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  1. More of this please ban me attention whoring. I will never understand this, unless of course they are 13. Then again, I doub't he will even be a member here by the time this post is up.
  2. Whataboutism doesn't make what Shembo has been accused of doing ok. I also vote with my wallet on that issue and would happily support legislation to fix that aspect of the meat industry.
  3. I am going to assume they know something, but it still doesn't sit right with me. I'm still going to wait for the facts to come out in full.
  4. I see this argument a lot, but it assumes that the killing of domesticated animals and wild animals are the same thing. Dogs and cats have had thousands of years of breeding, training and conditioning to be docile and trusting around humans. Killing them is a little different than an animal who truly views a human as a predator. I don't like trophy hunting simply for the trophy, but I can understand the sporting aspect if it is done responsibly and everything is used. Killing an animal looking at you with doe eyes in a completely trusting and vulnerable state is not the same thing.
  5. You think it's ok to kill defenseless animals? Before I phrase my response I would like that answered.
  6. Routine police work combined with a severity of crime priority hierarchy with a dash of celebrity to complicate things. 6 weeks is not an absurd timeframe, especially when there was no causal connection between the suspect and the crime aside from the testimony of one witness.
  7. I sincerely believe that people who can be that cruel to animals are disturbed. I have no sympathy for anyone who can do that.
  8. Link? All I have seen is his ex-GF telling police he admitted doing it.
  9. I'm not saying he is innocent or guilty, but I would like to hear more about what happened before calling the guy a monster. The police report is basically an ex-girlfriend painting a sad story about her dog dying and then claiming her ex admitted to her he did it over the phone. It could be true, it could be false, or it could be somewhere in the middle. I am going to reserve judgement until more facts come out. That being said, if it can be shown that he did kick that dog, or do anything to harm it that lead to it's death, ban him from the league and I hope he does the max.
  10. I know you don't hate Ryan, but sometimes I think you may go a bit too contrarian when you are the only voice with a different pitch in a thread
  11. Everyone can have their opinions, and I am not a pro at scouting players, but watching him blow reads, make awful throws on a consistent basis, and show his own frustration on the field on a regular basis tends to make me think he isn't even average. The niner's passing attack is anemic, and a lot of that rests on Kaep's shoulders.
  12. Residual hate exists, for sure, but Kaepernick is not a great QB yet. He has all the potential in the world, but he doesn't scare defenses with his arm.
  13. I get to watch all the niner's local games. Kap is a good QB in every respect except reading the defense and throwing the ball. Other than that, he's awesome.
  14. Reasonable. Disagree strongly, but you like what you like...
  15. If ****ing the bed when it matters most is a rubric that Brunell used, Rivers and Romo have no business in the 1st tier.
  16. I 100% agree with you, but I can at least see the debate with those guys (except Romo). The guys in the 2nd tier are all obviously inferior to me which is why I limited my critique. In the end though, who cares. Guy got a tainted ring as a backup QB for a tainted franchise. His opinion and a dollar will get you a bus ride home.
  17. Like I said, everyone is entitled to be wrong if they choose. But seriously, which of the tier 2 QB's would you take over Ryan, all other things being equal? I would take Eli, Flacco and Wilson's rings, but I think Ryan would make each of their teams better were their roles reversed. Nobody else on that list excites me at all.
  18. There isn't a single QB on the second tier that I would take over Ryan. Brunell is wrong, but everyone is entitled to be wrong if they choose.
  19. Perhaps if you don't want to be mocked, you shouldn't start threads making declaratory statements, then make bets about how confident you are in your own correctness, then stick your head in the ground like an ostrich when you are wrong. You only have to do one thing to stop being mocked: stand by your word. See below for an example of how to do that.
  20. He's become the town fool, don't take away his access to the town square. He isn't actually trolling, he is just ignorant. No crime in that, and much entertainment has resulted...
  21. Between FFS70's predictable complaint thread and the great bet welching of 2015, I am enjoying my distraction on the boards today... Tomorrow is back to the grind, but at least a couple posters are putting on their clown makeup today and entertaining the rest of us tonight.
  22. Captain hindsight strikes again. FFS70: They were there when we picked, and no it doesn't matter that at each successive pick I would have had no idea the following players would be available at the next pick... Transparent....
  23. Yeah, I just hope that the Southward to NB talk was a smokescreen.
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