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  1. It's mostly in good fun man... though his body language does make the jokes easy...
  2. So, I haven't been back to Atlanta since the 90s. Things have certainly changed from what I can tell! I am going to come in from San Francisco for the weekend of the Falcons home opener against the Packers, and the Braves are playing the Mets the Saturday before. Looking at seatgeek, the tickets for field level are super expensive. Do the games sell out consistently? Is there any chance to get same day tickets at Suntrust? Do you think prices will come down on the secondary market later in the season? I know I am going to raked over the coals for Falcons tix, but I was hoping the Braves wouldn't be quite so expensive. Other than that, any recommendations on where to stay? I am going to be in town with the misses for a little less than a week, and would like to re-explore the city while I'm there. Recommendations on things to for Wednesday - Friday and the Monday following? Thanks in advance for the help!
  3. Good Luck. I'm coming out from San Francisco, and the secondary market prices are nuts!
  4. I don't think Cam is an a bad leader for what he did in OP's video, but when was the last time a rookie ever came out and said the starting QB and face of the franchise was a bad leader, or not supportive? What do you really think he would say (any rookie, not just McCaffrey) other than that? I still think Cam isn't a great leader, but that is just based on what I see on the field and sideline. I don't really have the access to know if I'm right.
  5. The Cavs shot very well (no comment on whether momentum was created by the first quarter foul nonsense), but the officiating tainted this win. Such a joke.
  6. I don't get personally offended by Vick anymore (though what he did was heinous), but you trying to minimize those who have a problem with the organization honoring them is laughable. Vick was exciting and brought attention and new fans, but he admitted he barely tried here and he went out in the worst way possible. Reasonable minds can disagree on whether or not "he deserves this."
  7. No, I get that. I am just curious as to the point of this thread...
  8. wut?
  9. I took it to mean he looks in shape, not out, but who knows.
  10. This post may be the one thing lamer than the poll. You took complaints over a stupid TMZ-ish topic that has already been beaten into the ground and used it as a launching board to assail "they?" That's just weird man. Maybe take a break from the board if you take it that seriously.
  11. Now we just need a good punt/kick returner...
  12. Happy Birthday KOG!
  13. Terrible spin. You're just being a moderate troll. Fact is, Poe is an upgrade on a rapidly improving and young defense. This isn't signing a flashy name to come in and flash alone, this was a signing of a flashy name, who came here on the cheap because he will be in a system that will maximize his role and increase his value next year. He will play fewer snaps, in more advantageous situations, and will be better for it. We won't know if his back will hold him back, but the reduced load (and reportedly weight) will only help. Good signing for the birds. He might not be 2003 training camp Kris "literally across the line before snap" Jenkins levels of impactful, but he will be a good signing barring a significant injury setback. Carologic to think otherwise....
  14. Good for Robinson. He showed what he could here in limited reps last season, and I would imagine Kyle will make more use of him with that receiving core in SF. Nice to see a hard working journeyman type secure a nice payday for his family.
  15. I honestly could not care less what you do for a living dude. This is a football message board, not linkedin.