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  1. On to Tech who lost to Duke today 43-20.
  2. Let Eason throw!
  3. He has been awesome!
  4. Lol, I think so.
  5. I was hoping to see the TEs get involved.
  6. Ooops UK done quit!
  7. And they eat him up!
  8. The fastest I remember seeing him in awhile. Good stuff!
  9. Yeah and the passes that we have thrown are long developing plays. Not gonna have alot of time to throw it. We are what we are.
  10. Woooo a pick!!
  11. We struggle getting off blocks.
  12. Almost, couldn't dive on it though.
  13. Finally got there!
  14. Time for a turnover.
  15. Now let's get that 3 and out.