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  1. 3 hours ago, WORilla said:

    Warriors got lucky they lost to Lebron. 

    Everyone is too busy kissing his *** to talk about the biggest choke job in sports. 

    Yup.. Steph and Klay came up really small the last 3 games.  They choked it away.  Hats off to the Cavs, they earned it, but the Warriors didn't have that many off nights all season.  Saving it for the NBA finals is baffling.

  2. 34 minutes ago, abcranford2 said:

    Nobody said the linebacker and safety would fix the pass rush.  Quinn said it will help.

    The goal is to create more 2nd and longs and 3rd and longs.  If we do that we get more opportunities to attack the qbs.  That helps the pass rush.

    Once the qb realizes the dump off passes aren't working they will start holding onto the ball longer.  That helps the pass rush.

    You are jumping the gun

    Exactly.  A dump off that gains 2 yards instead of 7 will naturally place a QB in a situation where they have less opportunities to see a 3rd and 2, and place them in more situations where a 3rd and 6+ will be required to convert.  In those situations, a dump off is no longer likely to work, so they will have to hold the ball longer.  Even if that only creates 1 sack a game, that puts us in the middle of the pack for sacks in the league which is quite an improvement over last year.  


    The LB's won't fix the pass rush by themselves, but they can effect the defense enough to force the opposing offense into less favorable situations which should help the pass rush.


    Only time will tell if these new young LBs will have the desired effect, so no real sense in taking a declaratory stance at this early stage. 

  3. In my experience, people with professional licenses should just take it in public.  When one has about professional obligations and oaths, those are far more important than an online review, and most referrals I get are from other lawyers, not dudes on the street.  As an example, when I was a solo practitioner, I handled a DUI for a guy who rear ended a cop car in a fast food drive through (his 3rd deuce).  I got him a plea bargain that had him only serve two non-consecutive weekends in jail when he was facing a minimum of 90 days on a straight guilty plea, or worse at trial.  ****, I got him that deal because the DA who had the case was someone I shot trap with twice a week, and the defendant seemed genuinely remorseful and willing to do the classes and change (I was new).  


    Three days after he got out of his second weekend stint, I get a complaint on Avvo and Yelp about how I was "just there to collect a paycheck from the county." (it was a pro-bono case I did where I wasn't even paid).  I knew exactly who it was based on the review, but I also knew better than to engage the person directly, and I certainly knew better than posting information that could be personally identifying in my response.  Yeah, it sucked having a negative review, but when you have a professional license, you need to know what lines not to cross.  I went to Avvo and Yelp directly, and actually got the former to remove the review, though not Yelp because they are D-bags.  


    The fact of the matter is, if you are in a business based on your reputation, don't argue with idiots.  

  4. 4 hours ago, FalconFanSince1970 said:

    Dimi was drafting in the 3 slot. I was drafting in the 27th slot. He had 11 picks too. I had 9. His best picks that year were Ryan, Lofton, Dougle, DeCoud and Beirmann.

    He could have had Ryan, Duane Brown, Calais Campbell, Chris Avril, Josh Sitton, Brandon Carr, Carl Nicks, Pierre Garcon, you name it. Somehow he missed on all but Ryan who Blank and Mularkey demanded. He wanted Dorsey.

    It's absolutely hilarious how seriously you take yourself.  Absolute garbage poster who used to actually bring something.  Keep throwing footballs over that thar mountain Uncle Rico...

  5. 2 hours ago, FalconFanSince1969 said:

    You can pack on mass, sure, not not lean muscle. He's right. Only 5 or pounds a year, especially for somebody who is already at an advanced stage of weight training.


    Oddly, the OP I made that you quoted is somehow gone.  Weird.

    In any event, you certainly can put more than 5lb on in a year, but that depends on a whole number of factors, including how much you have maxed out your frame, why you were the starting weight in the first place, etc.  I am not saying he will put on 8 or more lbs, I am just saying that you can slam on more lean muscle and not have it be a biblical level miracle.

    Like I said, I think the start of the next training camp is when we see exactly what his frame will hold, he is probably just about done with gains this year, and the wear and tear of training camp and the season will take some back.

  6. 44 minutes ago, LasVegasFalconsFan said:

    It's going to be another painful year of watching virtually every QB we face leisurely sit back and be under no pressure and count to 10 Mississippi before there's any chance of them getting hurried or hit


    So you don't respond to anything in the thread, you just wait til it falls down the page and then bump it with this trash?  At least you make it easy to know you're a troll.  

  7. 10 minutes ago, KRUNKuno said:

    It's been a very crappy draft.

    Blank said we needed 3 starters.  We have one in Neal by default.

