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  1. 7 minutes ago, R_The_Great said:

    That's right keep pretending everything td does is the right move and if someone disagrees with td, its crazy and dumb.  How dare any question the great td , his track record is so good 


    Send in your resume, you were spot on about Stone...

  2. 1 minute ago, atlGM said:

    Was listening to 92.9 and the host said about 94% of the texters and callers where against the pick. So it's not like it wasn't a questionable pick. 

    It was their guy no doubt it will always be their guy they make the picks. 

    He's a solid player yea but taking a safety over a pass rusher or LB is questionable. 

    The good thing is there is always the second round and a couple of guys left that are pass rushers.

    we were last in the league in sacks and pretty close in pressures. It's understandable to see people complain about a safety 

    Nothing you said was wrong, but I wouldn't put too much stock in the people that text 92.9.


    The thing I like about Neal is that he is not only a big hitter, he does it in the right way.  Will Mo could lay the wood, but he always dropped his head, and it lead to flags and fines more than it should have.


    I wouldn't have been pissed if we went pass rush, its an obvious need.  But the people hating Neal I think are underrating how much he fits with not only the scheme DQ wants to run, but also the way the NFL is moving regarding big hits.  Just watch the highlight vid:  



    Head up on all the big hits.


    I seriously hope Spence falls to 50, I would be ecstatic if the Falcons can get another pass rusher in the 2nd, and add an LB in the 3rd.  I am just happy with the Neal pick because he has the chance to fill the Chancelor role, which is huge in the defense.  Jamies wouldn't have crossed the goal line had he been there, and the TE wouldn't have destroyed us so much if he does what I expect him to do.


  3. 13 minutes ago, Flying Falcon said:

    And now we got a younger Willy mo.


    Except without the injury history, and a guy who keeps his head up on tackles and can thump on the "modern" NFL.  

    I know the pass rush sucked, but I still think the Falcons biggest problem last year was covering the safety and second level tackling.  Getting to the QB was embarrassing at times, but I was more dismayed at the awful 2nd and 3rd and long conversions due to a TE running free, or a guy trucking through arm tackles en route to 8 YAC that should have never happened.  Hard to argue that Neal is a bad pick in light of that.  

  4. The best part about the draft is seeing the dozen of so negative posters who always complain about everything come out to complain about everything.  Neal filled a need on Defense, and obviously was the BPA for the Falcons at that pick according to the team.  Nobody picked after him really wowed me, and there are plenty of dudes left to get another starter on the front 7 in the second round.

    The problem is, the people complaining are guys who didn't get one of three things:

    1) their guy

    2) a name guy

    3) validation for their own GM plans where we trade back 10 spots, get 5 draft picks, and draft a guy that 3 teams in between wanted.


    Screw em, I don't throw stones at the special bus, I just feel sympathy for the driver.

  5. On 4/13/2016 at 1:19 PM, GTBF54 said:

    This is TATF and we all know if he were taken even in the 3rd and busted out the TD hate crowd would be loud and plentiful..........


    But, at least if TD missed on him in the second round, it would be par for the course... :ninja:



    Kidding, I'm not in the fire TD crowd.

  6. 2 hours ago, Dago 3.0 said:

    Actually dude is a good friend of mine. I have gone to a couple of the Saints Falcons games with him

    If he doesn't care about the boards anymore, like he has said numerous times, then he wouldn't even be checking this thread, so there was really no point.  Don't feign indignation when you post a thread, out of character for you to post, and knowing full well what the reaction would be.  


    If for some reason he does check this thread, my condolences man.  It is an awful thing to lose a parent, and I truly hope each day brings you more peace.  I've got no real life beef with the dude, and it sucks he lost his dad.  Mine passed  a few months back, way too young, and I had to be the one to discover it had happened.  I truly empathize his pain.  

  7. 18 minutes ago, Dago 3.0 said:

    Don't think I have ever seen so many people rent out free space in their heads to someone they have never seen or met. 

    For God's sake it's a birthday thread for one of the greatest Falcons fans of all time. Salute

    Kind of ironic that you chose to start his birthday thread, which you knew would have these results.  I doubt most had thought about him for a long time.  


    Never seen you up here posting in any other other birthday threads, don't pretend like you give a ****.  Just trying to stir the pot from the swamp.  

  8. 1 hour ago, Matt_The Iceman_Ryan said:

    Look at the difference in the contract numbers for Clayborn and Shelby...you will see which one is expected to start at LDE....

    Pretty sure they are going to rotate, and allow Beasley to kick out to LB in some situation to get more pass rush on the field.  I don't think either Clayborn or Shelby are coming into a defined backup role.

  9. 5 hours ago, Shagpill 2.0 said:

    WOW. I'm typing with my thumbs- and not using spell check or grammar check. Then again why I am wasting my time responding to a person who feels the need to add nothing to a conversation besides the worst form of trolling. Get a life man. We get it- you understand the mechanics of the English language. Im (whoops missed a ' )sorry I ruined your day but not using a period or a quotation mark correctly. Get off your soap box for a moment buddy and join the rest of us that don't have a stick up their butt. Cellar dwelling teams? really? that's like calling the kettle black. Ok I'll play along- the broncos went out and got the OG they wanted to protect Manning... Was he the best OG in the NFL last year? no, but they went out and got their guy- didn't bargain shop like we have since the tony G pick up(and that was for a draft pick).


    LOL, I didn't even insult your spelling or grammar.  Then again, based on your response, I doubt you would know if I did...


    Cellar dwellars, yes.  Like the Raiders.  Like teams that overpay for free agents.  Like teams that can't even sniff the playoffs.  The Falcons aren't an elite franchise, but to hope they compete with the Jags or the Raiders is asinine.  The Broncos went bargain shopping (and got a guy I wish we would have grabbed, but that is besides the point).  The Broncos prove the point of those who don't want reactionary free agency overspending.

  10. 12 minutes ago, Shagpill 2.0 said:

    haha again, Osemele signing was a example of what I was talking about. I didn't realize I needed to break this down and hold your hand like a small child through the whole thing. I understand that you are part of a generation of board posters that dont have the attention span beyond a sentence or two or something put in bold. As I type this I realize that you probably stopped reading at "again".  My premise was the fact the falcons are yet again sitting on the side lines and are probably going to go bargain shopping again. And stop using "fail" hopefully your not a teenager still using it- well if you arent that means you're a grown person using it... both ways are sad and you should stop.

    hyperbole: check

    ad hominem: check

    unrealistic understanding of the salary cap and free agency success: check

    Three for three man, good start to the morning for you!  There is bargain shopping, and then there is not wanting to make someone the highest paid player at their position simply because cellar dwelling teams with tons of cap space feel the need to.

  11. For those smarter in football scouting than I, is this deep defined by having more guys closer to the mean than usual? Or does that imply an overall talent level that is higher leading to better players later in the draft?


    I am far from a pro, but I don't see a ton of players that blow me away, and I feel like most guys outside of maybe the top 15 - 20 that even have a sniff of being a pro-bowler in their career/\.

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