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  1. I don't really get the negativity in this thread. The place was packed and was way more filled in at kickoff than usual. Packers fans had a good presence in the lower corners on the visitors side, but otherwise they were sprinkled here and there in a packed Falcons house. 


    It was loud in there until it became a blowout. Makes me wonder what you guys were seeing on tv. Did collinsworth just loop footage from half an hour before kickoff to continue his running down of the Falcons?

  2. 5 hours ago, shc said:

    Lets not forget that another female's body showed up in the bay in the same condition as Laci's.  The medical examiner's report was refuted by several other forensic pathologists, and there was the computer search Laci did the day after they said she went missing.  And there was no physical evidence found at the house, in the car, in the boat, or at his business where he kept the boat.

    As an aside, has anyone watched the stuff about the jurors?  That stuff is borderline repulsive.

    Not going to put a whole lot of stock in defense hired guns on the forensic issues, but the other female body showing up is certainly odd.  The computer search easily could have been Scott.  It isn't like the Sunflower thing wasn't known, and if someone is planning enough to leave no physical evidence, they car certainly planning enough to do a quick google search.  The problem is that nearly all of the circumstantial evidence requires you to assume he is guilty for it to be ****ing.  That is pretty tough to swallow in this case.

  3. A lot of point missing in here. 

    It isn't like most people don't think he did it.  The problem is there is a lot of unexplained stuff out there due to a poor investigation, and a person is on death row with a lot of questions unanswered.  Again, the entire case is circumstantial.  While that isn't a bar to conviction, it certainly isn't something that should be ignored when the punishment is irreversible. 

    BTW, for those of you who have never lived in San Diego, Torrey Pines Golf Course in La Jolla is as far from the Mexican Border as you can be in San Diego.  That is the most atrociously reported thing in this case. 

  4. Any good restaurants downtown?  Vortex looks like a food coma waiting to happen, so that will probably happen.  I will have to find a Waffle House and Bojangles to get my nostalgia out of the way, but then it's all open.  

    Breweries besides Sweetwater?  I have heard good stuff about Orpheus, but always looking to try something new.

  5. So I haven't been back to Atlanta since the early 90's, and all of my family has moved out of the area.  I am going to visit this weekend for the Braves-Mets and the Falcons-Packers games.  I have 3 other days to fill on a long weekend.  I got some good recommendations on things to do, but I would love to know what you all might recommend for food and breweries?  I'm staying downtown , but figured I would head up to Sweetwater brewery when I go check out the Braves.  Any other breweries that I should not miss?  Any restaurants that are more representative of the city than what I can find on trip advisor?  Any things I should absolutely try to do while I am here?

    Thanks in advance!

  6. Just now, WhenFalconsWin said:

    Point being where he said he went fishing is where Lacy's and the babies body ended up.  You don't find that a bit suspicious? 

    I totally do, and as I said, I think he probably did it.  

    However, have you seen this show?  Even if it is totally skewed to create doubt in the viewer, the fact that witnesses who saw Scott at the Berkeley Marina did not see anything in the boat when he launched, there were credible leads that weren't investigated, and the prosecutions case didn't even stand up to their own witnesses should give serious pause to anyone who supports the death penalty and knows someone is on death row on a less than solid case.

    Also, **** Nancy Grace...

  7. 16 hours ago, WhenFalconsWin said:

    He went fishing, he had a tarp over his boat, neighbors saw him load something that looked heavy in his boat.  I believe he went fishing somewhere in a bay about 90 miles from his house, a while later Lacy and the babies body were discovered in that same bay.  

    I'm gonna say yeah, he did it.  


    I think he probably did it, but driving to the San Francisco Bay from Modesto is not some suspicious thing.  There is nowhere that isn't a reservoir to go to fish near Modesto in December.  All the lakes out east will be weather precluded, and getting to the bay area from Modesto is something thousands of people do every day for work.  Hardly some suspicious activity.     

