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  1. So more evidence that our OL needs help lol
  2. x’s and o’s

    I like your posts.
  3. Rams cut Cairo Santos, he should've been given a look
  4. His receivers aren't dropping the ball, so he's playing red hot. The OL has been giving him decent time but he's also one of the most hit QBs. Anyone know injury status on Ridley and Sanu?
  5. He has a salesman aspect to the way he talks
  6. I am calm. I didn’t propose that bet, they did. I just made a post saying we’d win bc I knew it wasn’t a stretch. I’m not bragging, I was recognizing droopy for paying up bc many ppl don’t. Sorry you misunderstood. My bet is that you’re unhappy with some personal situation in your life and have displacement issues on these message boards. You like to use your well liked reputation on here and take it out on ppl who disagree with your POV It’s harmless, so continue. Lol but I don’t know you, so I could be wrong.
  7. Nope, not at all. You don't know me at all so stop with personal accusations.
  8. @droopy1592 paid his bet
  9. They will establish the run. We’ve the firepower on our own O with our qb playing lights out to respond back if they keep him in a clean pocket.
  10. 1. The Giants are off a mini bye and we're injured. For me the key to this match up is their DEs vs our tackles (esp vernon vs matthews) - if we can keep Matt Ryan clean, we win. Their DBs can't run with Ridley and Sanu if they're back. IF this^ happens, we win. Count on it! 2. Let's see if FGs come into play with Bryant absent...could be huge bc we like to play tight games. Oh if you've Barkely in your league, start him. He'll have a MONSTROUS night. 3. @droopy1592 and @mattyicefalcon bet me $ on the Buccs, I'll entertain further offers if anyone's interested (not saying I'm accepting bets as of yet).
  11. I'm really sorry to hear that brotha. Take care of your friends and family first.
  12. Yes bet was def confimened before the game. You can check the time stamps on previous page. @droopy1592 also owes me $50. How you wanna pay, Venmo?
  13. We won’t. Bet $ Grudens worse than DQ lmao
  14. I feel better about Julio’s abilities when he’s on defense if inside the 20 lmaooo
  15. Where y’all hidin? Coming up w excuses to not honor your words?