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  1. You can't let him go and get nothing in return. The worst case scenario should be for them to franchise him for 2 years. No way you let a 26 year old that is top 7 at his position walk.
  2. DT. If Grady were to ever go down. They opposing running games would cut through our DL like a hot knife through butter.
  3. I'd be so upset if they take a CB in the first round....
  4. Like button!
  5. This is an incredible amount of detail. Very nice work, although I don't totally agree with it. I definitely commend you for the amount of time you must have invested.
  6. Wow. I mean if they were to walk away with a class similar to this, I would be so happy.
  7. Tough call. Wilkins seems like the more well rounded/polished player. While Oliver seems to have more upside because of the athletic ability. I personally like Wilkins more though. We've seen him play well against good competition rather than Oliver beating up on AAC competition.
  8. I'd definitely bring Vic back... Just no where near that 12 million/year mark. The way he's played he would be lucky to get 6-7 million/year any where else.
  9. Love it.
  10. It's not like his job is depending on this offseason or anything....
  11. Blew Dat!
  12. Well... That's a good start to the offseason.
  13. Falcons have been small and "athletic" for a long time.
  14. Breaking News Falcons release Dirk Koetter.
  15. I really hope that he isn't. I like Coleman, but they can't afford to tie up that much money in the backfield.