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  1. 20 minutes ago, BCurt57 said:

    They've done nothing for anyone. They crap on the kid down the street who couldn't leave through sports, so they left through bravery, sacrifice and courage. They weren't coddled. They were men. And women. Black men and black women. I have yet to see a black man or woman who served defecate on our flag. 


    Before this gets moved, what you and people of your thought train fail to realize is this: by declaring something sacred and above individual interpretation or reproach, you are demonstrably going against the dissenting backdrop which this country's constitution was drafted against.  You are also demonstrating that you have no real clue what the first amendment is all about.  I would argue that the first amendment, the constitution and the flag need more protection from people like you than from football players taking a knee before kickoff.  

  2. 6 hours ago, TheFatboi said:

    I figured out why Matt didn't throw too may deep balls last year and why he will this year. It's because he takes a really big step when he goes long. Last season the center was in his face and it prevented him from taking the giant step he takes to launch the pass. 

    Seems plausible.  He does have to get everything on it to drive it down the field.  Hopefully the guard play doesn't let him down.

  3. Love threads that expose idiots.  Not that they need help, but things like this thread sure do make it easy to stop taking some posters seriously.  


    However, humoring the thread, this is a better plan of action than taking Watson: 

    9 minutes ago, Knight of God said:

    If I traded for the Browns' first it would be to get the top edge rusher, not another QB. I would get a QB later and a monster big back.


    This team lacks much more on the D-Line than anywhere, and we don't have the stones to close out short yardage or in the redzone on offense.  I'm not saying anyone off the street can get us up and down between the twenties as well as Ryan, but if we get in the red zone 20 % less, but convert 50% more, it is an improvement even without a better pass rush.

    I love Ryan, but I wouldn't be pissed if somehow this magical never happening scenario for the first pick played out as above.

  4. 2 hours ago, R_The_Great said:

    Get Kyle a QB who can run his system, and then lets critique him.

    It is unrealistic to believe that Matt Ryan can run every offense in the NFL.  He is good but limited in his play. 

    I thought you were quitting the boards six months ago? What happened?  Farmersonly.com account get no bites? 

  5. 4 hours ago, JDaveG said:

    To me, the washed up hacks are a bigger problem, not only in medical malpractice, but also in other litigation fields too numerous to mention, including all the ones the three of us practice in.

    Judge Jack in Houston wiped the courtroom with a dude signing off on B-Reader reports, and implicated the attorneys who procured it as well.  There was varying testimony regarding whether certain information was on the report when the doctor signed it or not.  The doctor said no, it was added later.  The attorneys said yes, it was already there.

    It included things like claiming "mixed dust disease" for people who had never been around silicone or asbestos (they had been around one, but not the other, etc.).

    Same thing happens in every state and every field of law with medical overlap.  If you are allowed to get a gun for hire with a doctorate, it will develop defense and plaintiff oriented docs, whose reports you can read before they have been written.  Its sad.

  6. 4 hours ago, The Radix said:

    So we all have to focus on multiple issues, lest we come across as not caring about some other issue? 

    Okay, so everyone stop talking about Colin, because there's people out there that actually hate our troops that people in this thread aren't focusing on. 

    Yay, now we have the excuse to never acknowledge any issue and keep everything exactly how it is. 

    If you identify a problem, and only address causes you can blame on others without looking to your own contribution, it really undercuts your message.  

  7. 1 hour ago, The Radix said:

    So instead of being concerned about racial police practices that have been documented, excessive use of force that has been documented, and the host of other legitimate issues that they bring up, you want to blame the victim and tell them to just fix themselves instead of holding authority figures accountable for wrongdoing. 

    Shift blame, shift focus, ignore, and post some Facebook pictures. Why are you surprised about the feedback you get again? 

    Why not both?  

  8. 2 hours ago, The Radix said:

    And gang violence hasnt a God ****ed thing to do with the BLM mission statement.

