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  1. This is certainly better for the fans in Atlanta as they aren't robbed of a homegame, but I am bummed. We were going to go over for the game and visit family in Ireland for a week after. Oh well, that probably wasn't going to happen with the Covid stuff anyway.
  2. I have no issues with marijuana. It helps me out chill at the end of a long work day fairly regularly, and doesn't slow down the next morning like whiskey does. However, I will always have a problem with people who are faced with the choice of "weed or my career" and choose weed. I'm glad that testing for it is gone, because I think that is a stupid choice to have to make. Yet people who choose weed over a career will always seem foolish in my eyes, and doing so more than once makes you immature and stupid after getting the wake-up call. Players with multiple pops should be avoided at all costs, not because of weed, but because of their idiocy...
  3. Dude, the way you attack people who see something different that what you see is pathetic. A minimal deal for a low risk, high reward player is not something to get vicious about. We get it, you could do better than Dimi. Keep waiting by the phone and getting saltier with each passing silent day...
  4. A client of mine always sends me a nice bottle of liquor to start the year, and I just got this years gift, and quite frankly I had no idea such a thing existed. They sent over a bottle of "Amrut" a Single Malt Whisky, which is from India. Makes sense that India would have a whisky tradition given the colonial background, but it never occurred to me to before opening the box. https://www.masterofmalt.com/whiskies/amrut-single-malt-whisky/ Really wish the work day was over to give it a taste...
  5. True, but I always thought it had depth that you don’t find in some of the other bourbons at the same price point. I always noted some sweetness and vanilla that you don’t find in the four roses and bulleits that are comprable, and it seemed to be a good introduction to the more complex flavors you find in the higher end bourbons. You’re right though, it’s barrel proof and really is a true sipper. Caution advised.
  6. Wild Turkey Rare Breed is a very good bourbon for the money. It can usually be found for around $40, and it’s a very good entry point into the sipping bourbons from the shooting/mixing types. As others have said, 4 roses is great too, just don’t get the entry line.
  7. I am fairly certain that people from Cleveland wouldn't spell "riff-raff" wrong twice in the same sentence...
  8. That is not the implication. The version I heard was that the waiver would waive employment related claims, which would not just be the lack of a job coming from this workout, but also the lack of employment for the last 3 years, the lack of future employment, and potential legal damages for lost earnings based on the underlying collusion claims that he settled previously. They specifically did not settle the employment claims, so this waiver, if it was as Kap's camp portrayed, would be an end run around his potential next lawsuit.
  9. And here are both sides of the story. The only issue I really have is if the NFL really tried to insert additional language into the waiver that may undermine any of Kap's additional legal rights for employment related claims against the NFL. The NFL said it was a standard waiver, Kap's people said it was not and included a bunch of additional clauses. Seems like a pretty easy point to prove one way or another as Kap's people had a copy of the waiver and submitted a revised version. Its a lot of legalese but there can be real impact on future litigation depending on the content of an employment agreement. I don't know much about Georgia's employment laws, but I suspect Georgia was selected for a reason. As for the filming, media, etc., I couldn't really care less. If it was all about transparency, then so be it, but people trying out for the NFL don't get to dictate terms, and it isn't like any other player gets to dictate terms and demand concessions like this. It seems to me that both parties are angling more for optics than a future employment relationship. If the NFL tried to get him to agree to an unreasonable waiver, it would be easy for Kap's camp to prove. If his camp doesn't counter the NFL's position, I have no faith that Kap really wanted anything more than a headline. If they do counter it and show the NFL tried to get one over, I think they just helped his next lawsuit, and I wish Kap luck.
  10. Seriously, the players TD assembled put a hurt on the Saints with a change in coaching. I swear some people are so entrenched in their positions that they will see anything as support for their arguments...
  11. That commentator was Pat McAfee. Great follow on Twitter, and a pretty good football personality. See below.
  12. Which may be the answer for us in the off-season: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2813551-eric-bieniemy-could-be-nfls-hottest-coaching-candidate-next-year
  13. Did you seriously post a video of Takk trolling D-Led as some evidence that he is a cancer? When you find yourself on the same side as D-led, you should just stop.
  14. Sick red herring bro. You called Takk a locker room cancer with zero evidence other than your own perceptions. You don't get to act like someone has to like what they see on Sunday's from this squad if they disagree with your unrelated baseless assumptions.
  15. Well, with all of that convincing evidence you posted, how could one deny the power of your observations? I mean, his face says it all, he's a locker room cancer. In all seriousness, I do believe you when you say you tell it like you see it. Your problem is that your vision is apparently garbage.
  16. So this essentially seems like a 5 year, 85 million contract. If he is guaranteed an additional 45 million, I would assume some is guaranteed salary for the first year the extension goes into effect, but how does the remainder prorate over the other 5 years? it sounds like his 2019 salary didn’t get adjusted, and there was only like 5 mil in cap space, so I would think the non-salary guarantees could only be up to $20 million. Any cap gurus care to take a stab at it?
  17. I have always admired and appreciated both your fandom and what you brought to this board and the falcons fanhood at large. I am very sorry to hear of your loss. You will be in my thoughts.
  18. I mean, we still have the Terry stop for just this type of situation. The problem is a "group of youths" in a "high crime area" is not sufficient for reasonable suspicion in an of itself, and wherever this is tried leads to disproportionate impact on minorities. I just wish the criminal enhancements for using a firearm in a crime weren't a bargaining chip but instead a mandate. If we are going to go after those who illegally possess firearms, the first step is to ensure that those that you have already caught using them for criminal purposes are hammered to the fullest extent of the law. Extending accomplice liability for crimes involving firearms would be a nice addition.
  19. He's been bad for a couple seasons now. It is the weirdest thing.
  20. Cav's are not going down without a fight. Good game (except the amateur refs and play by play).
  21. Now we see if the Cav's legs got enough rest on that extra day...
  22. Jeeze, your dinner must have been way too full of salt. I'm a Warriors fan, and I know they haven't played well enough in the first 3 games to earn the benefit of the doubt, but this train of posts is absurd. Best of 3 series from here on out, and GS has the home court back. Still, no easy route for either team. But please put the salt back in the shaker...
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