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  1. Sooooo it's been raining inside the Benz. How much water can the field handle?
  2. Nothing to debate. You're just wrong.
  3. I'll take the opinion of a "paid expert" over the thoughts of a trolling armchair GM. And please leave politics off this board. We're here to talk about Falcons Football.
  4. Dude, you're delusional. Them just having the job makes them more of an expert than you.
  5. Right on! This draft is just getting started!!!
  6. Did you go to TT? Cantrell is not the best receiver in this draft.
  7. Because the OP is all up in his feelings
  8. Im glad you aren't in our scouting department!
  9. Dolphins planning on a cost cutting move.
  10. Saw it on
  11. NFL Network just posted...he's been cut.
  12. First day of training camp...look how many people showed up to watch the first practice!!! RISE UP ATLANTA!
  13. you're kind of an ahole dude.