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  1. The only thing worse than signing Esq. is putting J.D. in your signature.
  2. Every stadium looks empty right after the half.
  3. In hindsight, this decision was a pretty big blunder.
  4. And then there are posters like this moron who only show up when we lose. Go play in traffic knob.
  5. That play lost me until Sark is gone. Guy is in over his head. Fire him before the plane gets back to ATL.
  6. I don't really ever overreact to this stuff, but this team looks awful and the playcalling is beyond pathetic. Running some cutsey trick play with 4th and half a yard to go? GTFO. The Ravens fired Cam Cameron and promoted Jim Caldwell during their 2012/13 Superbowl run. I don't know who on the Falcon's staff would replace Sark, but he needs to be gone, or I will find better things to do with my Sundays...
  7. The "early" results are that rookies need time to adjust. The results are the same for virtually every rookie, and therefore are not really results...
  8. LOL at trying to grade a draft based on 5 weeks of rookie performance.
  9. Maybe in the media, but the biggest morons in sports are the guys who listen to what Cowherd, Bayless, etc. say. Don't dignify it with your attention. You are literally getting them paid when you do.
  10. Pretty much my thoughts exactly. Was a great episode, but not a great finale. Good to know that Rick thinks he's autistic though...
  11. Most of the posters over there seem realistic. I did get a chuckle after the one guy tried to make fun of the super bowl loss, only to have numerous fans remind him of the Bills Super Bowl history.
  12. I saw the same thing on the Jumbotron. Looked like his foot dragged into the pylon making it not a catch. Everyone seemed to disagree so they probably didn't have enough to overturn. Oh well..., 2-0 and on to Detroit.
  13. I don't really get the negativity in this thread. The place was packed and was way more filled in at kickoff than usual. Packers fans had a good presence in the lower corners on the visitors side, but otherwise they were sprinkled here and there in a packed Falcons house. It was loud in there until it became a blowout. Makes me wonder what you guys were seeing on tv. Did collinsworth just loop footage from half an hour before kickoff to continue his running down of the Falcons?
  14. Awesome man, congrats!
  15. I didn't fly across country for this game with the intention of having a voice tomorrow. Let's get loud!!!