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  1. 13 minutes ago, SamMills51 said:

    I know the large majority of people on here aren't as dumb as OP, but I still feel like I should post this to clear up the idiocy coming out from the select few:


    As you can see, Christian McCaffrey calls Cam Newton a fantastic leader, getting texts and advice consistently. Even mentions getting together next week to have him and the rest of the receivers have a feel with how Cam throws and the offense in general.

    So obviously, CMC feels like he belongs and loves the team and Cam. 

    I don't think Cam is an a bad leader for what he did in OP's video, but when was the last time a rookie ever came out and said the starting QB and face of the franchise was a bad leader, or not supportive?  What do you really think he would say (any rookie, not just McCaffrey) other than that?


    I still think Cam isn't a great leader, but that is just based on what I see on the field and sideline.  I don't really have the access to know if I'm right.



  2. 15 minutes ago, bdog 29 said:

    Looks like the Vick haters are already in here. :rolleyes:

    Say what you want about how his time ended here but Vick put the Falcons on the map and indirectly led to where we are now. He deserves this.

    I don't get personally offended by Vick anymore (though what he did was heinous), but you trying to minimize those who have a problem with the organization honoring them is laughable. Vick was exciting and brought attention and new fans, but he admitted he barely tried here and he went out in the worst way possible.  Reasonable minds can disagree on whether or not "he deserves this."

  3. 2 hours ago, ShanghaiDirtyBird said:

    It's because of psychology. They feel like you've accused their brother or something of doing drugs. They psychologically can't handle the possibility that maybe their new hero on their favorite team MIGHT do drugs. I love the Falcons and I have for 30 years. But some of these people's very identity is being a Falcons fan. By seemingly attacking a new Falcon (though actually not...you just asked a question), they feel like you have attacked them personally. It's like a weird gang mentality for losers. It's why you and I have 1,000 posts but many of them have ten thousand or more. They feel like you just attacked all they have in life. It sad but kind of funny. All we did was ask a question (you) and express a worry

    This post may be the one thing lamer than the poll.  You took complaints over a stupid TMZ-ish topic that has already been beaten into the ground and used it as a launching board to assail "they?"  That's just weird man.  Maybe take a break from the board if you take it that seriously.  

  4. 1 hour ago, dmo_dlo said:

    You change your opinion on a daily basis apparently!!


    1 hour ago, SamMills51 said:

    Didn't say scared. Said worried. I know he'll make your defense better, and that's why I'm worried.

    Not scared of Poe himself. Moreso worried about what he does for your defense.

    Terrible spin.  You're just being a moderate troll.


    Fact is, Poe is an upgrade on a rapidly improving and young defense.  This isn't signing a flashy name to come in and flash alone, this was a signing of a flashy name, who came here on the cheap because he will be in a system that will maximize his role and increase his value next year.  He will play fewer snaps, in more advantageous situations, and will be better for it.  We won't know if his back will hold him back, but the reduced load (and reportedly weight) will only help.


    Good signing for the birds.  He might not be 2003 training camp Kris "literally across the line before snap" Jenkins levels of impactful, but he will be a good signing barring a significant injury setback.  Carologic to think otherwise....

  5. 13 minutes ago, SirrDooley said:

    Btw is I am a financial analyst whose specialty is in financial planning and analysis. I get to forecast expenses on a monthly & yearly basis. I do know where I am going with it. I wouldn't have posted something without thinking it through is what I am getting at. 

    I honestly could not care less what you do for a living dude.  This is a football message board, not linkedin.  

  6. 2 hours ago, SirrDooley said:

    Well it's not an everyday thing to be right about contracts but I was ******* bold in my title but got slammed for it being click bait. Anyways here's some final touches and a touche for the haters. 4yrs 60M




    Getting the right answer without knowing how to do the problem doesn't make you smart.  Give it a rest.

  7. The pain of losing the superbowl is that everything broke right for us this year.  I am hopeful that we can have a relatively injury free year next year, and if we do, I believe we have a real chance to repeat a deep playoff run.  If the season derails, this loss will sting even longer.

