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  1. I already have a Matt Ryan and a Julio jersey, I want to go defense next. I would say Neal because I love the way he plays the game.
  2. I signed the petition and wrote a comment explaining how disrespectful it was for them to do this. Hopefully the rest of the passionate Falcons fans like myself will do the same.
  3. All of these "experts" and analysts are mad that the Falcons proved them wrong yesterday. Their narrative that Atlanta is just a regular season team just went out the window.
  4. If that was the last game ever played at the dome, I'm very glad I was there to be a part of it. That was my first playoff game I've been to, and the crowd and the atmosphere was absolutely amazing!
  5. The Cowboys had the #1 seed locked up by week 16. Even though they played their starters against the Lions that game and won, it's been 4 weeks since they played a meaningful game. They've basically had a month since they had to play with any sense of urgency, compared to a Green Bay team that's been in playoff mode since week 11. That could make a difference, Dallas has to flip that switch while Green Bay's switch has been turned on for a while.
  6. Me and my dad will be in section 114! I've been to about 10 Falcons games in the dome but this is my first playoff game so I'm pumped!
  7. Falcons- Devonta Freeman, Tevin Coleman, Hankerson NFL- Davante Adams, Alfred Blue, Ameer Abdullah, Carlos Hyde
  8. Let's go Hawks!!! Best season in Atlanta Hawks history!!! Let's not stop here! Everyone has been doubting us all year, they will continue to do it in the ECF. It's all good though, because we have been proving them wrong time after time. Hawks aren't scared of the Cavs or LeBron and we shouldn't be. The fact that we have home court advantage in this series might just be the difference. Go Hawks!!!
  9. Toilolo, like Tony in the latter part of his career, doesn't have the speed to stretch the defense. But Gonzo was a good route runner, knew how to get open, could be relied on to make big third down conversions, was always a constant threat in the red zone, and had some of the best hands in NFL history to compensate for his lack of speed. What he lost in athleticism, he made up for with experience and knowledge. I think Levine will be best utilized as a blocker and a red zone target. It would be unrealistic to expect a second year player and a first year starter to come in and fill Tony's shoe
  10. Homerism or not, Gurley is by far the best running back of next years class. His mix of power, speed, and catching ability makes him special and we would be set at rb for a long time if we drafted him.
  11. I wonder who will be the first team to reach and take overrated Luke Skywalker. If TD messes up this draft then we need to fire him and hire Yoda as his replacement, he is a very wise man.
  12. Saints and Florida Gators CFB are tied for my #1 most hated team. After that, in no particular order, screw the Bucs, Panthers, Phillies, Mets, Nationals, Marlins, Auburn, Georgia Tech, Tennessee, South Carolina, Yankees, Cowboys, Ohio State, Notre Dame, and I'm sure there are a few others not coming to mind at the moment.
  13. I love the Falcons, Dawgs, and Braves all about equal and I am a die hard fan for all three. The Hawks I would say I am a little less than die hard, but definitely a good bit above casual at the same time.
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