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  1. Lol he is the 2nd best player in the draft. It's a bold prediction because no many have us taking him, when in fact, he may not make it past the jest or the Finns.
  2. Wanna hear a scarier thought? It’s the Jets that control the entire draft. They are the sole linchpin as to how the algorithm unfolds.
  3. Terry Fontenot had made it clear that he wants to build for the long haul. He comes from a place where the top priority was to protect Drew Brees. Fontenot knows first hand how Cameron Jordon has owned Matt Ryan (correction: owned Jake Matthews). Arthur Smith comes from a team that emphasizes the trenches. Sewell is ranked the 2nd best player in the draft behind Trevor Lawrence. He is consider the most dominant O-Lineman to have ever come out of college. If he gets past the Jets, we will draft him at 4th overall. In fact, we’d be lucky to have
  4. He has 6 sb rings and took the freaking buccs (yes the buccs) to the nfc championship game in a YEAR. It's all him.
  5. Still laughing at me lol? Ya, I know broke my heart too.
  6. Ryan will not be here 2 yrs from now. And he'll have won 0 SBs when he's done here.
  7. Matt deep ball is worst of any top 10 qb in the nfl. (In fact, I'd say it's terrible!)
  8. I understand the better team won. The point is your boy can't beat a Breesless Saints team, when Hill is nothing. Also, it's fairly common tradition in the NFL to compare QBs win % next to each other. People don't do that for kickers lol you guys are a joke.
  9. Ryan can't beat the Saints when Brees is out. We're in trouble next yr again if these guys are still here.
  10. Before you correct his name...Idgaf what that rat's from the Saints name is. And the fact still remains..
  11. Why do you think that is? Is it party because Hill is a better quarterback at this stage in his career?
  12. The last 2 plays sums up all the “superstars” of the team.
  13. It’s better to cut ties too early than too late, a la the Patriots! He’s a great player YET his best days are behind him. We already have our #1 receiver in Ridley, get something for Julio (yes, he’s the man!) in return before it’s too late. Edit: btw same thing with Ryan. Nothing personal.
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