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  1. Tom Brady's dad: Insurance agent - grandkid of Irish refugees. Peyton Manning's dad: Archie Manning - NFL legend. Tom Brady college career: Started in Junior Yr. Was SEVENTH on the depth chart and had issues with anxiety and confidence! Peyton Manning: 4 year starter, was the MAN in college. Tom Brady: 6th round draft pick. Peyton Manning: First OVERALL pick. Brady has a similar story to a lot of people and people HATE that about him. People hate greatness if it comes from stems from circumstances similar to theirs! In ~20 years, he's played in NINE super bowls. That's a 1 Super Bowl every TWO YEAR AVERAGE. He has won a record four SB MVPs! I woulda thought Falcons fans would've appreciated how difficult ^that is. I grew up watching the guy IN THE SUPER BOWL. He's the greatest ever. Any discussion to an alternative is simple...ya'll straight up HATERS! I don't have Brady's d*ck in my mouth. You guys have a stick up your a$s lol Ya, he beat us in the Super Bowl but we lost to the GOAT. Ya, Mahomes is talented but there were a lot more talented QBs to play the game. There's only 1 Tom Brady, who ACTUALLY did it. Ya, Brady IS past his prime, but he makes TB a straight up threat EVEN NOW, and I'm excited to see how this season will play out. I think it'll be a dog fight, so prepare your expectations!
  2. He's a good QB. Injuries matter a lot in this league.
  3. I’m not on his nutsack. I was a kid when he was in his first Super Bowl. I grew up watching him in the SB. He has the talent to. He is no where close now. There were a lotta more talented ppl to play that position before. Time will tell.
  4. I became a Falcons fan in 98 watching Jamal Anderson do the Dirty Bird. I became a Tom Brady fan in 2007 when he was legit TERRORIZING defenses in the NFL. I know we lost the Super Bowl to him in devastating fashion and, trust me, I was devastated. But that's why he's the GOAT. Yes, he's the GOAT. He's a sixth round draft pick who has 6 SB rings! People hate it when the COMMON MAN becomes great. Yes, Brady was more of the "every man" than, say, Peyton Manning. I'm gonna put it out there and say Tampa is going to be tough this year. Suh is now a Bucc because that's the Brady Effect. The Tom Brady aura is now starting to show in Tampa's swag. I can't wait to see what he can do outta NE. The NFC South is gearing up its armies for an absolute blood bath! It's gonna be an interesting & exciting season. Buckle up!
  5. The Tom Brady aura is now starting to show in Tampa's swag. Star power in full effect.
  6. The NFCS is definitely revving up their armies for WAR! Gonna be a fun season, enjoy the ride.
  7. Hope he doesn't get injured doing that
  8. Who's gonna open up the holes for him?
  9. Fu&k Sean Payton! But I wish him a speedy recovery.
  10. Pls explain why him having 1 big season is any different than Vic Beasley?
  11. He’s had one big season. He reeks of Vic Beasley type player.
  12. There’s always one bs post like this every yr.
  13. 43 receptions, 500 some yards, 3 tds in 2 years. Are those first round numbers? Wasn’t gonna start over Make Andrews, who is a THIRD round pick, so was disposable. Ravens gave away a FIFTH for Calais Campbell and got a 2nd for their second string TE. Tell me who go clowned on this trade. Yes, HURST IS GONNA DO A LOT BETTER WITN RYAN but nothing we couldn’t have found in the 3-4 rounds. This signals so me that we’re planning on trading down in the draft. Too much talent in the second round.