    Here ito is in picture form...


    They really need to do a better job of framing their vision.  The protest outside my building almost weekly (Oakland, CA) and you rarely ever here anything about that other than Demilitarization.  Mostly its about perceived racism.  The movement may have started there, but the people on the streets now seem to have no idea.  BLM lacks context.


    1 hour ago, WhenFalconsWin said:

    The problem is...Stay with me here...I find it ironic he is protesting a system about oppression while wearing a Fidel Castro T-shirt. Oh the irony, or he is just that much of a dunderhead?

       a man who has committed more human rights violations in his life than any other living person in North or South America. A man responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people of all races. 



    He's trying harder to get cut than to stand up for a cause.  Where was he on this crap when he was actually a relevant football player?  He hates the 49ers organization (as he should), and they won't play him or cut him.  He just wants to ensure he isn't on the roster this season.  If I had to bet, he does in fact care about this issue, but would have left it alone if he were happy with his place on the team. 

  9. 8 hours ago, SpongeDad said:

    Agreed. But this whole anthem sit-down thing seems like an attention whøre stunt to draw focus back to him while his qb career crumbles. 

    I am pretty sure he is just trying to get cut.  He wants out in SF.  They won't play him this year because of his injury guarantees next year.  He will be cut next off season if not traded this season.  He simply seems like he wants out on his terms.

    That being said, he explained himself incredibly well, and there is no denying he is a smart dude.  I wholeheartedly disagree with him, but he at least put some thought into his explanation, even if I don't buy that politics are the sole driving force behind his statement.

  10. He didn't just predict it, he gave actual reasons.  I also just saw the Rand University 30 for 30 last night, and he seems like a good guy that made some stupid mistakes as a kid.  Kind of an introvert that has to engage because he does everything well enough to draw attention.  

    I hope he sticks around the commentating scene.  

  11. 2 hours ago, Leon Troutsky said:

    Actually, a lot of people think the timing and place was inappropriate but thought the point was okay.  A lot of other people realize that it's not an attack but a call for reflection.  And probably a larger number saw it as some kind of attack   But what nobody can objectively say is that I was mocking him or making fun of his loss.   It's objectively false to say that I was "stooping to that level".  

    At the end of the day, though, I don't care how people see it or what they think of me for saying it.  There's only one person who I hope sees it and takes it to heart.  



    What seems to be lost on you is that in your effort to "teach a lesson about empathy" you picked the worst opportunity possible to do it.  Context means everything.  If he comes on this board and sees a thread with condolences for his loss, and all posts but yours are true to the threads intention, your "lesson" will likely fall on deaf ears.

    If he makes light of someone's loss in the future, your lesson would be much more appropriate at that time.  Giving him time to process his own grief may give him the perspective he needs to actually receive your intent.  I don't know you, so I may be wrong, but it seems like you had to get your lesson in where you could for your sake, not for his benefit, and the optics of it are awful.

  12. 4 hours ago, mfaulk57158 said:

    Gazoo has been the reigning troll of the forum since the great purge.


    I don't think most people see it that way, but way to bump a month old post to take a shot at Gazoo.  It's totally not pathetic that he is so in your head you went back this far to make an asinine point.  

  13. The best part of this show is watching the comic book readers froth at the mouth because of all the made up characters, and settings, only to have the first season basically end where the comic books began.  

    I liked that they spend a whole season on the backstory of these characters, I just hoped the pace didn't put too many people off of future seasons.

