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  1. I'm not going to flame, but if owens was signed it would look like this. white owens HD jenks meier finn. That would be pointless for us drafting meier if he won't even see the field. Owens also NEEDS to be the #1 WR on whatever team he plays. Would most likely be a bad fit. However, in a madden world I would love it.
  2. It was pathetic. I advised a friend to bet a grand on the nuggets last night... Not because I think they are better than the jazz, because they certainly aern't. But everyone knows david stern likes melo and the series was too interesting for the NBA to let it end last night. NBA is the easiest sport to bet.
  3. Your right he did take the hawks to top 4 in the east, but that is our ceiling and it always will be. This team is not improving and it is very obvious. Why stay top 4 in the east when that is as high as the ceiling will take you. Would you be satisfied with the falcons getting a wild card every year only to lose first round in the playoffs? No, after a few years this would get old and change would be needed. It is no longer good enough to just be top 4 in the east and the hawks fans realize this. Side note- Joe Johnson wants maximum money to stay, you and i both know he is not worth max money.
  4. amen. sums up the hawks. Bye bye woodson and johnson. They won't be missed. Joe can go to the bulls and ruin that franchise. Bulls wouldnt even make the playoffs with him. Derrick Rose would touch the ball about 50% less than he does now and he is the creator on that team.
  5. love your optimism but you and I both know that the Bucks NEED the 2nd round for ticket sales and resurrection of a pretty much dead franchise more than the hawks do. Bucks get it done because that is what david stern wants.
  6. I just want to point out the Bucks shot 17 free throws in the 4th quarter on our home court vs the 0 for the hawks... OOPS david stern your sport is trash. love my hawks tho, as for the rest of the nba good riddance.
  7. Friend of mine is a huge raiders fan and he told me the other day that the IQ test or aptitude test that all rookies have to take was scored at a 5 or 7 for Jmac. Keep in mind you get something like 3 points for your name and 2 for the correct date....
  8. chris houston!!! in all seriousness, owens with grimes in nickle package
  9. Kiper should grade himself as well as other teams. Kiper gets an F. His mock was s*** Don't care at all about Kiper's opinion. The man looked like he was going to cry during broadcast because his mock was so bad.
  10. I remember alot about the SEC, whole family graduated from usc. But yes I remember, tbh I dont remember many UK prospects panning out, but all we can do is hope..
  11. Honestly, have you ever watched a UK football game? I don't think it is fair for you to pass judgement on a kid who you have never seen play. If you have watched more than one game then carry on...
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