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  1. TOLD YA...god I should be our OC we would be undefeated......I have better schemes in my pants after wet dreams than MM has in the scripted 8
  2. At this rate, he will get there in 1009 more carries.....16 for 44 last week....we are well on our way to the playoffs at MM house
  3. we have lost all four games against above five hundred teams NO at home Houston minus all their qbs and best two defensive players chicago annihilated us green bay didnt score for 47 straight minutes...worst scoring d in the league won against a crap eagles team thanks to their qb going down for 20 mins lost to tampa and scored one td almost lost to Seattle...t jackson had a career day and we didnt score for an entire second half we suck actaully MM SUCKS
  4. OKKKKKAYYY KAY KAY name a team thats above five hundred right now that we have beat this year PLEASE I BEG YOU
  5. playing a team missing their only two qbs, their best two defensive players in cushing and mario and relying on a dropped pass to tie thats whats worse..go MM
  6. Im sorry but if your basketball player and you go a month without throwing deep balls, then all the sudden you play a weak team and your up and you start tossing them up, you never gain consistency, the defense only has two guys to guard deep with two over safeties to help for double coverage therefore leading matt to get cute rather than to trust the receiver and put it in there where its catchable. To throw a succesful deep ball you need to attack with the screen and get the safeties attacking, you need 3 and 4 wide sets so you can throw deep in single coverage when jj and rw take the saf
  7. I find it odd that it takes one of our wrs to get injured....JULIO and to watch HD step in and tear it up in the two spot to even get him on the field in 3 wide for once...We see a flash of J rogers every couple weeks for fifteen yards only to disappear......so turner can carry 16 times for 44 yds......the only time our offense looks like an nfl offense is in the No huddle aka MM isnt calling the plays...... just imagine five wide sets with KM HD JJ RW and GONZO imagine trips wide and tight Imagine two te sets with JJ and RW and the burner or snelling and screen passes OHH MY cant wait unti
  8. We have lost every game against winnning teams and won the majority against the terrible ones...whooopdy ******* doooo
  9. Jesus Christ....ive been saying this since lassie was a puppy and now you guys hear rich gannon and you finally acknowledge the possibility that MM sucks...CHRIST
  10. its on MM to realize that they will try to shut down turner, and turner shuts himself down most weeks so we have to know that turner wasnt going to get things going against a good Defense if he cant most weeks against other less signifigant ones...therefore you have to come in trying to take advantage and spread this D out and pick on the 4th string guys, create something, mismatches whatever.....we are the same every week....and there are teams that know what we bring and cant stop it.....VIKES/LIONS/CAROLINA and we barely win then there are teams that destroy us, and thats everyone with
  11. newsflash, they also lost cushing, and mario williams and we scored one td all game....meanwhile their 3rd qb in three weeks they found at walmart and stroked it to your scared offensive gameplan
  12. First Off i am the biggest falcons fan in the world, Im also something else............HONEST to you, to myself, to my team. We arent great, we are average at best......we have great players, great ability, below average coaching and thats why our overall product is average when you combine average players, and great coaching you get a great team. when you take great players and better than average coaching, you get a great team when you take great players and mix in bad coaching you get an average team.......IE the cowboys, the eagles, the falcons, the lions We play great against the t
  13. wanna know how i know, cause anytime we play against a good team, we dont score, even when its green bay and we know we def have to score.....then i watch matt take over the offense against those teams in no huddle and rip up the field.....every week every time....we have more talent than any offense and do much less until matt takes over then we excel......what more do you need as evidence sir????????? or are you just one of those lost souls thats trapped in the turner 2 or negative 2 spell
  14. thank god the headset broke again....cough cough...or MM stopped calling plays and we score instantly.....thank god...go to **** MM
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