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  1. I agree that Manning makes his players better, but it took time for him to get that way. He didn't instantly make his team mates better as soon as he arrived on the scene. Right now Matt is in symbiosis with his offence. The true definition of an ELITE QB is the QB who makes his offense what it is. Only Favre Manning and Brady have been QB's that have done that in quick periods of time they aren't ELITE they are ULTIMATE QB's they been doing it for a long time either from very early in their careers or for very long periods of time Rivers, Brees, McNabb,Rogers Schaub, it took time. Atlanta ha
  2. GET YOUR KEGS READY!!!!! I'd love it if Sid catches on like Kroy has. That would be two great pickups that come to become hallmarks of this generations Defense. I like this idea even more because they could be the Falcons version of these guys....
  3. A giant Falco carrying the Hick'ry stick flanked by giant Biermann and Lofton chasing smaller Andersen, Fitz and Wells with their black strip torn to shreds. (Caption or speech bubble ideas) 1) There's only one dirtybird the rest are cheap imitations 2) Birds Of Prey Win All Day Hopefully some more ideas may come my way
  4. I can get down with that, because at least there is an acknowledgement of the existence of greater potential than currently on display. And I will add to this. Whilst it is highly unlikely there is the equal amount of potential for Ryan to go down into a Cutler like slump. (although personality and attitudes make this highly unlikely) I just don't think you can write the story off before it has written itself. You get where I'm coming from. +1 post anyway
  5. And yet despite that Matt can't be as good if not better than Brees in your opinion? I compared him to Brees as you are a Saints fan. Same way if I was talking to a Cowboys fan I would compare to Romo. You make it sound as though Matt Ryan came into the league with a stable team. I'll gladly say I did not expect '08 to go down the way it did, because it has been a while since we have had a QB do what he and Flacco did for their Franchise and in this league as rookies.
  6. I ask you to look at the stats I put up in my first post in this thread. As far as Drew Brees is concerned you are being a massive Homer. The figures Brees put up and his performances when he first came into the league pale in comparison to Matt, but yet Matt can never reach the same level as Drew? Can you explain this to me? Seriously I want to know how you are going to justify this. You cannot compare a year 3 player to a year 9 player. Before 2006 Brees had not ascended into that Elite QB band. It took him 4 seasons excluding his Rookie year as he only played one game for him to become the
  7. Hey guys show some respect this guy is an award winning writer!! :ph34r:
  8. I agree with you, I'm not one for numbers myself I rarely can be bothered to look for the stats. What as a barometer of someones performance under the hood of a W - L comparison sometimes they have some merit. Dealing with the issue of is Matt a winner. Not from a statistical P.O.V, **** YES HE IS. What I like a lot is in 2 years he has managed to marshal a lot of game winning drives and a few 4th quarter comebacks. Dude has clutch.
  9. What happens a lot with Matt, is because he made such an impact in such a short period of time he is compared to guys who have been in the league a lot longer. It's like people forget that he is only going into his 3rd season. To use an example that some trolls use (not referring to people in this thread) Drew Brees is a better QB than Matt Ryan. Now I'm no Homer, and at this point in time he is a better QB, but he should be when he has been in the league 7 years longer than Matt. But lets compare apples with apples. Compare Matt's Rookie Year with Brees' Second year (As he did not play much i
  10. I may just buy his book after reading that, I'm a stickler for strategy technique and tactics
  11. Lol I like the Elvis in the background. Was that an intentional play on the fact that they are both talented guys who are seemingly pissing their lives or had pissed their lives away.
  12. Yeah that Falcon animation was intense. I would love to see something like that beam in the dome... Of course, I would just love to see the dome itself?
  13. I like that last bit very much. We're not a Franchise keen to get our mugs associated with what is a hammed up version of Friday Night Lights. Much more interested in the team just journeying on. Really enjoyed this Q & A
  14. Just as well, Kroy comes with a relentless American muscle motor powering him on the way to the QB. Would be a great way for him to announce his arrival if he can out play and out class Adams in this one. And I say our guy can do just that if given the chance. He'll have Adams tired and in the 4th when we need those lost plays and turn overs I believe a guy like Kroy can help us turn the screw
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