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  1. If Sewell is there at 4 we need to take him, but dont trade up to 3 to get him. I think the bengals will definitely try to trade up to 3 to get him though.
  2. A trade back and we get a shutdown corner. I love it. My only question is will Patrick Johnson provide us enough pass rush
  3. If this happens Sewell may be there at 4, if so we should stay out and take him
  4. The record is on the coaches, he definitely brought in the talent
  5. GOOD!!!! Hire him.look at his draft history, he is who we need
  6. I say that because the dead money is more than the cap hit, our cap hit would go up 24 million by moving them amd were already 24 million over now. In other words were stuck
  7. We’re stuck with matt ryan and julio Jones until 2023. So getting our qb now is probably too soon. We need players, cheap players so draft picks are crucial. We should try to trade back if we can find a buyer. If not bpa, but I’d rank our non an board as Sewell, surtain, then parsons. Assuming lawrence goes 1.
  8. When trading future picks they are always valued at the value of the last pick of that round which is 590. Now that being said 12th pick. 1200 4th pick 1800 47th pick. 470 2022 1st 590 ————— ————— 2260. 1800 thats a 460 advantage us. I’d do that trade but I doubt any team would realistically trade away that advantage except maybe dimitroff
  9. I agree with you surtain then Harris and look for a de in the third, and sign a free agent
  10. Over the cap has us at 25 mil over the cap for 2021 how the **** did we get so cap strapped. We can’t even afford the water boy
  11. I think the front office should at least explain to the fans why they gave him up for nothing. After all just bench him and when he signs elsewhere next year we get a comp pick. The only reason I can think of is that they realize they will sign more fa’s than they lose so we wouldn’t get any comp picks anyway.
  12. Ok I’m confused by waiving him did we screw ourselves out of a comp pick?
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