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  1. Moss doesn't want a 1 year contract, but if we have an injury to either Julio or Roddy (knocked on wood) I fully expect we would be one of the teams calling him up.
  2. Ryan isn't in that tier yet. Media hype at it's finest. He's working his way up to that level, but if we're being honest fans he isn't there yet. I don't want out guys given anything they haven't earned.
  3. If Julio turns hauls in 10 TD's we'll be the ones laughing in everyone's face saying we overpaid. He could be the X factor in years 1, but I wouldn't put the pressure on him of catching double digit TD's.
  4. Philly has plenty of RB's. He was probably getting just a few reps and said "**** this" I'm gone. He's obviously never had to sit on the bench his entire life and he isn't able to mentally deal with it. Immaturity at its finest.
  5. ^ Just imagine the trickle down if we didn't sign Dunta. Public enemy #1 would have been TD and it would have rolled on from there. Someone would have then figured out how to blame not only the DC, but Matt Ryan and Mike Mularkey for our suckiness in the secondary. I'm still in the camp of bringing a veteran guy in to push the youngsters and I think we will, but attacking Dunta and Grimes for no reason is just silliness on a whole new level.
  6. I'm so sick of hearing we overpaid for Dunta. We addressed a desperate need, this is usually going to happen when you do that going after a hot commodity. The way people say it all the time it's as if Atlanta is the only team to ever ******* overpay for a player. It's ridiculous.
  7. Unfortunately real life football isn't played like a Madden video game. Put the controller down tike. Franks doesn't look promising? What have you even seen from the guy to make such an outlandish statement? The this guy isn't a #1 CB and that guy isn't a #1 CB argument is thoughtless and ill conceived. Grimes and Dunta may not be elite shut down corners but they are both capable of playing like a #1 corner and at the same time a #2 corner. I don't think that is a bad thing at all. Some teams have a hard enough time putting a decent corner on 1 side of the field. Quit stirring the pot just to stir it unless you actually want to attempt to make sense with your next post and not sound like a kid who plays too much Madden. If Dunta and Grimes aren't under consideration as #1 CB's then you are basically saying 70% or so of the corners in the league are ****.
  8. Miami Heat anyone? **** I love being a Mavericks fan!
  9. For all of you that wanted this punk here enjoy:
  10. Your opinion stopped mattering when you said "wholes". Stay in school.
  11. Steve Young is my favorite player of all time. Won't hate on him. You guys need to realize ESPN tells these dudes what to say. They sign their check so they are at the will of the gods to an extent.
  12. Easily could, I've made some highlights video thus far this year. Just don't have all the time. I learned FLASH in high school, it's basic once you get the hang of it. I'm not hating on the Eagles VID, I'm just saying it's basic so people hating on us not having a video need to chill. We got time. All of the above comes with a BYE!
  13. You were impressed by the whole: "I hate to lose because I want to win!" LOL Are you easily entertained? I'd rather my squad work on something during the BYE week than dish out some flash processed piece of garbage. True story I could have made the Eagles Playoffs Video. That was Flash 101!
  14. God I hate people who don't post for the majority of the season and then run their mouths come playoff time. I remember you OP, carry your ***. Bandwagon fans like you aren't needed. You have an opinion that is fine but don't come on here after the regular season spewing some BS and expect people to care or respond positively. You are trying to stir the pot, it's pathetic!
  15. Whatcha gonna do when Gonzo and the Falcons run wild on you? Whatcha gonna do brother?
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9COk3x-8Vk It is split into 4 game sections with a song change each section.
  17. I'm from VA. Not having a home team allows you to pick your own squad. Glad I picked Atlanta, and smack Skins fans in the face when they say they are Virginia's team.
  18. Smith was trying to bury the Panthers as early as possible and that is why he made the call. He was trying to get his starters rested as much as possible. I mean come on up 14-0 the game was over.
  19. OP does realize Dilfer is told what to say just like all of those "analysts" right?
  20. Like Denzel said in the movie Training Day: "This ****'s chess, it ain't checkers!"
  21. I've been saying for weeks the knee was bothering Roddy. You can notice it on a few plays from time to time. He isn't as crisp. Need to stomp Carolina and get some much needed rest for our guys.
  22. Not the reason we lost as we had ample opportunities but that was a HUGE momentum shift. Roddy went a little quiet after that whole play and it was a joke of a call.
  23. Most games are won or lost in the trenches. It is just overlooked.
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