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  1. I agree that the Pats aren't as great on D as their numbers idicate, but this article seems to swing too far the other way.  Does it account for the fact that the Pat's strength of schedule was directly influenced by their dominance over it?  (serious question, does DVOA account for that?)

    Also, what does FO's metrics say about the Falcon's defense?

    I know someone broke down the Falcon's quarter by quarter defense and illuminated the impact garbage time had on the D's numbers.  Has anyone done that analysis for the Pats too?  I would love to see it.

    Moral of the story: the Pats D is going to be very tough, especially when you factor in experience and giving the best coach in the NFL 2 weeks to gameplan for the Falcons, but they are not the 2000 Ravens.  This should be a good game.  

  2. 5 minutes ago, JerseyNo12 said:

    Who said that was gonna happen?

    The only way I see Kyle having input in personnel decisions is in much of the same capacity as Dan Quinn here. The good thing with Kyle is that he knows what he wants and he won't beat around the bush. Lynch may not have any executive experience, but at least he brings his experience as a player to the table. I know not all players make good managers, but some actually do turn out to be good evaluators of talent. He'll probably defer the financial stuff to his staff.

    I think Kyle is smart enough to know what a good working relationship between coach and FO looks like having worked for the Falcons and the 49ers of old with DeBartolo and Walsh. I'd hope for his sake he's also learned what a good working relationship between coach and players looks like from the past two seasons with us. The examples have been set for him--he just has to apply that example to his own experience as HC.


    Maybe that could happen, but the odds are more in favor if Lynch being like the last guy to go from the league, to the booth, to the front office.  

  3. The 9ers are a dumpster fire of an organization at this point.  If Kyle wanted a GM to come in and answer directly to him, then he may have scarred off potential candidates with experience.  Who knows, maybe John Lynch will succeed despite having no experience in the front office of an NFL team.  

    But this move makes me think Kyle isn't ready.  He was a better playcaller from the booth, and he now has to run a whole team from the sideline and basically make player personnel decisions as well?  What experience will he lean on?  Maybe the arrogant thing was right, time will tell.  

  4. 9 minutes ago, Reggie_Kelly said:

    How would anyone know that? Julio had never played a down in the NFL. If he wasn't so awesome then what? 


    Criticism of Julio Trade:  We spent too many draft picks

    Criticism of Julio Trade: Draft picks are a crapshoot because they haven't played in the NFL


    So you are saying that the Falcons were stupid to trade 4 picks to get Julio.  Then you undercut the trade for Julio by pointing out that drafting any player is a crapshoot?  

    Trash logic from a trash poster.  

  5. 58 minutes ago, PensacolaFalcon said:


    Season    Team    G    QBRat    Comp    Att    Pct    Yds    Y/G    Y/A    TD    Int    Sacks    YdsL    Fumb    FumL

    2015    ATL    16    89.0    407    614    66.3    4591    286.9    7.5    21    16    30    206    8    3

    2015   CAR    16    99.4    296    495    59.8    3837    239.8    7.8    35    10    33    284    1    1

    2016    ATL    16    117.1    373    534    69.9    4944    309.0    9.3    38    7    37    235    3    2

    2016    CAR    15    75.8    270    510    52.9    3509    233.9    6.9    19    14    36    277    2    2


     Cams stats weren't that much better then Ryans last year. Ryans stats this year destroys Cams in both years. 

    Still have no idea how a QB with less then 4k yards and 60% completion even won the MVP but he got exposed

    this year.


    To be fair, Cam had 14 more TDs and 6 less picks in 2015, so he had a demonstrably better season last year than Ryan.  Not even accounting for his rushing yards.

    15 minutes ago, osiruz said:

    Let's be fair Cam Non-contact also had 10 rushing Tds and 670 rushing yards that season. So he did have a a season just as good if not better than Matt's. However Cam's passing stats are underwhelming and he's a lot less consistent.

    Yup, you have to factor that in when evaluating an MVP, though I always balk when people try to say it makes someone a better QB.  Cam had a great year last year, but Ryan is a better QB this year and every year but last.  It really isn't a debate.  

  6. 7 minutes ago, Dukeduke211 said:

    thanks for your input. I was really trying to see if I can get anyone to agree with me. not everyone has spoke yet.

    I agree, except, if you hit a guy in the head while he is sliding, you were predicting him being on the ground.

    Im all about ghuys bracing for contact and lowering there head into defender. this was not he case. you see wgat you hit.

