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  1. didnt we rape the cowboys in the playoffs or something?
  2. beason ownedd ovie str8 up last year i have it on dvr he got knocked back 5 feet then he sacked matty gay gay ice hahaha!!
  3. matty is gay he has to be with a queer name like that lol and the only thing ovie likes is black ***** thats y he is always getting ran over by jon beasen he wants 2 try 2 grab his meat
  4. man if u r a homophobe how do u cheer for the falcunts ryan and ovie are huge homosexuals i wouldnt b surprised if one of them had aids man u r ignirant
  5. haha im sure he likes grabbing "mattys" *** haha what a bunch of queers atlanta is teh ghey I would hate it if someone on my team liked pp
  6. Wow man, clever name!!1 you r soooo funny!!111
  7. we would of went 13-3 at the least if we had a competent QB! We raped the Bucs 2-0 and split with the Falcons when we got cheated by the refs at the thug dome. WE SHOULD OF SWEPT THE ATLANTA THUGS
  8. we dont even need a QB to beat tampa gay, WE GOT
  9. Looks like the face of a winner to me, I have no idea what you faggots are seeing.
  10. Want to bet $100 dollars that the Panthers will finish with a better record then the Failcons? I'm up for it, we can go higher if you want.
  11. 10? Is that a joke? You guys are borderline top 20.
  12. LMAO you are the guy who has his own thread at the carolinahuddle. You have fantastic grammar though, sir. LOL @ YOU
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