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  1. This pick makes me think one of our CB's may be tried out at FS. Alford at Safety?
  2. Do we have any idea what the contract looks like at this point?
  3. If you are eating it off the floor of a truck stop bathroom maybe, otherwise, no... But I'm not going to judge your eating habits...
  4. If you aren't getting your steak at Denny's, you should not be getting sick: http://www.food.gov.uk/news-updates/news/2013/5776/letter
  5. If you are eating a sheety steak from a dirty kitchen maybe. I good steak needs the outside seared/sterilized, and everything else is fine as you want it.
  6. You just agreed that it may be ok to sometimes lay hands on a woman. I thought you're simplistic absolutism called for the word never. Gritz is right, you are wrong. And a "real man" knows life is full of nuance, something you seem to willfully ignore.
  7. You'd grab the hand with the knife.. You'd shield the child.. I have never in my thirty something years on this planet found a reason to put my hands on a woman with anything other than her consent, but your internet white knighting is a bit much man. Stick to tumblr.
  8. Would you hit a woman who was charging at you with a knife? What about if she was about to kick a baby? Do you attack her then? I am guessing you don't let yourself or a baby die, so then it is not a matter of never, just a matter of degree of acceptable. Some people believe that if someone hits you you can hit them back. I don't subscribe to that, but if a woman (or a man) has a chance of causing you actual physical injury, I will defer to the victim on what the appropriate use of defensive force is...
  9. If he assaulted anyone who was more or less defenseless against him in a fistfight, he should be charged, regardless of the gender of his victim. Of course the public outrage is going to be worse because it was a woman, but that is the society we live in.
  10. People get wrongfully convicted all the time. That is why there is an appeals process. Even then it can fail. But I can tell you that, as someone who has actually defended people of criminal charges, in both bench and jury trials, it is the very rare exception when the judge lets their personal biases actually affect the outcome of a trial. For people to go out and immediately try to say that he could be innocent because the judge could have had some personal motivation to fry him is ridiculous. Every judge has a reputation, and I do not claim to know the reps of any judges in NC, but I can tell you that in California, the one thing even the most liberal and conservative judges can find common ground on is the meaning of "beyond a reasonable doubt." In essence, you and others are asking that we believe that a guy with 150lbs on a woman was in such fear of his safety that he had to strike or choke a woman AND that he just happened to go in front of the judge with an axe to grind who would hang him on it? I mean anything is possible, but you don't have all the facts and your position is nearly absurd in its plausibility.
  11. And because they do not know the law, they will use ad hominem arguments against the judge who found him guilty rather than try to figure out why she found the victim's testimony more credible than the defendant's story. I'm not sure why you are arguing with some of these guys honestly.
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