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  1. They're soft against us but still very potent against the rest of the NFC. Ironically, they only get somewhat close when we go soft zone to kill clock.
  2. It's funny their fans keep making excuses for injuries. As if we had none. If everything needs to be in perfect order for you to win then you are an inferior opponent. The best teams are those that overcome those injuries. The Packers should know that. They had about 10 guys out during their run to the Superbowl. We've won three in a row so it can't be a fluke.
  3. Yeah but what about that soft zone? Didn't they run that on that last Td drive? To the Falcons credit it did look like we called the last drive differently.
  4. Archer is the best. He gives it to you straight and makes it easily understandable. I'm surprised people don't give them a chance. The national broadcast is difficult to listen to.
  5. IDK PMF, this is a very uncomfortable pattern. Why are the Falcons the only team that gets gassed in the second half? Why does the offense fold up and go into a funk? It's already cost us a you know what.
  6. Probably had $ on the game. I suggest everybody give Wes and Arch a try. They are awesome!
  7. True but we gotta get control of this...It keeps happening over and over.
  8. Wow different defense being called now. Why the heck didn't we play this earlier.
  9. The nitro defense gave up 27pts. Looked like crap until we started playing Smitty ball.
  10. 8 plays, 85yrds in 3:34min. SMH, Quinn has to fix that it's senseless.