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  1. CAnt tell if serious or not...
  2. We drafted Bosher many years ago and that seemed to turn out well...
  3. Not that simple....Would probably have had to trade all of next years picks too. Plus, no guarantee chase young will pan out or stay healthy either
  4. Except drafting a guy guarantees he comes to your team...
  5. This joker just said no team has been decimated by injuries more than the 49ers
  6. Basically what I meant- defense is mad at the offensive scheme at the end of the game but offense has a right to be pissed at the defensive scheme at the end of the first half. There were 7 seconds left at the end of the first half. Anyone in their right mind knows that's plenty of time to throw an out route to the sideline and yet for some reason we think they're going to go Hail Mary there. We basically gave them three points there. Also, Neal screwed up that interception worse than anyone I have ever seen. That's at least 3 points off the board and maybe even 3 more points on our side depending on his return. Point is there is plenty of blame on both sides
  7. Defense had a chance to not allow the 3 points at the end of the first half and they blew it. We win if that doesn't happen. Blame goes to both sides
  8. To make matters worse, the Eagles knew what play we were running. How did we not have some two point conversion type play to go to in that scenario.
  9. Who's decision was it to put Julio in to defend the hail mary with 7 freakin seconds left on the clock. 5 or maybe even 6 maybe. 7 seconds is an eternity and enough to do exactly what the Eagles did. Cost us the game.
  10. Six point swing with Neal blowing the pick. Even after that had a chance to hold them to a long hail mary attempt, but for some reason thought they were going to throw a bomb with 7 seconds left and allowed them easily to complete a 20 yard out route. Horrible
  11. Even got lucky with the day of the game- Sunday isn't going to get above freezing in Philly. Have to take advantage.
  12. Yeah that had nothing to do with cleat selection.
  13. It's either us or jags-titans. I'm sure they can do it but the peach bowl is the next day at 1230. Quick turnaround time
  14. Did you really waste an hour on your time putting that together? This just makes us look like even bigger losers complaining the game was fixed.
  15. It started going south when we couldn't get at least a darn FG attempt after the onside kick.
  16. Prob the fans who dropped 5-10k to go to the game.
  17. But screwed that up too. Weems runs the ball out of the endzone giving us horrible field position. No timeouts because we wasted them all for no reason. Ryan throws underneath for basically nothing knowing we have no timeouts then wasted another down spiking the ball. could and should have easily gotten into fg range
  18. That's what happens when they're on the field for the whole freakin game
  19. No we freakin blew it stop blaming the **** refs
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