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  1. yes but what if brees retires does it then save them on the cap? isnt unger retiring saving them cap space?
  2. and were still out of cap soace
  3. well heck why do t we just reatructure ryan and push his down the next ten seasons and sign whoever we want
  4. how many times can brees restructure? is he taking a pay cut or are they pushing cap dollars down the road?
  5. all of you haters out there can fly a kite. the data that was put out there proves what im saying. brees and brady along with carr and roethlesberger get rid of the ball faster. im not saying the oline is good or not to blame, but in todsys nfl you have to get rid of the ball quickly before the rush can get to you, and thats ideally 2.5 seconds, so some of the blame falls on him now if someone has the data that shows matt is consistently being sacked in under 2.5 seconds then you have proved me wrong, and mods delete the post. but if your expecting any oline to hold up against pass rushers for 3 or more seconds consistently its not gonna happen.
  6. i think cb is out for our 1st round pick. i actually think the top dt’s williams, oliver, and wilkins will he gone by our pick. so i see us going de. jeremiah had us taking burns and i scratched my head on that one but seein hes a potential leo makes me think this is quite possible. another candidate is ferrell out of clemson which i think 14 is too high a pick for him. we could go cody ford cause he could be either a tackle or guard, if they are not high on burns or ferrell. but i think if the three top dt’s are gone the pick will be one of those three. burns, ford, or ferrel.
  7. i have been reading many of the comments about carpenter and brown, and also drafting cody ford, or jawaan taylor. i think ryan’s inability to get rid of the ball fast enough, 2.5 seconds or less on EVERY play with accuracy is a lot of our problem. lets be real we have had julio jones, calvin ridley, muhamed sanu, tevin coleman, and austin hooper there is absolutely no way he cant find an open person in 2.5 seconds. imagine brady or even brees with that talent what they would do to defenses. the reason both are so good is because the find a receiver open in less than 2.5 seconds, and they are on point. ryan hesitates, and then makes bad decisions when pressured. i think shanahan knew this and scripted the offense so that ryan would have the ball out quickly, which lead to ryans mvp season. as i understand it koetter is more of a down field oc. this concerns me because it takes longer for plays to develop. ultimately at playoff time when teams are in win or go ho e mode opposing defenses find that extra gear and thats when ryan struggles. point of all of this is everyone wants to blame the oline but ryan bears a lot of the blame. i teally hope koetter and ryan can figure out how to get the ball out quicker.
  8. i think jacobs and harris will go early and we need a dt, de and a ot more. holyfield cant catch which limits him a lot. barnes will probably be there in the 5th round, so it may be a better option for us.
  9. i believe it was kayoh i may be wrong but i think he was big on alex barnes from k state. i think hes 6’1” 227lbs which fits this mold. he may be a later round option plus hes a good pass catcher
  10. i think he can be productive for at least two years, probably longer. if he was 35 id be worried
  11. i want wilkins at 14, hes a solid player with high character. if ferrel fell to new englands pick at 32 id be ok to trade up to get him. i definitely do not want burns at 14 hes just too light
  12. i wonder if beasley has any trade value? he is obviously not a very good leo/defensive end. he would probably do better in a 3-4 system somewhere. with that in mind if we could trade him and pick up a real defensive end it would probably worth it. the wuestion is who might want him and what could we get for him?
  13. id have to get at least a third for him since were likely to get a 3rd round comp pick in 2021. but imagine trading him for a 3rd and use the cap money to sogn shelton and target a edge guy in the draft lime burns or the kid out of louisiana tech
  14. sorry but i think that metcalf kid is gonna be a stud id consider trading julio to buffalo for the number 9 pick and there number one next year and draft metcalf. since we have ridley and sanu i think adding him to the mix would get us 5 years of worse case 80% of the production julio brings but will save us like 15-17 million a year. dont get me wrong julio is great but when you have a cap to deal with you have to make tough choices. thats why new england keeps winning, they dont overpay and use the draft to keep flowing players into there fold.
  15. i just looked at over the cap and saw that trufant would save 9,500,000 as a post june 1st cut