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  1. My original predictions...whatever that even means.
  2. How come guys like A Rod just know how to get TDs??
  3. He's pretty good. He hasn't been given a fair shot by now to be evaluated seriously at this time. He was given a dumpster fire in terms of cap space etc to sign his own players.
  4. Giants is our best shot at first win. I predicted Phili was a win but a toss up. I knew TB was a beat down. Giants is a toss up but we may win.
  5. Some dude named PRINGLE just caught a td for the chiefs. W.t.f. Man
  6. TD to TF right before he got fired. Ryan hold this 40 mil. Lol
  7. Was def a fumble from what i saw. Falcons got a big break on that
  8. Patterson is most diverse player on the offense. The mods here block more than the Falcons OL. Pitts is a rookie, he'll improve. It's unacceptable when "vets" make rookie mistakes. Arthur Smith play calling is limited based on lack of OL, he knew this and it should've been address more aggressively in the offseason. I think Pees is our best coach but still like Smith. Matt Ryan deep ball being bad is not news to me. Trade him to Miami or Denver before the deadline if possible.
  9. I wanna hear Arthur Smith talk about pity some more 🙃
  10. What is Ryan’s win % and TD/INT ratio in, say, the last 10 games?
  11. Ryan throws the kind of interceptions I’d be okay with Josh Rossen throwing.
  12. Lol they’re taking us to a more “competitive contest”. Vikings, Cardinals
  13. It’s time to move on. I’m very thankful for Ryan. But a change of scenery is good for both sides now.
  14. I been bashing the OL all day. Ryan has the choke gene bro. Hurt me to admit it too
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