  14. 4 hours ago, Gimme. said:

    Vick was made an example of plain & simple. On the ranking of heinous crimes, I apologize but the maximum they COULD have given him he got...2 years. Now amongst a terroristic governement, mercenary police officers, open fascist, racist, homicidal, psycho maniacs and bigots of all sorts the easiest target in the WHOLE U. S. of A. is STILL A BLACK GUY THAT KILLED A FEW DOGS??? Gtfoh. All of that he was never dominate, didn't have the mentality to dominate bs was never true, will never be true, HAS NEVER BEEN TRUE. He simply did what a lot of misguided COLORED men do in this society, regardless of income, he WASTED his talents. Point blank, period. He is the predecessor of modern-day football because of physical prowess alone. So what did the Establishment do? Put him on display like a monkey. It loves to do that because of the show of control NOT BECAUSE OF ACTUAL JUSTICE BEING SERVED. Every time a black man shows TOO much INTELLECTUAL ABILITY & PHYSICAL PROWESS it threatens the establishment because it is in direct context of what a handful of men could do if they really tried. Think the movie: 300. As long as the media and weak *** white people who have all the opinions and none of the heart nor solutions can be made to demonize men like Vick, they can also be made to seem like angels when really we know exactly what they are. AND I'M NOT PRO-BLACK BUT I AM PRO-VICK. He did his time and he still signed another $100 mil contract. Did he live up to it? No. But the potential was ALWAYS there. His 2nd year in Philly guess what he was tho? DOMINAAAAANNNNTTTT! He proved he could do it, unfortunately that's where his achilles' was most evident. So far he's almost been a better public servant than pro football player...dig that. -_-


    LOL, this is amazing.  Epic level trolling.

  15. 46 minutes ago, Falcon Ben said:

    Dude, I've smoked more cannabis this morning than Josh Gordon has in his life. I'm professionally involved in the legalization movement (I'm a writer). 

    Suffice to say, I don't have a problem with Gordon toking the kind buds. I have a problem with the dumb *** getting caught and not being able to keep himself on the field. 

    THAT is a maturity / emotional problem, and THAT is why I want nothin' to do with the bum. 


    Yup, I hope it's legalized at a federal level, and the NFL follows suit and stops testing for it.  I also hope that players who are depended on by their team will realize they jeopardize their team if they skirt the system and put themselves in harms way of the commissioner.  

  16. 41 minutes ago, JDaveG said:

    He got banned.  It was sad to watch him descend into madness, but from what I understand, the ban was sorely deserved.


    8 minutes ago, mdrake34 said:

    I just looked at that thread and didn't see a single post of his, he must have gotten nuclear-banned. 

    So it's permanent?  That is kinda sad.  He used to actually contribute.  I was waiting for his response to this thread, but I guess it won't happen now.

  17. 48 minutes ago, youngbloodz said:

    The bench will look different. Ian Clark about to get more burn now. Damian Jones bout to get starter minutes. Hope he ready

    Yup.  And Zaza signing means Iggy can stay coming off the bench.  Things are looking different, but also sorta falling into place.   A couple more vet min deals for vets chasing a ring, and I am going to be less apprehensive about this trade.  

  18. 2 hours ago, Forever Julian said:

    Looking at the money flowing around there doesnt seem to be.


    Never thought Durant would be the type of guy to take the easy way out though..


    Warriors signed Klay and Green to contracts that were below the max, and not pegged to rise with the cap.  Curry signed a prove it deal after he missed the better part of 2 seasons with ankle issues.  How they are going to fill out the roster with what money is left over will be interesting, but the big 3 on the warriors are all playing below their market value, either by choice or circumstance.  ****, Mosgov is now making what Green and Thompson make.  SMH

  19. 1 hour ago, Slappywhite said:

    I may be alone but...... GS has to give up Bogut,  renounce Festus Ezili, will lose Harrison Barnes, whos gonna rebound ? And even more so theres only one ball. i see trouble ahead for them and Durant leaving after one year.  i think this hurts them in the long run.


    I've been a Warriors fan for the last 20 years.  This is what I fear the most.  The bench is now gutted, and they have like 2 mil and a mid level exception to get some rotation guys.  Playing an 8 man rotation in the playoffs is one thing, playing one for 82 games is a whole different animal.  I am happy KD is a Warrior, but is it really the answer?

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