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  1. Yeah.... He's got 16.5 sacks in 3 years and can't stay healthy. He just watched the Falcons FO get burned on Beasly's 5th year. What did he think was going to happen. Shut up and play.
  2. I wan't them to stay at 16. Unless something crazy happens and someone like Okudah or Brown falls to like 10. I have a feeling that TD is about to try and mortgage the farm to save himself and get up into the top 5.
  3. OMG The UGA homers are going to go wild! Congrats fellas. Hope he stays healthy for us.
  4. I said they'll stick with the same old "Ball, Battle, Brotherhood" BS....
  5. We'll we're in the middle of the pack.... If this was fantasy football I'd be pumped.
  6. Lawrence. He's the youngest and most talented. Burrows has had a phenomenal year, but I think Lawrence's upside is greater.
  7. Congrats! We had our first this year. Its a blessing no matter boy or girl.
  8. 1. Austin Hooper (excellent player, going to be expensive) (Maybe depending on price) 2. Alex Mack (YES) 3. Vic Beasley Jr. (YES) 4. De'andre Campbell (NO) 5. Devonta Freeman(will he restructure) (NO) 6. Brown/Carpenter (NO) 7. Younghoe (Maybe, unless there is another cheap alternative) 8. Adrian Clayborne (NO)
  9. Blank is staking his reputation on two guys that have been letting him down for the better part of a decade.
  10. Great information. Thank you for sharing this. My only question is, what are the odds TD actually gets his walking papers?
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