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  1. Matt Ryan is in the BOTTOM HALF of the nfl in QBR and % completion. He has 15 tds and 7 picks in 10 games. Lol Shut up.
  2. The funny thing is they’re trying HARD to win. It’s just not a competitive product out there on the field. RM as HC has truly exposed that. It’s not all just coaching. The players don’t just get a pass here simply. Sorry.
  3. Lol But it’s not just Schaub. Like I was saying, we’ve a lot of $$$ tied up in KEY spots. And rightfully so, JULIO and RYAN are superstars and they deserve it! However, it’s clear we need to get younger at those spots. Their best days are behind them.
  4. It's not all his fault. He's been a good qb for a long time but it's clear his best days are behind him. Same for Julio, Mack, and Schaub.
  5. We need a new center, a new #1 WR, a new starting and a new BACKUP qb - that's just the offense.
  6. Ryan is less of a threat than Hill. JULIO is out. Mack can’t block for sh*t. If this doesn’t signify To people that we need younger players at these key positions, then nothing will.
  7. You aint got no real replies on me but personal attacks. Suck an admin d*ck
  8. Ryan and Julio are professionals. They're doing an inadequate job. And just like any other job anywhere else, they need to be held accountable. They're grown a*s men who are professionals. They know it and I know it. They're good players and nothing more. They're not sacred cows just because we are fans.
  9. Matt Ryan is a good QB. Julio is a good WR. They (along with Mack) have ALL of the capspace Ridley is a better WR. Ryan has the worst deep ball of any top 10 QB. Enough said.
  10. Calling me a fake fan doesn't excuse grown a*s men of their accountability. These guys are professionals. They know it, I know it. Their heads should be on the chopping block. Enough of not blaming Ryan or Julio. They both are good players, nothing more.
  11. Hold the sacred cows accountable too. They don't just get a pass bc they're the lovelies of the team! F8ck Ryan AND Julio.
  12. I want the heads of the top 4 on the Falcon's mount rushmore QUINN, TD RYAN, JULIO Ya, I said it, f*ck Ryan AND Julio too!
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