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  1. If you give him clicks and listens, he will keep saying controversial bottom of the barrel BS. I kinda wish the board would just ban links to these clowns. It doesn't have to be all rose colored glasses all the time, but if you are going to lob criticism at the team, you should be required to know what your talking about and not be an obvious troll.
  2. His playcalling sucked, but the years he was here were Vick's best. Imagine what he could do with a QB of Matt's experience.
  3. I don't recall anyone wanting him. To be fair though, they aren't in the game without his prior interception. Rookies gonna rookie, but he looks like a solid player.
  4. While I agree generally with that, OP has demonstrated over and over again that he doesn't give a **** about consistency. If he did, he would see how stupid half of his argument is in relation to his Hawley comments (see James Stone). He just wants to pound his chest for attention, he doesn't care about consistency.
  5. Exactly. Calling someone out for being wrong on an O-lineman when he was the most vocal and wrong proponent of another O-lineman at the same time? Get real. Didn't he say he was leaving the board after that debacle? That would have been nice.
  6. LOL @ OP, one of the posters on this board who is among the least credible calling out Cappy. You do know that free speech laws in this county apply to the government and not private entities right? Be annoying on a private server and face the consequences...
  7. If you were really done, you wouldn't be on the boards now stirring up **** for attention. Grow a pair kid.
  8. nice! glad I'm not directly behind you though!
  9. Anyone know any places to watch the early game near LA Memorial Colosseum? I remember the area being a little dicey when I was there 10 years ago, but maybe its changed? Also, will be in 23L!
  10. No way OP is old enough to have a wife...
  11. I've never called a game rigged before. This game is effing rigged. I'm pretty much done with the season at this point.
  12. Most fans appreciate what he’s been, especially in comparison to what was before. Don’t let a few very vocal idiots color your opinion of the fan base.
  13. Name them then. Who are the at least 13 QBs you would put above Ryan?
  14. I have to ask, how often is he in pure man coverage? I though he was mostly outside the hash in zone in the base defense and nickle.