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  1. yea i feel like after this kind of performance at the combine he's prob going to be takin before we can get him. but it would still be sweet
  2. Torrey Smith (maryland) 40 time: 4.43 Reps: 19 Vert: 41 Broad Jump: 10'6 I watched this guy a lot this year (really close friend of mine is a maryland fan) and i can tell you he's very good at stretching the field and making the big play. he's not that good at breaking tackles but his ability to go up and get the ball/route running combined with his speed makes him a very good looking prospect for us next year. Ryan Kerrigan (purdue) 40 time: 4.71 Reps: 31 Vert: 33.5 Broad Jump: 10'2 All these numbers seperately aren't very impressive. but once you throw them all in under the sa
  3. long live fin!!! aka THE RED ZONE THREAT
  4. is it bad that the first thing i zoomed in on on this topic is the fact that you especially hate the fox analyst. they're the only ones i can stand. everyone else is just awful + they're the only ones that give us any credit what so ever. strahan, howie, and tb all give us mad props all the time
  5. im really debating whether or not i want to do this one. i might just have to put into affect a couple stipulations for this drinking game ha
  6. next time i have a large group of people i need to take care of ill remember that
  7. ok so i need some ideas for a drinking game for the party i'm throwing tonight for the game. we've only done this once before for one of the mnf football games last year against the saints and we drank everytime they started jumping on the katrina wagon (amazing drinking game). but now i need a new game idea. i was thinking we could drink everytime they started going on about how this game is on obvious upset game for us but i think they're is a better idea out there somewhere.
  8. i know most other teams in the nfl have like team sponsored playoff videos on their homepages for their fansites but i dont see one on ours?
  9. What do falcons do??? (crowd response "RISE UP!!")
  10. your home town isnt new orleans....trust me im from the big easy. that city was in serious need of bath
  11. i know this topic is supposed to be about espn sign designs but i just got through making my monday night sign so i thought id share my design. "OH WHAT AN INTERCEPTION BY GRIMES!!!" look for me when grimes picks off drew
  12. i live with most of the football team here at USC (southcarolina) and i see them just about every day. most of them have the brands. and a bunch of my highschool coaches had them to. frat related. idk why they do it.
  13. same here.....why in the **** do they have to creep in to columbia, sc. everyone else around me is getting the falcons except columbia. get on it smitty.
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