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  1. He's a bum. I live in the Burgh. He's had a few character issues over the past year. on the local talk shows they killed him today. All sorts of reports from "anonymous" players/staff from the Steelers say he got paid and threw in the towel.
  2. I love our player acquisitions over the past 2 years.
  3. Deion Jones should be in that article as well, but you know they aren't trying to show the Falcons that much love lol.
  4. He's good... but c'mon man. Julio and Evans will most likely eat this dud up this year.
  5. I don'r know if I missed any discussions on Odom earlier. Odom looks like an intriguing FA signing.
  6. I'm not gonna stop hoping for Brantley until his name flashed across my TV. Either in the 7th or UDFA he needs to end up on the Falcons.
  7. I actually really like him. If he can adjust to the talent at this level that could be a big acquisition. He moves like a WR not a TE.
  8. Could have used him to pick up a couple of tough yards in that Super Bowl lol....
  9. Bryan Hill.
  10. Just take Brantley and let's move on. We need a DT to add to the rotation and they have a high round talent still available.
  11. Believe it or not... ESPN's coverage is way better. NFLN is spending to much time talking about the scenery and interviewing fans for my taste.
  12. Damontae Kazee?
  13. The 5th round is going to make there draft. 3 picks with quality talent still available!
  14. Lets kill this 5th round TD/Quinn/Pioli!!
  15. Ok. Well I would like to see Brantley or Watkins with one of these 5th rounders then.