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  1. Great mock! I agree about Boykin in the third if he's there though.
  2. The coach's were on the field but the penalties were because the field goal units for Houston and Atlanta were already running out on the field. Thats why they were offsetting. No one knew what was going on.
  3. JPW is a better QB than Matt Ryan. Bring back helmet hair!
  4. And did you see him talking smack to #99. Dude had him by a foot and 150 pounds but Bryant wasn't taking it.
  5. Waffles, butter, 100% maple syrup and sausage links (not pattys). That's where its at.
  6. I stopped reading at Lofton being a weak link. Hes not great in pass coverage but he's a beast in run stuffing and he lead the team in tackles last season. SMH
  7. He's terrible. I would have given a 7th and hoped for the best, but he would be a long time back up/ST player.
  8. We would need a bid NT and two large DE good against the run (we have undersized de's). We'd be set at OLB but we'd need a starting caliber ILB other than Lofton (Dent maybe havent seen enough yet). I think we are to undersized at the line to think about going to 34 without at least two FA starters.
  9. Its sad when Carolina fans have a better outlook for our team than our own fans do Edit: if you read the four pages on the first link and not the exerts Big A** highlighted.
  10. He's a aints fan. He always speaks before he knows what he's talking about. If not his post count would still be at 0
  11. I hope Nicholas's injury isn't serious. I thought he tweaked his calf last Friday, why's he still out?
  12. That account was probably set up before they imposed the minimum post count
  13. He actually kicked it through the uprights on the kickoff with the penalty.
  14. Here is the most up to date list I could find as far as players being released today: 49ers waive S Curtis Taylor - The following moves for 9/4 49ers cut QB Josh McCown 49ers waive WR Joe Hastings 49ers waive WR Dominique Zeigler 49ers waive S Chris Maragos Bears cut RB Chester Taylor Bears waive DT Marcus Harrison Bears waive LB Patrick Trahan Bears waive RB Robert Hughes Bears cut TE Desmond Clark Bears waive TE Andre Smith Bears waive WR Kris Adams Bears waive DT Jordan Miller Bears waive S Anthony Walters Bengals waive CB Brandon Ghee Bengals waive FB Fui Vakapuna Bengals waive RB Jay Finl
  15. Bump for healthy. I dont want God to have to lay his hands on Abe's groin again!
  16. Yea, I bookmarked his twitter account and checked it as often as possible. He is insane when it comes to scoops
  17. Maybe for league min. Any work on how Peters is doing? Without him its Babs & Jerry. Walker has showed flashes but if he's going to be out for a few games some DT depth would be ok
  18. Dont delete heres a link: https://twitter.com/#!/JasonLaCanfora/status/108996205803085824 Hes ours
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