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  1. I am just glad some of the posters here now weren't here in 2007 with the whole Vick drama. I can't remember the board being more toxic than that...
  2. Still don't see how that article makes him bad to be around, but you do you.
  3. No idea where you get that impression from. Dude doesn't engage the media, but there doesn't seem to be anything supporting your contention that he's bad to be around. He did a weekly interview on the Pat McAfee show this past season and I got a new view of him. Seems like a good dude but a bit sarcastic and reserved which might not come off well. He was in the NFC Championship Game in 2019 with a defense who got run over in the playoffs. They were on the doorstep to a Superbowl. Then, they trade up to draft a QB who won't see the field for 3+ years. For all Green Bay's platitude
  4. You trade Julio if you are going into a 3 to 5 year rebuild, not if you think you can get this team to the playoffs within a year or two. If a team offers a 1st and a day 2 pick next draft, maybe consider it. If a team offers a haul this season AND we can sign Grady Jarrett to an extension to offset the 23 million in dead cap by trading Julio before 6/1, you maybe consider it. I don't see either of those scenarios happening, so keep Julio and gear up the offense if you take Pitts at 4, or trade back, stockpile for next year, and bolster the defense this year. Also, I really hate it
  5. Well, or at least the crop that would be available at 31...
  6. Was gonna say, Pace may be the greatest GM ever if he could package a former player in a current trade...
  7. So, honest question: How much training do police officers in your department get on what they can and can't do regarding vehicle stops and searches? I ask this only because I still see things in the news today that would not pass the Arizona v. Gant standard. It always infuriates me that people are arrested for searches of a car when the justification for the stop was something that would have no evidence possibly contained in the car. Sure, they can try to justify a search by "I smell something," but that doesn't work when you are looking for a gun or stolen property. I often see officer
  8. Nothing you said is wrong, but I am a fan of trying to trade back for these exact reasons. If we can trade back and get an impact player now, an additional 1st next year and some other picks, then even if we finish the season at 8 and 9 (that is going to be weird to get used to as a barometer for mediocrity), we would have the ammo to move up if there was a QB worth taking. If this coaching staff can get Matt Ryan to return to elite production, we will be picking in the 20's for the next few years if the defense is shored up. Should that happen, a QB at 4 this year will not be starting for the
  9. I mean, that may be true, and it may not be. At the start of the 2019 NCAA season, Joe Burrow was an afterthought. Before the 2018 season, nobody thought Daniel Jones would be a top pick. People knew Kyler Murray would be a first round draft pick, they just assumed (correctly) that it would be to play on the diamond. Next years draft class could look like the 2018 QB draft class, or it could be more like this years draft class. We don't, and can't, know now. What we do know is that even Matt Ryan's detractors would have to admit that he is at least "serviceable," and he is here for at lea
  10. None, but you could re-tool the O-line if someone like Sewell is there at 4. Grab him, kick McGary inside to RG, Lindstrom kicks over to LG and hope Hennessey is ready to snap the ball. You then could concentrate on RB or DE in round 2 and go from there. I don't think he goes Safety or DE at 4, no value there. If a good LG can be had in FA without breaking the bank then awesome, but that still seems to indicate a better trade-down scenario. I think there are a lot of good safeties in FA, so it isn't out of the realm of possibility that they double dip there. Who knows though, I don'
  11. It would be nice, but with how many cap casualties are likely coming just to get under the cap, I don't see how enough new scheme fitting talent can come in year one to be competitive.
