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  1. 22 hours ago, Jpowers said:

     Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t you a lawyer?


    If I’m correct you may be the least argumentative lawyer I’ve ever come across. I think that’s a compliment.......maybe.

    Yes, and one that did criminal defense in Santa Clara County for a hot minute.  I try not to argue when not being paid to do so... so thanks! 


    Also, I find the lawyers who speak in certainties about cases they aren't handling are usually the most incompetent.  I generally try not to do it unless I have a drink in my hand.

  2. 2 hours ago, falconidae said:

    Unless he has some prior arrests, doubt there's any jail time, he'll get probation and a fine. Pretty much every first time offender is going to get that.

    I’d be more surprised if there weren’t at least 90 days. Like I said, this county is unique. I could very well be wrong, but Santa Clara volunteered for a pilot program to ramp up criminal penalties in California when all other participating counties were chosen by the legislature. Nothing is ever concrete in court, but I’m not expecting leniency here, even for a 1st timer. 

  3. I know that athletes often seem to get off with light punishments, but he got arrested in Santa Clara County, which is one of the worst counties in California to get arrested in.  They don't mess around.  If they have the evidence he did this, I would expect jail time to be part of the plea down there...  I don't see how SF could keep him after that.

  4. Those games are always chippy and pretty fun to go to even for a fan of the Falcons.  That being said, Irvin has been a Raider for a whole two seasons. King was a fan favorite for his 5 seasons in Oakland.  I like the rivalry, but this seems more like Irvin popping off on Twitter for the fans than anything.  No way he lines up King on punt coverage and gets himself kicked out of the game because of it...


    edit: oh and sp-president_william_howard_taft_introdu

  5. 58 minutes ago, JDaveG said:

    I'm in general not a fan of "stop and frisk" laws.  Having said that, I appreciate you focusing the attention on people who the police have reason to suspect might not be law abiding, and might be armed improperly.

    I'd quibble over the propriety of what amounts to a license to search people without probable cause.  But I appreciate the focus at least being in the right place.

    I mean, we still have the Terry stop for just this type of situation.  The problem is a "group of youths" in a "high crime area" is not sufficient for reasonable suspicion in an of itself, and wherever this is tried leads to disproportionate impact on minorities.

    I just wish the criminal enhancements for using a firearm in a crime weren't a bargaining chip but instead a mandate.  If we are going to go after those who illegally possess firearms, the first step is to ensure that those that you have already caught using them for criminal purposes are hammered to the fullest extent of the law.  Extending accomplice liability for crimes involving firearms would be a nice addition.

  6. 13 minutes ago, Five_Fifs said:

    Exactly. Nothing illustrated this moreso than the year we signed Soliai, TJax and drafted Rashede.....everything screamed transition to a 3-4 (including bringing Nolan aboard). And then booom!!! We continued to run a 4-3......but with 3-4 principles.

    The difference in Smitty and DQ is startling. Smitty would send TD to the store and on his grocery list it'd say 
    "Italian". So TD would buy oregano, and tomatoes and ground beef and noodles, thinking okay...we can make italian with this....And then at dinner time, you're wondering why your chicken lemon picatta looks like spaghetti.....

    DQ is more like. We got steak....I want two sides that go well with it, you to figure out the what goes good with it---something green would be nice. And TD comes back with spinach and potatoes. Quinn then makes creamed spinach and garlic potatoes and we're like....yeaaaaaahhhhhh lol

    I honestly think this is a huge part of it.  Obviously it is all discussion that nobody that I know of here is privy to, but it seemed like Smith was more along the lines of "get me a 4-3 LB who can play downhill" whereas DQ is much more specific about the attributes and requirements for each position. You are going to inherently get better results with scheme fit with DQ's apparent approach.  It just seems like Quinn knows what specifics he wants in a player much moreso than Smith.  It also didn't help the Smith had a lot of coaching turnover and scheme change while here whereas the defense is Quinns and the best results we have had in the draft have been on the defensive side of the ball.  

    It seems pretty clear that TD is much better when finding specific types of players in the draft as dictated by the system, and has not had great results when he is finding broader archetypes and hoping they adapt to the scheme.  

  7. 3 minutes ago, lju713 said:

    If you can't see the difference then you and 4 other people who liked your comment need to go get some weed...y'all cataracts is acting up again.

    Yeah. The difference is a coaching staff with a clear vision of what they need. I’m sure you know better though. 


    Edit: also, Pioli was here for some bad offseasons too. 

  8. 27 minutes ago, Falcanuck said:

    Or that the Falcons already have a couple porches and would rather 3 brand new Camrys instead of another 911

    I don't see what cars have to do with external home features, but I think I see where you are going.  I think it needs to be said that if you have a couple porches at home, you should probably just make a wrap around porch so as to not interrupt the flow...

  9. 1 hour ago, DMT11 said:

    HA!  I watched Ken Dorsey play in high school.  Followed his Miami career since he was a local guy (and the Canes were awesome back then).  I have never seen someone do so much, with so little natural arm talent.  I am so far from an expert on football mechanics that it isn't funny, but it seems to me that a guy like that would be a great guy to get others to maximize theirs.  Plus, by all accounts he is a really smarty guy as well.

    I want Bevel nowhere near this team though.  Bad mojo...

  10. 2 minutes ago, Hitler the Pacifist said:

    That is kind of beside the point. If you are going to promote free speech, unless someone is being a blatant troll, you should probably relent to controversial views for consistency

    While I agree generally with that, OP has demonstrated over and over again that he doesn't give a **** about consistency.  If he did, he would see how stupid half of his argument is in relation to his Hawley comments (see James Stone).  He just wants to pound his chest for attention, he doesn't care about consistency.  

  11. 3 minutes ago, falcons007 said:

    Dude, you don’t deserve apology when you should have kept the word and left the board after James Stones shenanigans. 

    Exactly.  Calling someone out for being wrong on an O-lineman when he was the most vocal and wrong proponent of another O-lineman at the same time?  Get real.  Didn't he say he was leaving the board after that debacle?  That would have been nice.

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