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  1. The Falcons purchased two lemons on the oline.
  2. TD is about to be out of the picture after this season. He didn't care about future cap problems when he put this together. He just needed to make sure Julio played so he can have any hope of keeping his job.
  3. Big fan of Lt Dan. Hoping he keeps up the good stuff!
  4. I literally just saw him playing in his alma maters golf outing this weekend lol.
  5. Good stuff! Can't wait to see him in red and black. Watched him at PITT the last couple of years.
  6. Oleson is going to be a great addition to the RB team. Hail PITT!!!
  7. I just don't understand it... So Sambrillo starting at RT is a better solution than Jawann Taylor...? Who is the best tackle in the draft. We signed 3 guards in FA.
  8. The panicked once Wilkins came off the board. Should have traded out.
  9. Doesn't make sense...
  11. Yeah.... way too good to be true lol
  12. Looking good man!
  13. You can't let him go and get nothing in return. The worst case scenario should be for them to franchise him for 2 years. No way you let a 26 year old that is top 7 at his position walk.
  14. DT. If Grady were to ever go down. They opposing running games would cut through our DL like a hot knife through butter.
  15. I'd be so upset if they take a CB in the first round....