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  1. Can't wait to see how good they will be next year. We could be as good on defense as LSU is on offense this year. Just dominate!
  2. Clemson can't stop Chase. Most likely going to be MVP. Keep an eye on Burrows ribs. IF he gets hit solid again that might be trouble.
  3. Great point. If we could score we had a chance in that game. You have to pack minimum 40pts if you want to compete against a prolific offense.
  4. That guy has zero chance of stopping Chase 1 on 1. Chase with 147yrds and 2 tds.
  5. Meh I need to see more. We weren't gonna hold them to zero.
  6. Give Jake credit he's going with what works. He's playing it like I used to play Techmo Bowl back in the day. Just run Bo Jackson 40 times a game and you couldn't be stopped. Let Pickens break the record it's quite an honor.
  7. Pickens with 165 yards. We got another AJ Green?
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