  12. I just don't get why a rebuild must start immediately with a QB? The benefit of a young QB can be seen around the league, and it is primarily that a good (not even great) young QB on a cost-controlled rookie deal can be one to get you to the Super Bowl or deep in the playoffs. If the cap issues and talent/scheme rebuild will take 2 or 3 years to sort out, why draft a QB now that will learn and spend 3 years on a depleted roster with no hope, then have 2 years to win it all before costing 40 million a year and making it more difficult each and every year after that? I would rather take 2021 an
  13. So, now can we compromise? https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/gxe451/armed_black_panthers_join_protest_in_georgia/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf https://decaturish.com/2020/06/presence-of-new-black-panther-party-members-at-decatur-protest-raises-questions-and-concerns/ Irrespective of the SPLC designations of the New Black Panthers, what happens when protestors peacefully exercise their second amendment rights in an open carry state? Which hypocritical side of the two party system breaks first? 🤔 I guess I’m just glad Rea
  14. I would need 4 paragraphs and 3 footnotes to explain my position, so I will refrain.
  15. So without quoting every post, I do want to thank everyone who replied, though I have no idea how to link their handles in the reply. I went back and read a bit more, and I see no need to continue to debate the police vs. protesters issue that has been so thoroughly discussed. I would note that my issue lies with the, what I view as, correct distinguishing of the protesters from the looters, with the seemingly monolithic treatment of police in general. There is a certain appeal to the argument that police officers who are good, nevertheless fail their public when they are silent or allow bad c
  16. Serious question to everyone back in Georgia, has there been any serious looting? Just skimming the past couple pages, I get the feeling that a lot of people seem to be trashing the police response to some of these protests, but not a lot of discussion of the violence and looting that is also occurring. I will admit I didn’t go back through the past 50 pages in the last week, so I may have missed it. I now live in San Francisco, and work in Oakland. I was at a peaceful protest in Oakland last Friday, and left well before sun down. A bit after I left, a federal security guard/officer
  17. This is certainly better for the fans in Atlanta as they aren't robbed of a homegame, but I am bummed. We were going to go over for the game and visit family in Ireland for a week after. Oh well, that probably wasn't going to happen with the Covid stuff anyway.
  18. I have no issues with marijuana. It helps me out chill at the end of a long work day fairly regularly, and doesn't slow down the next morning like whiskey does. However, I will always have a problem with people who are faced with the choice of "weed or my career" and choose weed. I'm glad that testing for it is gone, because I think that is a stupid choice to have to make. Yet people who choose weed over a career will always seem foolish in my eyes, and doing so more than once makes you immature and stupid after getting the wake-up call. Players with multiple pops should be avoided at a
  19. Dude, the way you attack people who see something different that what you see is pathetic. A minimal deal for a low risk, high reward player is not something to get vicious about. We get it, you could do better than Dimi. Keep waiting by the phone and getting saltier with each passing silent day...
  20. A client of mine always sends me a nice bottle of liquor to start the year, and I just got this years gift, and quite frankly I had no idea such a thing existed. They sent over a bottle of "Amrut" a Single Malt Whisky, which is from India. Makes sense that India would have a whisky tradition given the colonial background, but it never occurred to me to before opening the box. https://www.masterofmalt.com/whiskies/amrut-single-malt-whisky/ Really wish the work day was over to give it a taste...
  21. True, but I always thought it had depth that you don’t find in some of the other bourbons at the same price point. I always noted some sweetness and vanilla that you don’t find in the four roses and bulleits that are comprable, and it seemed to be a good introduction to the more complex flavors you find in the higher end bourbons. You’re right though, it’s barrel proof and really is a true sipper. Caution advised.
  22. Wild Turkey Rare Breed is a very good bourbon for the money. It can usually be found for around $40, and it’s a very good entry point into the sipping bourbons from the shooting/mixing types. As others have said, 4 roses is great too, just don’t get the entry line.
  23. I am fairly certain that people from Cleveland wouldn't spell "riff-raff" wrong twice in the same sentence...
  24. That is not the implication. The version I heard was that the waiver would waive employment related claims, which would not just be the lack of a job coming from this workout, but also the lack of employment for the last 3 years, the lack of future employment, and potential legal damages for lost earnings based on the underlying collusion claims that he settled previously. They specifically did not settle the employment claims, so this waiver, if it was as Kap's camp portrayed, would be an end run around his potential next lawsuit.
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