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  1. Maybe we can pawn freeman off on the Texans for a seventh and dump his salary
  2. I didn’t get to see the game but that video notice the ref was pulling the flag before Neal even made contact. He had already made up his mind. I know the game is over and nothing we can do but I still think AB needs to send goodwill a letter and have them put on notice that we tend to get screwed on a lot of bad calls and that it needs to stop.
  3. I have a question wasn’t lefluer working for us when Shanahan left? And now he is the head coach for Green Bay? Couldn’t we have promoted him to offensive coordinator and kept the same offense that carried us to a super bowl going? but instead we decide to bring in sarkisian, and now koetter again. How many scheme changes has ryan and the offense gone through? We are spending the vast majority of our cap on offense for 12 points. I thought Quinn and TD would get the job done but I have to admit they draft horribly and prepare even worse. Job one against the Vikings is to stop the running game, then cousins panics and throws interceptions. We failed miserably and that’s Quinn’s fault
  4. Was a top ten back, he’s had too many hits and concussions. We should have never paid him that big money with his injury history.
  5. Get Mike McCarthy on speed dial
  6. As much mo eye as we have spent on the offense, to get this kind of performance is ridiculous.
  7. Fire Quinn hire mike McCarthy now
  8. I sure wish espn would talkl about something else I’m tired of hearing about Andrew Luck
  9. This right here. Although 12 mil is cheap for a de he just sucks he’s too light and ot’s Eat his a$$ up.
  10. Is there any free agents left that we should look at to replace Wilcox?
  11. Anything that takes the game away from the players and gives it to the officiating crew will hurt the game, and since were not a darling team us, this is just one more way to give more Lombardi’s to the patriots and their darling tom brady. If anything there is way too much pi called now
  12. This!!!!!!!!!!! And the ref looking right at it
  13. The face mask no call on the same play as Mathews holding call basically cost us the Super Bowl.
  14. my take is i agree because of these reasons 1. we get neal, and rico back and debo has had more time to recover 2.the backups who started last year have a tear of experience which gives us solid depth. 3. beasley and debo a d essentially jarrett are in contract years so they will ball this year
  15. fixing the line is not the issue. reaching a whole round on both players is. certainly someone in the 20’s would want to trade up so we picked up another pick amd grabbed lindstrom. then if they felt it necessary use that pick to trade up and get mggary. we would have still had a 2nd or 3rd round pick to address our cornerback or defensive line with. td reaches and then says all the analysts were wrong and someone was gonna take their player. only real reach besides us i saw in the first round was ferrell to oakland at 4. the draft went pretty close to expected. we fixed our oline, but outside of that we got a few project players. new england let the draft come to them and picked up 8 players at least 4 of which are gonna be day 1 starters. my issue with td is he always REACHES.