in on 1 player. The problem with giving up picks, is and has been our Achilles heel, lack of depth. Injuries are inevitable, and when they strike we can’t rebound because we have given up so much draft stock over the years.
  11. Hopefully Henderson, Okudah, and simmons will be gone by pick 8 so we don’t trade up. I’d rather have Fulton or Johnson at 16 and madabuike at 47 with a 3rd round pick than Henderson at 9 and rashad lawrence at 78.
  12. Without another pass rushing dt to help grady crash the pocket we can’t beat them. We have to get kinlaw, but we also have to get a shutdown corner. By trading up we won’t have the draft capital to get both.
  13. His contract will kick back in and the pats can’t afford that. They will have to release him
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