    Given how terribad our LB corps are, we have 2 by default.  I personally like the speed we added to the box, but time will tell.  I'm an optimist I guess, at least when it comes to stuff that doesn't actually matter in the grand scheme of things.

  8. 10 minutes ago, KRUNKuno said:

    Still reached.  Everybodys beloved pff gave it a D


    Most people actually don't give a **** about PFF rankings.  You have been pretty miserable this draft, maybe just enjoy the Friday night out and come back to it on Monday...

  9. 6 minutes ago, hjerry said:

    You really are the worst poster on this board


    It's the classic story: guy has a schtick, schtick ends up making guy look stupid, guy goes full troll rather than evolve and move on.  He's just a dumber Vick-75.

  10. I admire that he personally sent his last year of drug test results to all 32 teams.  He's got the talent, and it sounds like he may have found enough character.  If he is there at 50, I want him in Red and Black!

  11. This is agent spin.  He doesn't need surgery right now.  His knee may degenerate in a few years requiring it.  Its half the story.  


    I hope the kid plays a long healthy career without issue, but this statement is not something that Dr. Andrews put out, this is an agent feeding it to Shefter in the hopes of getting some team to jump.

  12. 45 minutes ago, Knight of God said:

    Have you actually watched him? He's ok. Even in college he's ok. This is why I don't designate roles based on other players. He's not Kam ish at all. 

    I never claim to be a scout, I have seen a couple games and some videos, but he seems like a guy with at least average coverage skills for an incoming rookie, a good head on his shoulders, and a willingness to lay the wood when needed.  I said he could fill the Kam role, not be Kam.  Who knows how adequately he will actually fill the role.  

  13. Just now, Knight of God said:

    Its not even that for me. I think he's a decent choice. Just not Kam and Dawkins. lol

    I think he fills the role of Kam, and only time will tell if he can play near that standard, which is an elite standard to say the very least.  Who knows how he translates.  

    He seems have the head for the game, and the heart and character to put the work in to improve, but nothing is a given right now and now the coaching staff needs to get to work.  I do think he helps us with coverage on the tight end, and with mobile QB's, and I think that impact will be seen early on.  Whether he can be the complete package that Kam is, ie: setting the tone for the defense as a whole, is not something you can reasonably expect to find out in year one.  I don't buy the reach arguments, but if there isn't help on the front seven, no player in the secondary will have an extreme impact this year.

  14. 6 minutes ago, Knight of God said:

    Jpowers I agree with you. A lot of guys are like that. I'm amazed how if you are not an instant fan of something you are a turncoat.


    I think it goes for the reason you are against a pick.  I don't see anyone calling you a turncoat, or others with similar grounded "wait and see" viewpoints on the guy.  

  15. Just now, cnasty said:

    Eh, I have mixed emotions on the guy. 


    Athletic frame with NFL size. Quick-­twitch player cranks it up to top speed in a hurry. Explodes downhill in run support with blood in his eyes. Vicious hitter looking to bruise bones and set tones. Rangy run stopper. Drives all the way through his contact with aggressive finishes. Scouts impressed by his personal character. Good click and close skill in coverage. Is on top of receiver immediately after the catch. Worked from the box and as single high safety at Florida. Impact tackler around the line of scrimmage. Plays with a sense of desperation and rarely fatigues.
    Will have to make business decisions regarding when to bang and when to simply tackle in order to save his body. "Hulk smash" playing style led to 15 missed or broken tackles in 2015. Can be wild in space skating past his target. Field awareness can be hit or miss in coverage. Will lose track of deep ball responsibility from time to time. Won't always turn and run early enough.


    15 missed tackles?  Sounds like he's already playing for us.


    Im not saying he won't be decent but he probably could've been had a little later. I'm not sure who Quinn & co. think is going to rush the passer though. 19 sacks last year, for 32nd in the league, if I recall correctly.  

    Ultimately, I think I've seen what a needs based drafting system has gotten us over the past years (Konz and Baker specifically come to mind). 

    I think the majority of sane posters (yourself included) seem to have the biggest problem with the timing of the pick, not the player.  I get that a lot of pundits didn't have him as the 17th player on the big board, but he was linked to the Jets and the Steelers, who were at 20 and 25 respectively.  Just how much comepnsation were we going to get going back to 19?  Even assuming the Jets pass and we get him at 23 or 24, we weren't going to get a haul to slide back a bit.  


    If the staff saw a big drop off after Neal in this years safety class, then I think it was the right pick.  That being said, nobody on here really knows why they picked him when they did, so I just look at the player we got.  He looks solid, and he fills a need.  Sadly, there were so many needs on defense almost any pick would tick that second box.

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