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  1. No running back will succeed with dirk koetter as the offensive coordinator. His running game schemes are crap. I still don’t know why we didnt promote the guy (lefluer) that is now the head coach of the packers when Shanahan left.
  2. I would bet mine also but I don’t have any anymore being a small business owner these days.
  3. King of fake news. But no one really knows, however this is one I definitely hope I’m right on.
  4. The doctor that put that out has already rolled it back to 20,000 could die.
  5. If you take away the qb’s. The top three talents are young, simmons, and okudah. Then the talent drops off.
  6. If simmons is available at 11 pull the trigger. I highly doubt he’s there though. He is a top 5 talent
  7. Brooks won’t make to our 3rd pick. We have to take him at 47 or trade back no more than 10 picks
  8. With oliver being are best corner right now no way we go anything other than corner in the first and I’m pretty sure it will be diggs, and even if kinlaw is available we will Still go corner. And I expect us to grab a 2nd one as well. I see us grabbing the lb in the 2nd and go rb in the 3rd either Akers or Moss. I really can’t see it playing out differently. My best guess is 16- Trevon diggs cb 47 Malik Harrison lb 78 Zach moss rb we may use our 2 4ths for an edge guy like willekes, a dt like lawrence dt if available. A safety like Chinn or Dugger, or another corner like Bryce hall. Depending on who is still available. Or we may use a 4th to trade back into the 1st for Baun lb.
  9. 16- trevon diggs cb 47- Malik Harrison lb 78- Rashard lawrence dt 119- Zach moss rb 129 Kenny willekes edge
  10. Where does New Orleans get all this money to sign whoever they want year after year
  11. Ssssssshhhhhh . This is the pick. Henderson will be gone so we go Diggs at 16. And now we have to go LB with 47.
  12. Zack moss or cam Akers maybe
  13. The problem with this trade is the rb’s swift, dobbins, Taylor, and the kid at LSU are all slated to go by early 2nd Round. We need one of those guys, our rb’s are horrible
  14. I’d also restructure and extend Mack, we could gain probably 6 million that way. We need to sign a fa de, because we are now having to prioritize, cb, rb, lb.
  15. True it could buy us probably 8 million in cap space. Plus we can cut sambraillo and save another 3.