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  1. We live in an age when people protest "tolerance of homo-sexuality" by picketing the funerals of soldiers who died at war. Two weeks ago, some idiot tried to blow up Times Square. People are praying for the death of our president. A federal building with innocent children was blown to crap in Oklahoma City and a small-time "Christian" militia stands accused of plotting to kill cops so they could touch off Armageddon at the ensuing funerals.

    The only question about someone shooting a Bald Eagle is "Why wouldn't they?" Our country is in the vortex of a swirling, sucking eddy of dissolution and self-hate and this is only one more sign that the end is near.

    In all fairness, the Westboro Baptist Church is not made up of people so much as it is made up of morons...

  2. I got my answer, an American Bald Eagle means no more to you than a turkey.

    I think they are more breathtaking to look at, but patriotism should not be a reflex, and pride in your country, history and heritage doesn't require a mascot.

    The turkey was almost our national bird, and one of the greatest American's ever was its champion. I hope you will boycott next Thanksgiving to celebrate as noble a patriot as Ben Franklin.

  3. Burning flags = free speech. Refusing pledge = freedom of religion/speech/expression

    Killing a bald eagle = VIOLATION OF FEDERAL LAW

    True, but burning flags were banned by law until the Supreme Court stepped in. The ban on shooting a bald eagle is just another vestige of nationalism, which I am not all that enthused about. They came off the endangered species list a few years ago.

    The guy violated the law, so he should accept his punishment. But getting up in arms because of the type of bird he shot represents some over-hyped patriotism ideal isn't worth the condemnation of the OP.

    I was addressing, rather unclearly, the rationale for him being upset, not excusing what the guy in Oregon did.

    It carries a $6,000 fine and a year in jail. Sound lame to you?

    Yup. Get mad about someone shooting a turkey and we will talk.

  4. I think you know what I meant. Maybe the person who did this doesnt have to die, but that "bird" has a very special meaning. Their off limits, and I have the feeling that if he ever gets caught and sent to prison he might receive some "jailhouse justice".

    Citizens can legally burn flags. People can refuse to take the pledge of allegiance. Someone shot a bird? Lame, but hardly worth all the outrage.

    Just be thankful every Thanksgiving the Benjamin Franklin didn't get his way...

  5. You have to go back to Julius Peppers to find a non-linebacker winner for rookie of the year. It seems that the award has become something of a "who has the highest total number of tackles" contest. Spoon has a solid chance to win it this year. He should get more sack opportunities than McClain, and his coverage skills may make him grab or deflect a few more passes, although predicting linebacker interceptions is like predicting halfback touchdown passes.

    I would have to say Spoon is the favorite, with Graham being a dark horse. You never know if the Suh hype machine will carry him to a few votes too.

  6. Shouldn't you be studying in finals week? I'm cahones deep in conlaw right now, only to hit up property. This is going to be a really bad 7 days here.

    Taking a study break :P Business Organizations will be the most miserable 3 hours of my life monday morning, but after that I've only got 3 more exams, and none of them will be difficult. I'm so glad I took the easy con law professor. Our exam is completely objective, the questions are literally "What was the holding in Marbury v. Madison? a, b, c, d, or e. It's great.

    The adverse possession of this thread ends now.

    Hopefully the combination of core training and DT push up the middle will help these guys get 12 sacks between them this year.

    BTW, that is the easiest Con Law exam I have ever heard of. So jealous...

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