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  1. Koetter is the right OC for the Falcons RECEIVERS to shine. But Koetter just doesn’t have the OL here to FULLY run his offense. (No disrespect to our OL. I know they stepped up in the last seconds of the game, especially Matthews, but let’s not forget that OL, including Jake, had a bad 3 quarters where the run game was completely stuffed!!!) Koetter’s offense is based off the play action. His route combos are deadly and we have the receivers for it! But the play action is always based on establishing the run FIRST and we don’t have the OL for it. Even though, they stepped up last min (full credit given), we were getting manhandled in the trenches before that (facts).
  2. Lol worth a shot haha
  3. LMFAO!
  4. By the way, I mentioned the Falcons (I tease us), so technically it is ABOUT the Falcons. So, Mods, leave on TAFT!
  5. How bad are they??? So bad that...That they got steamrolled by the BROWNS! So ba that...was painful for ME to watch! So bad that...Their fans are already planning the draft and the offseason for NEXT year. Lol So bad that...Their fans have lost all hope for this season already. Lol! So bad that...They rather be Falcons' fans. LOL! Keep it going!!!
  6. When Matthews made that block that sprung him, I yelled at my TV right away "HE'S GONE!"
  7. I'll ask the ugly question: Was that a "lucky" win? Keep it 100
  8. True, but regardless still GAME SAVING TACKLE
  9. That last catch to Agholor shouldn't have happen. Coaching needs to fix these kinds of things. FULL CREDIT TO DEFENSE TONIGHT THOUGH!!!
  10. REDEEM yourself and go win the game Matt. Show us you're the leader of this O
  11. Time for Ryan to win this game. He's the one who's cost us it so far.
  12. Matt Ryan has anxiety issues in the red zone. This is officially now a PSYCHIATRY issues
  13. It's now open to the media to question if Ryan is the QB of the future of this team
  14. Honest question: does ryan still have the accuracy he used to have?
  15. No pressure that time. Our SECONDARY is playing lights out. So far all coverage sacks