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  1. He's been bad for a couple seasons now. It is the weirdest thing.
  2. Cav's are not going down without a fight. Good game (except the amateur refs and play by play).
  3. Now we see if the Cav's legs got enough rest on that extra day...
  4. Jeeze, your dinner must have been way too full of salt. I'm a Warriors fan, and I know they haven't played well enough in the first 3 games to earn the benefit of the doubt, but this train of posts is absurd. Best of 3 series from here on out, and GS has the home court back. Still, no easy route for either team. But please put the salt back in the shaker...
  5. Well, there are the connected dots. Means, motive and intent. Throw the book at him, and I'm glad the Falcons cut his sorry ***.
  6. I specifically did not post it for him. I assume he already knows that lesson. I posted if for anyone interested in why two lawyers were saying that. I am glad you are taking the time to watch it, it's very informative. Though, the first guys talks a tad bit fast.
  7. Not directed to you JDave, but it seems relevant to post this here. I post this video on some forum or another about once a year when it is relevant. I used to make clients I thought had a decent bone in their body watch it too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wXkI4t7nuc I didn't embed it for one simple reason: it is nearly an hour long. But if you want to be convinced that one should never talk to the police, grab a beer and watch the video. Enjoy.
  8. At this point that is pure speculation, but giving demonstrably false statements to the police is not a good way to help your defense attorney. The biggest mistake that I used to see was giving the police enough to let yourself think you talked your way out of it by telling a half truth. Not knowing what evidence they had, or would get, often led to their admission used against them. Over and over and over again... Word to the wise kids, whether you did or didn't do a crime, don't talk to the police.
  9. This is how I assume and hope it will play out, otherwise... Good thing Shembo isn't the QB.
  10. All reasonable points, I just personally hope they had more info than what we have, and I assume they did. I just don't, so I will wait and judge by what is in front of me now.
  11. I practice in California and haven't lived in Georgia for 20+ years, so I would not be the one to ask about the Gwinnett DA/PD's office. I can say that even after practicing on the other side of the aisle I still have the utmost respect for prosecutors 95% of the time. But I will always wait until the facts are in before condemning someone personally.
  12. I think you are misunderstanding my intent here. I am not saying one scenario is more or less reasonable. I am saying that the record before us in this thread does not overcome reasonable doubt. I hope the Falcons have more, I assume the DA has more. I just don't know what it is, and I will wait until I hear more to make a personal determination about the man's culpability. You can go back to my earlier posts if you want, but I more or less agreed with your original post that the Falcons know something, I just don't know what that something is so I will wait to hear what it is before I fall in line.
  13. Yes, I practiced criminal defense my last 2 years of law school and first 3 years out of it. I am not Johnny Cochrane, but I know what I am talking about to an extent. You went to law school too, you know the phrase "You can indict a ham sandwich?" Like I said, I don't have all the facts, I just want the dots connected.
  14. Who knows, but a contemporaneous break-up can be spun both ways. All I want to know is what do they have aside from a cause of death and the statement of an ex lover. Not rationalizing anything, just wanting answers.
  15. True, but sociopaths breeding these dogs for a couple generations for their aggressive traits does not magically put them back in the wild...
  16. Dog was in her custody when it was brought to the vet, everything else is her testimony. It died of blunt force trauma apparently. Her statement says who did it and where it happened. Nothing else does that we have seen yet.
  17. Ex-girlfriend. You don't think that should be taken into account in weighing the reliability and probative value of her testimony? I am certain Shembo's attorney will consider it. The thing is though, there is litterally so little evidence that is needed beyond her statement and the vet's report, that that I can't imagine the Falcons would cut him without it. Was there a camera in the elevator or lobby of his building? Did it show him there about the time she said? Toll booth camera? Credit card receipt in proximity? I mean, there are countless reasonable pieces of evidence out there that could corroborate her story sufficiently. I just want to see what it is before crucifying the guy. I hope the Falcons took that approach too.
  18. Actually, his dog's were bred for companionship, but through years of systematic abuse they were trained to be killers. That is why he went to club FED. You know Pit Bulls used to be referred to as Nanny Dogs?
  19. Are you trying to make an employment law argument? One of my clients is a professional football team in California. They are not independent contractors in the eyes of the law, but even so there is nothing stopping an employee being fired either. Being an at will or a contract employee makes little difference.
  20. I mean, I get that. It's the real world, not some esoteric intangible perfect world. So is true due process, so I can always hope for better without being ignorant of how the world works. I also think that if it were many other organizations that wouldn't be looking at their 3rd player killing a dog in 7 years, the leash might have been a bit longer. What is done is done, and it is not like I'm angry at the Falcons, I just hope they know more and didn't simply have a knee jerk reaction to PR and a police report.
  21. Unless the Falcons know more, then I don't think he should have been waived at this time. I am hoping they know something because a man losing his livelihood solely on the word of an ex who literally crafts probable cause perfectly in a police report is not something I'd be comfortable with. I don't think it is unreasonable to be completely against animal cruelty and completely for due process by both the law and your employer.
  22. This, don't engage the troll directly if all they seek is your attention.
  23. Yeah, but a one off comment is a warning for me, multiple comments simply to bait people and be controversial is a banning.
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