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  1. TEs are Matt's strength. Hooper has the potential to be a good one, hasn't been one yet. Sarks has the potential to get him the football, hasn't done it yet.
  2. 1 spot for each TD
  3. The fact still remains... Julio NoEndzone Jones.
  4. The real matty ice
  5. Antonio Brown
  6. Catches 3 TDs (9 tds in TWO yrs), wants more $, and I get flamed for not being a “Falcons fan”. He’s exceptional but the fact still remains... Julio NoEndzone Jones.
  7. This is why he he doesn't have TDs like AB or DeAndre lol just teasing
  8. Hey, I wanna stick it to Cowgirls too!
  9. It's simple, he just doesn't know how to beat double coverage in the RZ, like AB, DeAndre, etc. It's the only criticism I have of Julio's game. This and his injury issues...but those are 2 huge issues that for whatever reason ppl get mad at when you bring it up, like he's above criticism. He's not a weapon he should be in the RZ. Our whole offense, not just Julio, Matt too, slows down in the RZ. Perhaps you just WANT to overlook a simple explanation?
  10. @PokerSteve is not excited.
  11. You can make stats do anything you want. I like where you're coming from. He's a h3ll of a weapon. The fact is objectively it shows he has a problem with getting TDs.
  12. Can I buy you this shirt lol
  13. Productive as in yards? How many touchdowns per snap? Julio No Endzone Jones.
  14. https://imgflip.com/i/2a32rj