    But as pointed out in King's column, this team has a very young and talented core, who already proved they could compete with the best.  The window for a superbowl did not just end, it just began, and if the drafts and coaching continue as they have been these last two years, that window isn't closing any time soon.

    My favorite part about thinking about the future is that in two years, the Falcons have a chance to be the first team to with the superbowl in their own house.  And we have the team to get there, hopefully as part of a repeat!

  8. 21 minutes ago, pr0d16y said:

    Tradition and selling the fix, of course.  Do you really think they wouldn't do what they always do?  I mean what, would they not drop the confetti after the win if it was fixed?  Your logic is so flawed it's hard to believe you're being serious with this.

    It's like you have paint chips for breakfast...

    Riddle me this Einstein, if there was a fix in this game, and the Falcons were in on it (they would have to be to explain Kyle's playcalling in your theory) then why are you sitting here on a message board that generates revenue based on your presence here?  This fanbase doesn't need more lunatics.  Speak with your pocketbook and boycott the NFL and all its mediums.  

    Or do you get emotionally invested into the WWE too?

  9. 4 minutes ago, hjerry said:

    You wanted us to keep the filter? I thought this board was screaming for us to "forgive" and give guys second chances?

    Nah. He wants to be a contrarian. If the hire fails he says I told you so. If it succeeds it proves he was right about the filler. Either way he gets to crow about hindsight, which is like his Viagra. 


    Now one can someone give insight into Sark's scheme?

  10. 1 minute ago, DuckBoatParades said:

    It's just a fact that SB winners have a better record of returning to the SB than SB losers do, don't they?

    Yeah it is, but in each of those cases there were different variables at play.  Who knows what will happen next year, but this team is still ready to compete.  Whether they will or not remains to be seen.  

  11. 9 minutes ago, pr0d16y said:

    And then throw the tagline "conspiracy" kneejerk response to elicit the emotional response, in order to obfuscate what the person is saying by attacking their credibility.  This stuff is so obvious.  Either way, you care more than I ever will again about this now, that's for sure.  With that said, I would like to thank the mods for giving us all a mostly safe place to vent and share our ideas and experiences.  


    People like Gaucho and Brady are only here to steer the discussion to their desired outcomes, but the mods have done a wonderful job of letting everyone get this off their chest.  In this day and age, your willingness to allow open discussion is refreshing.  This is what the internet is supposed to be.  Sadly, people like Gaucho and Brady have their agendas to flex on everyone around them and I really just pity them for having to live like that.


    2 minutes ago, pr0d16y said:

    The problem with you people is you force people to think inside your little box, as if no money is being bet anywhere else because it is illegal.  That's why it's setup this way, so they can throw Vegas in everyones' face when someone points out the obvious truth.  You think the NFL wouldn't pay their losses and then some on the back end?  Oh, but no, that could never happen; I mean when in the history of humanity have two companies ever colluded to draw more money out of their fanbase to recover losses on the front end?  Well, h3ll, I could never imagine that has ever happened in the history of humanity little Johnny!  So rudimentary, the **** you people come up with.


    I don't think you know what a Conspiracy is.  However you are proposing that the game's outcome was rigged because of betting interests.  Not only that, you are stating that some of the parties in the rigging intentionally took losses to throw off the results and obfuscate the conspiracy?  And that the NFL is paying them on the back end to make up for it?

    If that is true, then it is one of the most amazing conspiracies ever.  If its not, then you're a lunatic.  

    And don't you ever lump me in with a Pats troll who I have already called out this morning.  Perhaps you are a bit too personally invested?  

  12. 1 hour ago, pr0d16y said:

    Kind of funny that these responses offer both the textbook kneejerk emotional response and the kudos to the plan, with a veiled admission of payout.  Very interesting.  

    Perhaps you would like to address the one response that showed Vegas likely lost money on this game?  Or is it easier to cope with the loss by saying we never had a chance from the first whistle because "conspiracy?"

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