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  1. yep. i hope SW is better soon too. he has been playing extremely well. on a side note, i was thinking watching the game today how awsome it would be to have lofton, spoon and willis as your LB'ers.
  2. he's playing well, i think. ****, he missed the entire preseason and he's in a new scheme. you can tell sometimes, he's a little confused, but that's to be expected when you are playing in a totally different system. he will continue to get better every week. barring another injury, he will be a monster next year after a year in the system, an entire off-season to study and a whole preseason to get his techniques down. he will be really good for a long time. . .
  3. yep. roddy is a fuking beast! ! ! he is worth the money we're paying him.
  4. i wondered the same thing. it became obvious from the 1st series, the 9'ers were going to stack the box to stop the run. rather than change the game plan, frickin MM keeps hammering the ball up the middle, into a wall (for no gain, or either a loss). i understand sticking to your philosophy, but jesus christ, you have to make adjustments. also, with a rookie safety in the game, i expected us to attack down the field, especially in the middle. i don't think we did it the ENTIRE game. WTF???
  5. i kept praying out loud for a TD, because i didn't want it to come down to a FG attempt. 1, i don't trust bryant. 2, i figured since we won last week by NO missing a FG, karma dictated we would lose this week by missing a FG. fortunately i was wrong. i am now gaining confidence in MB. that's the way it should be. when you have the ball at the end of the game (or 1/2) you should feel like if you can get to the 35 or so, you're good.
  6. i flashed back too. after the interception, when i saw roddy running behind him, i was yelling "strip it, strip it".
  7. yeah, me too. weems is elusive, but doesn't have the breakaway speed.
  8. i am seriously torn about how i feel about this. i was one of the biggest mike vick fans & apologists there was. then i became one of the biggest mike vick haters there was when it all went down. that was a great interview, i don't know how i feel about it though.
  9. LOL @ the JA98 pic. everytime i see him and think about a super-sized ludacris, it just makes me laugh. luda is like literally 1/2 JA98's size, isn't he?
  10. i still say it's the YAC. i don't have time to look up the stats, but from the highlights i've seen, i don't think MV7 is throwing bombs & sh!t. his receivers make moves and awsome runs after they catch the ball. all that yardage is credited to the QB too. it seems roddy always catches the ball running out of bounds. tony g always catches the ball in tight coverage and is immediatly tackled, or either catches it falling down. same with HD.
  11. i agree, but what we don't have in our short passing game is the YAC. it use to drive me freakin' nuts when steve young would throw a little out, or slant to jerry rice and then he would run 60 yrds. for a TD.
  12. i don't care if we win by 1 or 30, as long as we win. well, i take that back. i would rather win by 30, but you know what i'm saying.
  13. wtf??? so the chiefs are greater than great, the pats are lesser than suck and the phins are greater than great. . . . . what exactly is the trend you're trying to demonstrate here???
  14. i hate to hear that, but i'm very encouraged by owens play. if we can just get d-rob back, i think we will be OK.
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