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  1. Deion Sanders says dumb stuff all the time.
  2. Thanks man, and I agree with you. No Thomas or chancellor. None of the legion of boom players and when the Seattle D gets on the field on 3rd and 1, I’m still scared OF their defense. When falcons D steps on the field on 3rd and 1, I’m scared FOR their defense. DQ was made to look good with pieces in place that came from above his pay grade.
  3. Man the way Seattle plays defense. No earl Thomas or Sherman. How much of it was DQ and how much of it was Pete Carroll or their DC?
  4. He's inconsistent. Elite at times. Pathetic at times.
  5. Ineffective
  6. Who should it be? Idk Who WILL it be? Sark
  7. Hate to admit cuz it hurts but Sean Payton is a h3ll of a freaking coach
  8. These guys are trying their best to win, they just CAN'T
  9. Told you we specialize in losing to rookie HCs and/or QBs
  10. But if we had Neal and Allen, we’d be unstoppable. (Lol)
  11. I knew it was coming
  12. Lol and you believed em? Awful throw. Ryan saw that route he ran.