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  1. I would for his leadership, even if he only played on obvious passing downs.
  2. If your motivation to not pick up the 5th year is so the player will play better because it becomes a contract year, you really don’t want to extend that player anyway. Let someone else pay them and pick up a comp pick.
  3. Since this is a contract year I expect him to make it through the whole season without injury.
  4. If marlon Davidson plays like grady jarrett, this will be true, if he lets us down, we will be 7-9 again. If our dt’s can consistently collapse the pocket so brady, brees, Rodgers, Prescott can’t step up and throw. We can shut their offenses down enough to outscore them. If not we lose in a shoot out.
  5. Anyone know what New Orleans gave up to move up to Cleveland’s pick?
  6. I’d like this as our pick he can play outside in a 3-4 or inside in the 4-3. Gives us some versatility
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