    The point of the show however is that there was probably reasonable doubt to his guilt, but the media and law enforcement shoved their narrative so far into public consciousness that a fair trial was never possible.  That said, if murder was judge on a civil court standard, he probably did it.

  8. 8 minutes ago, jlrfalcon said:

    The trick is spreading the money out over as many years as possible - he may sign a 7+ year deal with the expectation he only plays 6 years but those final years would be rebuilding years or years capable of being absorbed by a new contract replacement around year 5 or so.  The money is guaranteed to him but kicks it to later when the cap is also higher.

    I thought you could only spread guaranteed money over 5 years, so anything more is essentially useless from a player perspective. 

  9. 1 minute ago, TexasFalcon4Life said:

    We are also building for TOMORROW at the same time. 

    I didn't mean to imply we aren't, but I think the theme is pretty clear when it comes to the last few guys on the roster: reliability, versatility and familiarity >>> potential and future.

    There is a ton of young talent on the roster that will hopefully ball out for the Falcons in the years to come.  

  10. Good thoughts on the issue G-Dawg. This team is in win now mode.  The excitement and potential of some of these young guys can't be doubted, but unfortunately, this team needs consistency on special teams and reliability to sub in when needed with the starters.  A player who flashes is certainly valuable, but a player who is reliable and familiar with the system is more the type that may be needed mid season if someone goes down.  We are building for today, not tomorrow right now, as our expectations are Lombardi or bust.

    I hope these young guys make the practice squad and learn for the year.  Maybe at some point in the season they are brought in, and next training camp they can get another shot.  But I would rather have a WR who can cover a punt and make the non-flashy catch then someone still learning the system who might run the wrong route but occasionally break one off.  

  11. 1 hour ago, FalconFanSince1970 said:

    How many times you gonna post that up bro? I ain't the GM. Dimi is.

    He wet the bed for several years and left us in a three year 18-30 lurch.

    Blank made him bring in a team to help him. Shoulda been fired.

    The Oline and front seven he tried to build was absolutely comical.

    He's still got the second round Jalen Collins pick on his record. Not much better than Gregory or Diggy.

    Truth is he needed to go Dline and Oline when he went explosive in 2011.

    Then he needed to double or triple up on that 2015 Dline class. 

    "I ain't the GM"


    Then proceeds to act like his opinions on player selection are somehow worth the breath they take to utter.  


    And Collins (48 tackles, 2 picks ever) is much better than Gregory (20 tackles, 1 sack ever) and Diggy (6 tackles ever).  Collins is an idiot and needs to lay off the herb (like Gregory) but your whole schtick where you criticize everything Dimi does is pretty pathetic.   


    You seem to know more than the average fan, which is why it's so weird you have this mental hardon for the GM of this team.  Maybe move on and not bring him up in every thread about a player formerly on the team....

  12. 1 hour ago, SamMills51 said:

    The guy comes out of a freak accident in 2014 and comes on the field a few weeks later and refuses to take painkillers.

    To say he doesn't love his team nor isn't a leader is an old weak argument that has no basis, and everyone in the Panthers organization knows that. That is why every former Panther comments on how Carolina's locker room is one of the best, and everyone new loves it.


    It's mostly in good fun man... though his body language does make the jokes easy...

  13. So, I haven't been back to Atlanta since the 90s.  Things have certainly changed from what I can tell!

    I am going to come in from San Francisco for the weekend of the Falcons home opener against the Packers, and the Braves are playing the Mets the Saturday before.

    Looking at seatgeek, the tickets for field level are super expensive.  Do the games sell out consistently?  Is there any chance to get same day tickets at Suntrust?  Do you think prices will come down on the secondary market later in the season?  I know I am going to raked over the coals for Falcons tix, but I was hoping the Braves wouldn't be quite so expensive.

    Other than that, any recommendations on where to stay?  I am going to be in town with the misses for a little less than a week, and would like to re-explore the city while I'm there.  Recommendations on things to for Wednesday - Friday and the Monday following?

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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