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  1. OMG The UGA homers are going to go wild! Congrats fellas. Hope he stays healthy for us.
  2. Did he not say the say the same thing in 2018?
  3. I said they'll stick with the same old "Ball, Battle, Brotherhood" BS....
  4. We'll we're in the middle of the pack.... If this was fantasy football I'd be pumped.
  5. Lawrence. He's the youngest and most talented. Burrows has had a phenomenal year, but I think Lawrence's upside is greater.
  6. Congrats! We had our first this year. Its a blessing no matter boy or girl.
  7. 1. Austin Hooper (excellent player, going to be expensive) (Maybe depending on price) 2. Alex Mack (YES) 3. Vic Beasley Jr. (YES) 4. De'andre Campbell (NO) 5. Devonta Freeman(will he restructure) (NO) 6. Brown/Carpenter (NO) 7. Younghoe (Maybe, unless there is another cheap alternative) 8. Adrian Clayborne (NO)
  8. hahahahaha
  9. Blank is staking his reputation on two guys that have been letting him down for the better part of a decade.
  10. Great information. Thank you for sharing this. My only question is, what are the odds TD actually gets his walking papers?
  11. Yes and no. He’s failed to build an effective offensive and defensive line while he’s been here. The offensive talent is so overwhelming with Ryan, Julio, Ridley (previously Sanu), and Hooper that it covers up a bunch of other warts. TD has also made mistakes when it comes to contracts. Paying guys to value just to retain average talent. Mostly Matthews, Trufant, Alford. The draft picks have been highly questionable as well. Guys like Baker, Jerry, Beasley, and the entire 2012 class...
  12. Unfortunately, it looks as if it will take at least one more.
  13. Don't get me wrong I'd consider myself a loyal fan. How could you not after being around through 2 super bowl losses, Petrino, Vick, and constantly being reminded that my team botched the biggest game ever. I just think its realistically time to make a change. If Quinn wasn't the head coach when they went to the Super Bowl would he still be around? What has been the difference between his tenure and Mike Smith's? Quinn made it one game further (Smith made it to the NFC Championship) than Quinn. Both rode hot-handed OCs (Kotter and Shannahan) to playoff wins and both choked the game away. Both coaches were ultimately brought in as a defensive specialist and both failed to produce quality defenses throughout their tenure.
  14. I don't think that not supporting a coach that has had his team ill-prepared for the past 3 years makes me a bad fan... I think continuing to allow a "defensive specialist" head coach to produce bottom 10 defenses is silly. Especially when the team has no consistency and only rallies when they are out of the playoffs.
  15. You’re right because Quinn hasn’t led a consistent team since 2017.