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  1. Kids, this is why you don’t eat paint chips...
  2. So this essentially seems like a 5 year, 85 million contract. If he is guaranteed an additional 45 million, I would assume some is guaranteed salary for the first year the extension goes into effect, but how does the remainder prorate over the other 5 years? it sounds like his 2019 salary didn’t get adjusted, and there was only like 5 mil in cap space, so I would think the non-salary guarantees could only be up to $20 million. Any cap gurus care to take a stab at it?
  3. I have always admired and appreciated both your fandom and what you brought to this board and the falcons fanhood at large. I am very sorry to hear of your loss. You will be in my thoughts.
  4. Not only that but if he signs for 6-7 mil next year, the Vikes would potentially get a 5th/6th round compensatory pick I believe. Trading him for the same would essentially be giving him away for free and I doubt they would do it for less than a 4th plus something.
  5. Do you seriously have this poor of a grasp on NFL contract structure and the cap?
  6. I’m honestly just thrilled I can come on this board after the draft and read so many professional scouts debate the pros and cons our picks...
  7. I think that assumes they think Oliver can't step in. He was a 1st round grade CB last year, so hopefully he steps in and we can continue to shore up the DL with the first pick.
  8. Discussing it 4 years later brings that thought to mind. I am not one of those post-diggers that cares enough to search through your history to verify.
  9. Dimi doesn't cite his mocks and say "see I called it sort-of." I'm sure you're a good dude and I'd get along well with a beer with ya, the hindsight stuff gets old though. Then again, you were baited in this thread, so consider my comment withdrawn.
  10. In which of your many mocks? You must be the strongest man in the world with all the goalpost moving that you do...
  11. I am very confident that both Matt Ryan's replacement and OP are still in high school...
  12. Look, I hate to defend the Stains, I really do, but tonight, Brees was the problem more than the Cowboys. They had 2 sacks and 1 garbage time interception. Their defense played as well as they played all season, but the common thread was the Saint's play-calling and execution, which was horrid. If you want to look at this game as some referendum on the Falcons personnel strategy, then I present the following Cowboys 1st team front 7: Lawrence - Certifiable stud, no explanation needed Crawford - 7th year pro, never more than 5 sacks a season Woods - 2nd year as a pro (didn't play 2018...) 1.5 sacks total Taco - 2nd year pro, 4 sacks total Wilson - 4th year pro, .75 sacks a year Smith - 2nd year pro (I'm not even going to count the 1st year because of the nerve issues) - 4 sacks this year Lee - It's not even fair to discuss QB pressures with him, though in 8 seasons he has 3 sacks. When healthy he roams the field and makes tackles, but when does that happen consistently? *Also, let's include Vender Esch, since he killed it tonight, but general stats are: rookie, 0 sacks, 77 tackles, 0 sacks I dare anyone to say that front 7 is better than the Falcons...
  13. Are you seriously trying to paint the Cowboy's defense as elite? Games like this happen, did you just start watching football?
  14. If you've been following this team for 46 years, why do you talk like a 13 year old?
  15. I mean, we still have the Terry stop for just this type of situation. The problem is a "group of youths" in a "high crime area" is not sufficient for reasonable suspicion in an of itself, and wherever this is tried leads to disproportionate impact on minorities. I just wish the criminal enhancements for using a firearm in a crime weren't a bargaining chip but instead a mandate. If we are going to go after those who illegally possess firearms, the first step is to ensure that those that you have already caught using them for criminal purposes are hammered to the fullest extent of the law. Extending accomplice liability for crimes involving firearms would be a nice addition.