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  1. lol. run and shoot- **** no
  2. i will say our defense is not progressing its regressing and thats quinns side of the ball. i also think matt has some responsibility in our collapses. when the game is on the line he chokes. he holds the ball to long takes sacks. cant find any receivers. he should know before the snap where each receiver will be in 1 second, where they will be in 2 and so on. he gets inside his own head.
  3. so do we keep sarkisian next year or do we move on? and if we do move on who does everyone want as the replacement. i think it would be fair to include any hot seat head coaches as options?
  4. if we pay him rodgers type money im gonna be sick
  5. i agree hit his shoulder not his helmet reminds me of the no facemask call in the superbowl
  6. Yeah but don't forget that same play of the holding call there was a clear facemask that conveniently didn't get called
  7. If sarkisian keeps the same playbook and adds a few wrinkles, along with the experience Ryan had last season. The offense should not regress hardly at all. However the addition of Poe along with takk, added to a top tier secondary our defense should shut people down. Only team that I worry about getting in our way to the super bowl is Green Bay, cause they have Rogers New England d definitely improved their team but so did we. Barring catastrophic injury I see a rematch in the Super Bowl. And I see us avenging last year
  8. Here's the hard truth. Freeman will demand a 9 mil a year salary. He is a running back. We can't afford to give all of these players these high salaries or we will be like the aints in cap trouble. If we were New England we would trade him for a first or second round pick, and let another team make the mistake of paying a 9 million dollar salary to a running back.
  9. I know it's a long way away but based on free agency will we get any comp picks next year
  10. Yes and I think the cowboys took a step back on defense, they lost the entire secondary. we should win that game as long as we control Elliott.
  11. I think he will as well as long as he doesn't let a lot of neighborhood bad influences in his inner circle
  12. Yes this please
  13. This is what the falcons do every year. Draft people nobody heard of.
  14. Shoot I thought we had given up our 7th for tak