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  1. "The players didn't execute" the automatic excuse. But you can make that excuse for all 32 OCs when they aren't successful. You can't go from having statistically one of the best offenses of all time to struggling to get to 20pts per game. I just hope Quinn doesn't hold on to Sark too long or he'll eventually pay for it.
  2. Sark is straight pitiful and ain't gonna get better. The comparisons with KS have to stop.
  3. Gotta love Georgia sports! I think we are either the most resilient fans in the world or masochists.
  4. Keep Choppin'
  5. Huge opening drive for Bama in the 2nd half. If they don't score things are gonna tightening up like a python.
  6. Tua will be their QB.
  7. We will be prepared for 2nd half adjustments. Keep an eye on accumulative plays. Bama getting wrecked in that category.
  8. Saban sweating like a mofo.
  9. Go Dawgs!
  10. I know it's not what we want but you're not getting easy TDs against Bama. But the plays will have an accumulative affect.
  11. Keep choppin
  12. Aiight another long drive please.
  13. Feeling very confident. IMO, the two best teams already played in the Rose Bowl! Just gotta finish the drill..... err I mean Keep Choppin'! Go Dawgs!!!