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  1. Exactly! So, its obvious til this point that what they say doesn't matter.
  2. Boi!!!... That Was an ugly a** game on our part. But I agree. Elite teams win those games... and we did. GO FALCONS!!!
  3. I remember that, now that you mention it. I lol'd cause it also shut them up
  4. Buc-man I would like to thank your team in advance for laying down, to a superior Falcons team, so that we may walk over them and be the first NFL team to make it to double-digit wins this year.
  5. I attended my first ever Falcons game when we played Baltimore, and yesterday was my second. I honestly couldn't tell the difference between the two games.I'm guessing this is because I was making lots of noise myself at every appropiate moment I'm by no means a veteran in being able to gauge crowd noise but if there was a lack of it, it wasn't because of me.
  6. Points well taken. I do believe we can maximize our strengths on defense, as a whole, with better DT play. If Peters and Jerry can step it up a bit(pass rush-wise), I can see that resonating through the entire defense, and us improving all around.
  7. This isn't a "fire this guy" or "sign/draft that guy" type question. I ask this because, although the defense has played well enough to help us to an 8-2 record, it seems to me that it's been underacheiving a bit. QB sacks/pressures, is one area in particular I think we can and must improve as we make a push for the playoffs. We all know how a good pass rush affects offense's pass yards, 3rd down pct, etc. IMO, we have the talent to not let this be a deficiency. The question is, will we tap into our potential and rise up even more?
  8. Yeah, I've noticed this, but I think he's been playing well all year.
  9. I think him being thrown at the past couple of games helped him gain more needed experience. I think he'll play exceptionally/well from here on.
  10. I agree. Three winning season in a row is cool, but anything less than a NFC title game appearance would be disappointing.
  11. I'm glad that Grimes finally gets some national recognition. I hope this is just the begining, with more props to come.
  12. I think that it might also have something to do with our fan's participation in the media (or lack thereof).Compared to other teams, I don't here many callers on national radio calling about the Falcons. And I wonder if there's as many e-mails/letters, to TV outlets regarding the Falcons, as other teams.
  13. I heard on NFL radio's 2 minute drill today, that he said he missed yesterdays game due to a knee injury not the concussion?
  14. I'm seeing the receivers sit down on their routes alot. Gotta let Ryan take his chances.
  15. Yeah. I think we've got to let Ryan get into rythm early, rather than depending on the the run so much.
  16. We won 4 straight. We can do it again + more. Philly just seems to have our #. *EDIT* ... for now
  17. These are workable problems. I'm confident we can resolve if we meet again in the playoffs.
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