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  1. I wish the Falcons drafted DeMarcus Lawrence... If memory serves old Jerry swiped him right before the Falcons and they ended up taking Hageman..... and that turned out well...
  2. My guess would be Julio gets in because of being a fan favorite as well as the fact that so many people decline the Pro Bowl and they need alternates.
  3. When Tak McKinley starts to develop into a consistent threat and teams can't double Vic.
  4. Career threatening... I don't think so. As long as he is comfortable with taking the continued risk and he is cleared by the doctors, he'll continue to play. I do think he'll be out at least for the Seattle game, which is a big loss for the team.
  5. Every time he fields a punt I cringe... He either catches in terrible position for no gain or lets it bounce and get fielded on the 1 yard line... I don't know why they can't let Gabriel or even Hardy return them. Both have better hands and just seem to have a higher football IQ than him to be counted on to make a decision.
  6. LOL. Yeah. Kind of makes my point though. They need someone to take this team by the throat and keep them engaged.
  7. Wow... Anyone else notice the amount of empty seats in the stadium...??? Arthur can't be happy about that.
  8. I dunno. Harbaugh seems to to burn hot and fast. Meaning he has a short lifespan in one location. Teams get super charged up when he arrives and then 2-3 years after he sort of loses the locker room.
  9. Nope. That was Schrader doing his best Wes impression.
  10. That hit almost put the cherry on top for this crapy season. Glad Ryan is ok.
  11. Why would you not catch that ball knowing the gunners are already behind you... This team is so poorly coached.
  12. Coleman has regressed to strictly a 3rd down type back...
  13. How bad is Ben Garland that they need to play Wes...???
  14. How much longer are the refs going to let these Cowboys DBs hang all over the Falcons receivers...???
  15. The offense doesn't work, the defense doesn't work, the roof doesn't work. Story of the 2017 Atlanta Falcons.