    You aim for the midsection, the runner drops down, then it isn't on the tackler.  There is no evidence that Poole "predicted" Wilson was going down.  To imply there was is to imply Poole targeted the head.  You simply have no evidence to support your position aside from your own assumptions.  If he waited for Wilson to start his slide before hitting I might agree with you, but that wasn't the play.

  7. Just now, Dukeduke211 said:

    not many people understand me. that is fine

    I feel like you have had your question answered numerous times both last night and today, so the misunderstanding may lie with you.  

    To be brief, Poole started his tackling motion prior to, or at the same time as, Wilson's slide. When he started his tackle, he went low, not at the helmet.  Because the his was not targeting the head (the contact was incidental) and Wilson was a runner, there was no foul.  it really is that simple.  The rulebook accounts for incidental contact to the head, just like this situation.

  8. 15 hours ago, King Jigsaw said:

    That awkward moment when you see @Knight of God liking the OP and wonder why he's considered the most respected poster on the boards. The same guy that hated Devonta Freeman (and has since owned up to being wrong, +respect) was going around liking posts about trading Matt Ryan so we could get... Paxton Lynch?


    Image result for why you meme

    Respected because of the willingness to say what too few around here are willing to say: "I was wrong."

  9. On 3/18/2016 at 0:40 AM, R_The_Great said:

    Here we go again . falcon fans worst trait. Can't look beyond what they are used too.  You guys telling me there are no other qbs in the world that could get you 1 play off win in 8 years?  

    Matt Ryan is the prototypical look of a qb you would think of. Problem is, he is Peyton manning with out the wins. Joe flacco , super bowl ring. Colin kaepernick, super bowl appearance and multiple playoff wins.  Cam Newton same thing.  Even Russell Wilson , super bowl ring.  Notice that none of these men with all these successes are not named matt ryan. And yet people still want to think Matt Ryan is better than these men but he has accomplished 25 percent of What these guys already have


    Nice fail from the conductor of the fail train.  Kaepernick, the legendary QB.  Do you notice what all of those QBs relied on to win their superbowl?  A competent defense.  Nice to see the one supporting MR2 coming into form at the right time of year, but with his production this year he may not need them.


  10. 1 hour ago, Falcon Freddie said:

    The day was Sunday, December 9, 2001. In less than a good mood I walked out of the Georgia Dome and saw the AJC had their toadies outside the Georgia Dome selling those posters proclaiming the New Orleans Saints the 10-28 victors. For one brief moment I wanted to assault the blond-headed little b***** who asked me if I wanted to buy one (for $1.00, I remember.) The AJC should have been burned to the ground!


    Forgot about that.  When we first moved to California we got the AJC delivered out here, however that paper wen't downhill and I think by this point the subscription had been cancelled.  That paper is a rag now and has been for at least two decades.

  11. 2 minutes ago, nomak said:

    Man I grew up in the early 80's we did that all the time.  Different times, more fun, and less hurt fellings. 

    So did I and I am not going to say I have never used a word that would make people question my open-mindedness.  PC culture is a travesty, and a lot of the nonsense we are seeing now on college campuses, tumblr, etc. is absurd.  That does not mean that people can't also recognize that certain words carry meanings that will offend people just by their very use.  There is a distinct difference between acceptance/politeness and PC authoritarianism. 

  12. Just now, Ethanga62890 said:

    It's clear some of you need safe spaces but this guy gets it. I've met several people on this board and they know I'm actually a pretty good dude. So all your judgments are moot. Forgive me for having fun on an online forum. 

    I love how you don't get the reception you had hoped for your ban on the seahawks message board, so of course it is everyone else's issue, and we need our safe spaces.  Nobody is saying your a bad guy, but people can disagree with your use of slurs. 

  13. Just now, Ethanga62890 said:

    It was pretty clever. The word was jus thrown in as well. If that's the case it should apply to all fans not just who they feel like cleansing. 

    So just leave the slurs out.  You've been around long enough to remember the Vick trolls coming onto this board and just "smack talking" Vick and using the N word to incite.  They were rightfully banned because that language doesn't have a place where anyone, regardless of age of persuasion, can log on to the board and read and participate.  

  14. Nobody cares what you think the purpose of the smack section is, the board is for more than just you.  If you were using homophobic remarks over there, then the ban is well earned.  Grow up and comport yourself like an adult.  Clever smack talking is great, calling someone a f** or any other slur is the sign of someone who can't think of something better.  The fact that you are "wearing the ban with pride" says a lot.  

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